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April 7th, 2010 in member junk     
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This shelf came from a 100 year old house that friends were remodeling.
My husband built a deep desk into the nook using wood salvaged from the same 100 year old house renovation.
Heres a shot of the vintage wallpaper that I backed the shelf with. (From one of my old window displays for our salvage store)
The shelf serendipitously fit the space!
What girls office would be complete without a chandelier. In this case, peacock blue spray paint gave new life to a brass nightmare.
This shelf came from a 100 year old house that friends were remodeling.

This shelf came from a 100 year old house that friends were remodeling.

Photo: Nia Sayers

Over the past few years we've been finishing out the building that houses our water pump and filtration system. We call it the pumphouse but it's really supposed to be my office. This desk nook project got us to about 98% completion! We love it when serendipity steps in and things just happen to fit perfectly. This was one of those projects.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Nia Sayers
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LloydsLandingofSears writes: Love that it's next to a window, with a wall phone and the chandalier! You both did a wonderful job, and I love the colors! ~Mary~ Posted: 11:42 am on June 2nd
Born_in_a_barn writes: Great nook, love the rotary phone on the wall. Posted: 6:48 pm on April 25th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Nia,
Firstly, a big welcome and what a wonderful first post!! I love the story and the finished project is absolutely stunning!
xojanis Posted: 11:40 am on April 11th
MimiToria writes: What an awesome nook your hubby created for you as an office. I'd love it too! The chandy and desk area turned out so great. I too have a "brass nightmare" light that I painted black. Instantly turned it from bad to fab. Great job!
Gretchen Posted: 8:16 pm on April 10th
NDJunkGirl writes: The desk is FAB! You crack me up with the "brass nightmare" statement! Ha! But, look how grand that chandy looks now! Bravo!

Andrea Posted: 8:31 pm on April 9th
54girl writes: Love how it turned out! Great project! Love the color choice too!! Excellent!! Mary Posted: 2:13 pm on April 8th
shamrockerin writes: I love you built-in desk! I especially love the blue paint on it, and the fact that it matches the chandelier. I wouldn't mind doing paperwork if it was in an office as nice as yours! Posted: 10:06 am on April 8th
racers7 writes: It is just AWESOME! I love the old shelf and the repainted light just makes it so cute. I always see people throw out those original brass lights from homes but just a little paint changes the decor. Melody Posted: 9:24 am on April 8th
oldnews writes: Really, really nice! I love everything that you did here! Wow! Marie Posted: 9:00 am on April 8th
vanj writes: Absolutly awesome Posted: 7:51 am on April 8th
Christina_S writes: Great job giving the pieces new life, it looks like an inviting office space. Posted: 9:18 pm on April 7th
bluebucket writes: I love the chandelier and your office space looks like a fun place to be.
doreen Posted: 8:51 pm on April 7th
Prior writes: This is just great! I love it all sooo MUCH! Lezlee Posted: 8:01 pm on April 7th
itsnotjunk2me writes: Very nice! love the re-use of old wood for new furnishings...and turning an old ugly brass chandy into something funky and beautiful. i'd love to work there too.
judi ;) Posted: 4:44 pm on April 7th
junktiqueboutique writes: Wow, how beautiful. great work. Posted: 3:45 pm on April 7th
alicemom writes: What a perfect spot! The color is perfect too.
smiles, alice Posted: 1:54 pm on April 7th
ninnarae writes: This is an awesome project! Love how you re-used parts to create a wonderful new area! I want to work here! Posted: 1:37 pm on April 7th
RustyDiva writes: Love love love that shelf!!!! Your nook looks awesome and I love the chandy. Great job. Posted: 12:36 pm on April 7th
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