Building a Swap Project an Architect would sign off on

April 14th, 2010 in member junk     
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Use your zoom tool to view the details better.
Jim sent me 5 GREAT items, none of which I had in my mamouth junkpile.  The Junk Box included a neat collapsible clothes hanger, oil lamp base, bell housing, rusty key plate and a hand drill, which I will use on another project later.
I mentioned to Jim that I had tried to figure a couple of possible projects before I received his swap box.  Lucky for me, 4 of the 5 items he sent were perfect for creating a Buggy & Horse Whip Display Rack.  I used the lamp base for holding buggy whips and the bell housing for holding riding crops/jockey whips.
I covered the level distance between the lamp base (buggy whips) and the bell housing (riding crops) by using a horse breast collar.  Using some of the plentiful pile of misc. hardware I have, I joined the rusty key plate to the bottom of the bell housing and I applied decorative paper as a advertising sign.
The clothes hanger holds the breast collar ends and the bottom hook is joined to the upside down lamp base using fishing leader material.  Notches were punched in the lip of the lamp base to hold the tips of the buggy whips
Use your zoom tool to view the details better.

Use your zoom tool to view the details better.

My swap project buddy, Jim the Junk Architect, needs no introduction to the JMS members.  Jim's talents and previous projects shows his lifetime of collecting and designing imagnative pieces.  As expected, I got some GREAT items from Jim.  And as Sue suggested, I looked at not what the items were, but what I could make out of them.  I came up with a 21st Century version of a 19th Century item, using 20th Century junk.

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Buggy & Horse Whip Display Rack
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alicemom writes: Tim,
Wow what a great job.
smiles, alice Posted: 7:22 pm on April 16th
JunkArchitect writes: Tim, you hinted around that somehow you had incorporated most of the junk I sent you into one project…YOU DID! It’s an AMAZING creation considering what I sent was all pretty random. Great job and thanks again for my box of junk.

Posted: 10:43 pm on April 14th
RustyDiva writes: I think you did Jim proud ~ great job!!

CleverJunk ~ JMS organized the Junk Swap last month. But there will be another one I think next spring. Posted: 5:20 pm on April 14th
CleverJunk writes: I'm new to this...what is a "swap project" and how do you get a partner? I keep seeing these terms. Is this something organized by JMS? and how do I participate? Posted: 1:25 pm on April 14th
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