Junk Swap Fun...Thanks Marie!

March 25th, 2010 in member junk     
chippingcharm Laurel Putman, contributor
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Yep...this beauty was in my junk packages...how lucky am I???
I have some summer plans for this vintage juicer...to be continued...
A perfectly tarnished footed silver tray, a bundle of Scrabble letters (always handy!) and little wooden hearts...even an original piece of art.  Fun huh?
The rest of my cool junk loot...
Another peek at the way cool gear she sent me...already on display in my porch.  And if another idea hits me, I can grab it and go with it...
This fun shoe mold was the perfect place to prop an old book and a special photo...
And Maries wire angel watching over us from above...
And heres the fun piece of art, signed and dated by Marie herself.  It looks great among the bright treasures in my family room...
Yep...this beauty was in my junk packages...how lucky am I???

Yep...this beauty was in my junk packages...how lucky am I???

I have so enjoyed thinking over my stash of goodies from Marie aka "oldnews".  As a mommy of "little people" I don't get to dive into projects as I'd like to...I know, someday...but I thought I'd share pictures of my cool new "junk" and a few of the pieces that went right to work, "AS IS" in my decorating...

Thanks again Marie for the great junk and thanks to Sue for the perfect Junk Swap partner!

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Comments (19)

Junk_Sophisticate writes: Now that's a junkpot! Love how you incorporated everything into your decor.
Candy Posted: 8:16 am on March 30th
NebraskaJunker writes: Laurel, that is some great junk! Love the shoe mold as a picture holder. And of course how you incorporated the stuff "as is" into your cool decor. Way to go! Posted: 12:00 am on March 29th
MimiToria writes: Jackpot! You got it Laurel. Fun treasures you rec'd in your junk swap. How fun... Posted: 1:12 pm on March 28th
OLDcrowAntiques writes: The disc thing is a rotary hoe wheel, was lucky enough to find 9 of them yesterday. Took them to my Amish neighbors, who's boys will separate the individual wheels from the axle. Posted: 7:51 pm on March 27th
oldnews writes: laurel, that disc (or whatever it's called!!) looks beautiful against the crisp white background! My son grabbed several of them off his in-law's farm knowing that I'd love them! ! I'm so glad you like it too! Marie Posted: 7:43 am on March 26th
fellowjunker writes: What a lovely collection you received from Marie....everything looks great!
xojanis Posted: 9:35 pm on March 25th
lakelover69 writes: I love everything! Posted: 6:51 pm on March 25th
alicemom writes: Laurel, Boy howdy you hit the jackpot! That gear thingy is FAB!! Well really I love it all! Good on you Marie.
smiles, alice Posted: 5:54 pm on March 25th
54girl writes: Did you ever get a fun assortment of things!! Love that disk!The shoe mold that you made into a picture holder is another fun piece. And the vintage juicer is awesome! The "as is" decorating is perfect!! Mary Posted: 2:45 pm on March 25th
chippingcharm writes: Thanks everybody..."disk", "gear", "hoe shield"...looks like I need to brush up on my "junk terminology". I can see my husband's eyes rolling already...poor guy, see what he has to put up with :) Laurel Posted: 1:52 pm on March 25th
racers7 writes: All the pieces are fan-tabulous! I can't wait to see all the projects as they come in. Melody Posted: 1:36 pm on March 25th
bluebucket writes: This junk swap thing has been awesome! Looks like everyone sent and received lots of neat junk. I love the disk and juicer.
doreen Posted: 1:08 pm on March 25th
OnEaglesWings writes: How lucky are you?....Wow, very much so! The 'hoe shield' is really cool..makes a great statement.
Susie Posted: 12:49 pm on March 25th
MakinItHappen writes: Is there no end to the cleverness on this site? I love that cat art and, of course, the disk thingy. Posted: 12:13 pm on March 25th
RustyDiva writes: Awesome disk!!!! Bet that was one heavy package. I know what ya mean about not being able to dive into projects ~ I'm slowly working on mine. Love your junk and glad you and Marie made a great pair. Sue knew exactly what she was doing huh?

Kenda Posted: 11:13 am on March 25th
shabbychick writes: Laurel - great stuff - that Marie really knows how to throw a junk package together!!! I love the disc thing - great for display...or whatever!

And, what a sweet piece of artwork she sent! I see you're having fun with everything - and have definitely made a new friend - that's what the swap is all about!

Take care, Kathy Posted: 11:00 am on March 25th
MelHow writes: Love the disc thingy... Posted: 10:53 am on March 25th
ninnarae writes: Wow, lots of fun junk to play with! That large piece looks great in your porch! Posted: 10:42 am on March 25th
ladedajudy writes: Gotta love when it is just "as is"! Especially when it is such a cool piece. Great eye!
Judy Posted: 7:51 am on March 25th
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