Create a Fairy Garden with Me in Sunny California

April 12th, 2010 in blog     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Come make something magical with me!

Come make something magical with me!

Create a fantasy
filled fairy garden of your very own!

Learn, hands-on how a little box crafted from reclaimed wood can be brought to life in a magical way. I’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to make an ordinary box an extraordinary pint-sized patch I’ll provide all the fixins' for your garden from ground cover to trinkets and treasures. Please feel free to bring special miniature items from home to add that personal touch to your creation. Remember, no two gardens should be alike. What about the pixie dust? No worries….we've got you covered! For all of the details Visit

A little history for you… the legend of fairies reaches back into ancient times being traceable both in written and oral tradition. Many believe fairies dwell on Earth while others envision them as mythical beings that possess magical powers and sometimes are close to human beings on Earth.

Fairies are said to be from an enchanted island off the coast of Ireland known to be a place of youth and beauty. There, time seems to stand still, flowers always bloom, and there is no sickness or war.

With all of that said, you might still ask what is a fairy garden? I think the term means different things to different people. For me, it’s an opportunity to roll up my sleeves, get my hands dirty, and celebrate spring in a “green” sort of way. Oh yes, let’s not overlook the “child like whimsy” aspect of this project. Anytime I can set my inner child free I’m all over it like bees on honey. Are you with me?

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greenlady2010 writes: I love he fairy garden condept. Do you have more up close pics. I would love to try this myself. Posted: 6:27 am on October 31st
savsmom writes: Did the stand come with the sink? I have a sink but no stand! Posted: 2:50 pm on June 25th
grabe writes: LOVE LOVE this!! Posted: 12:06 pm on May 24th
huneydip writes: Beautiful!! Posted: 10:30 pm on May 12th
pofolksdecorator1 writes: HI Sue! I LOVE the 'tub'!!!!!!!!! Is it a real size tub? I have a friend that wants to give me an original cast iron sink and tub. I tried to lift it, and it is so heavy that I couldn't even budge it. I want it in the backyard, the sink mounted on the garage wall above the tub, then a mirror above the sink, and make water come out the sink into the tub like a fountain. I am challenged on correctly mounting items that are so heavy. How do we members participate in junk swapping. Sounds like alot of fun. Annie Posted: 1:10 pm on April 20th
CleverJunk writes: The Remnants of the Past Show is great and I hope to attend. Paso Robles is just a hop, skip, and a jump north. If you have time on your trip you should come visit Reminisce (corner of 14th and Pine in Paso). It's a unique shopping experience where close to 30 creative women (and Greg) share their talents and love of hunting and junking. Posted: 3:15 pm on April 13th
RustyDiva writes: If the picture is any indication ~ I'm on board ~ in spirit. Just "wish" I could be there in person. Maybe my little fairy will make it so! Have fun.

Kenda Posted: 11:10 am on April 12th
ninnarae writes: I just think fairy gardens are adorable- full of whimsy! Posted: 9:57 am on April 12th
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