Vintage Silver Spoon Napkin Ring

April 16th, 2010 in member junk     
bluejean bluejean, member
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A side view which shows how I overlapped the bottom of the spoon over the top edge.
The front of the spoon, which could be embellisned with all sorts of things.
Each spoon has a different design which makes them unique.
A side view which shows how I overlapped the bottom of the spoon over the top edge.

A side view which shows how I overlapped the bottom of the spoon over the top edge.

I hand forged these napkin rings from vintage silver spoons.  I flatted the spoons first and then little by little hammered them into a napkin rings.  I love that they are simple yet elegant.  

Pattern or design used: My own design -
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AndrewCampbell writes: I have to really applaud you on this ingenious idea indeed. Who would have thought an antique piece of silver spoon could be bent and modified by a few degrees and voila, you have a completely different use for it. It is really beautiful which looks classy and perfect for special occasions and events. Posted: 2:59 am on October 19th
AndrewCampbell writes: I love the way the spoons look beautifully like Victorian Jewellery. And the bits where the spoons are can absolutely be engraved or something to make them personalised for someone that you love. Very neat for something you can make in the comfort of your own home. Posted: 12:20 am on June 26th
DumpsterDecorators writes: As a fellow flatware reformer I appreciate the work that goes into making these. I haven't had a chance to any photos of yet. Posted: 9:39 pm on April 24th
fellowjunker writes: Love these.....that is a very hard job...all the bending and shaping. These turned out wonderfully!
xojanis Posted: 10:51 pm on April 19th
NDJunkGirl writes: I absolutely LOVE these! They'd look terrific with any tablescape! Andrea Posted: 2:41 pm on April 19th
RustyDiva writes: Great job ~ they look gorgeous. Posted: 10:15 am on April 19th
ninnarae writes: Very sweet idea- just lovely! Posted: 10:15 pm on April 18th
piecesofthepast writes: I love anything made with old silverware...beautiful! Posted: 9:15 pm on April 18th
alicemom writes: Boy howdy you did a fantastic job. I agree with Laurel wedding w/initials.
smiles, alice Posted: 10:47 am on April 18th
chippingcharm writes: Lovely...I have a stash of old silver but have yet to do much with it. I like this idea...they would make a great wedding gift with the couple's initials. Thanks for sharing, Laurel Posted: 8:48 am on April 18th
bluebucket writes: Very beautiful. I love anything made with old silverware and it's refreshing to see a new idea.
doreen Posted: 2:17 pm on April 17th
rachelrivniker writes: Great idea and the rings are so elegant. Well done. Posted: 12:44 pm on April 17th
summerland writes: Beautiful. Well done! -- Nia Posted: 12:30 pm on April 17th
oldnews writes: Wow! Gorgeous! You do beautiful work! Marie Posted: 2:16 am on April 17th
Prior writes: very stunning and could go with so many styles, because of their elegance! Lezlee Posted: 11:21 pm on April 16th
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