Plant Holder Wall Art

March 13th, 2018 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Thre dimensional wall art doesnt get any better than this...or any easier for that matter!
What to be or what not to be...that is the question.
Adding a frame around the older adds extra character.
The amazing detail of this piece really shines through when hung on a wall.
Add some extra goodies and you will have yourself a show stopping vignette!
Thre dimensional wall art doesnt get any better than this...or any easier for that matter!

Thre dimensional wall art doesn't get any better than this...or any easier for that matter!

Victorian plant holders have never been my favorite things, but used as wall art as given me a frsh new outlook on their coolness factor.

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Comments (11)

JerryO writes: Outstanding! Love it! Posted: 2:32 am on February 16th
PrairieThistle writes: Isn't it always fun to find a way to use victorian cast offs? I have seen these plant hangers and have enjoyed the design aspect of them, but no contemporary use for them came to mind....thanks for sharing this creative use for them. I will definitely pick up a few on my next junking jaunt! Posted: 7:53 am on April 20th
oldnews writes: It's a thing of beauty! I love it set with the old frames and plants...just one big WOW! Marie Posted: 7:15 pm on April 19th
georgiamoon writes: Well darlin, aren't you just the cleverest of girls! I have sold many of these, never hung one on the wall though, but I think I spied one in Jenny's lab under a pile of , what else, but junk. Maybe she could be talked out of it or maybe she will now hang it on HER wall! Georgia Posted: 4:49 pm on April 17th
firefoxmetalworks writes: The planter disks replicate a perfect structure for aerobic potted plant growth, yet the aesthetic of their design is applicable to bare presentation with delightful results. This is a great presentation of the antiquity behind a growing trend of new technological vertical planting. I am working on a cement/Styrofoam mountable tray that is ironically similar to these great cast iron artifacts.
james Posted: 6:30 pm on April 16th
ninnarae writes: This is beautiful- I love it hung as art, so graphic- I need to find some of these! Posted: 11:29 pm on April 15th
chippingcharm writes: Amazing idea! Laurel Posted: 10:25 pm on April 15th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Sue,
A stunning vignette you have created....!!!
xojanis Posted: 10:14 am on April 15th
RustyDiva writes: I've never seen one of these either. Interesting. I love it as art! I can totally see it on a brick wall in a upscale city loft. Very cool!

Kenda Posted: 10:10 am on April 15th
Prior writes: very nice, I love those frames, too. Lezlee Posted: 11:05 pm on April 14th
Bec4 writes: Love that Sue, I can't say that Victorian plant holders are a thing I have seen a lot of around these parts, I will have to keep my eyes open. i often play a little game with myself (comes from being teacher) where I force myself to come up with at least 5 ideas for an item. Some are pretty whacky, but there is usually something in there i like! Posted: 8:01 pm on April 14th
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