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April 2nd, 2018 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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Here’s a very cool 1950’s “Yell-A-Phone” (What a great name) megaphone.
The megaphone hangs from an old, rusty hook.
A vintage pickle jar is used as a vase within the megaphone.

Here’s all the junk used in this project.
Cheerleader Megaphone 
Old Painted Shelf
Pickle Jar 
Rusty Hook 
Vintage Candy Tin Lid

Vintage candy tin lid is transformed into a finial.
The wooden back is cut from an old shelf. The finial was snipped from the candy tin lid and then applied to the wood.

Here’s a very cool 1950’s “Yell-A-Phone” (What a great name) megaphone.

Here’s a very cool 1950’s “Yell-A-Phone” (What a great name) megaphone.

Photo: Jim Healy JunkArchitect (copyright 2010)

A 1950's cheerleader megaphone is combined with discarded wood shelving, an old tin lid and some vintage finds to create a unique way of displaying a bouquet tulips.



Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy JunkArchitect (copyright 2010)
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Comments (14)

LisaLoria writes: I just realized the cutout flower was an old tin.
Picked one up this past weekend with a rose on it.
Hmmm....Cool! Posted: 4:50 pm on March 10th
Funky_Junk_Donna writes: That megaphone is a total must have for any junker! What a cool piece! Love how all the elements together just work! Another great JA Original is born. :)

Posted: 2:49 pm on July 3rd
shabbychick writes: Great job Jim! I love the components of this and the age...and of course the fact that dumpsters are just treasure chests waiting to be hopped into! And, yep, and up-to-date tetanus shot would be good - I got mine... :)

Thanks for sharing! Kathy Posted: 2:55 pm on June 10th
suewhitney writes: You KNOW I love tbis one, Buddy Boy! Flowers in a megaphone....what could be better?

Take care,
Sue Posted: 12:45 pm on June 8th
racers7 writes: Super Cool...I love all the elements. Melody Posted: 12:25 pm on June 8th
Grasshopper22 writes: Great job...love how the tulips soften the piece and adds
a bit of female class as it was once a cheerleader megaphone :) Posted: 10:11 am on June 8th
Prior writes: All for Jim stand up and holler! Lezlee Posted: 12:18 am on June 8th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: JIM,
Wow, how you made them tulips.You did a terific job.Have a nice day.GOD BLESS,ROBERT. Posted: 11:01 am on June 7th
alicemom writes: Jim, Hope you have all your shots up to date!lol
I love that project!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:33 pm on June 6th
oldnews writes: Love this! I have one of those yell-a-phones but the huge one! Acutally used to use it when my son played football! He HATED it! I'm sure he wished it to be a vase many nights...:) Marie Posted: 9:39 pm on June 6th
junktiqueboutique writes: What a cool idea. I like the cut out tin too. I don't know what's scarier, finding a rat in the dumpster or another person. Posted: 9:18 pm on June 6th
junk_grandma writes: Love your idea! Had the same megaphone a couple of weeks ago and I made it into a cheerleader lamp. Turned out adorable. Posted: 8:00 pm on June 6th
vanj writes: just another day at the office huh jim? your soooooo cool Posted: 9:38 am on June 6th
Junkpony writes: Very cool... I love the use of the tin lid. Now I want to buy some tin snips and start attacking my junk stash! Posted: 9:23 am on June 6th
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