Barn-style Doors are Not Just for the Farm!

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Here is the barn-style door on the master bedroom closet.
Here is the BEFORE photo. We lived in this space as is for 3 years. I like to have an authentic idea of how a space works before I jump into renovations. You have to consider furniture layout, traffic patterns, natural and artificial lighting, noise, closet space, etc. Theres a lot to consider as far as what works and what doesnt!
And here is the makes me happy AFTER photo. After 3 years of contemplating, trying different furniture arrangements, and finding the right pieces, I knew exactly what I wanted and what would work well in the space.
The Door. These are the doors I found last summer at Sues garage sale. It turns out that Sue had gotten the doors from Cammie @ Daffadowndillys a few years back. Cammie had rescued it from a building remodel on the Wayne State College campus in Wayne, NE. How cool is that?! 
The Barn Flat Track & Rollers. When Ron mentioned to his dad that we were looking for some flat track and rollers to hang some doors we had found, he said, What about the tracks from Amys parents? I didnt know what he was talking about. My parents had torn down a dilapidated barn (circa late 1800s) several years ago. During that process, Rons dad came to take the wood so that he can make mirrors and frames, etc. Turns out that he had also grabbed the flat track and rollers. They ended up in Rons parents shed...awaiting someone like me to put them to use! It was meant to be!
You can see that the doors had some fabulous patina. And I love patina! I dont mind scratches and other forms of character that age and wear bring to a piece.These doors would have been good as is, but why settle for good when great is within reach? I thought I would take a few easy steps to put a bit of zip back into these doors. I simply wanted to respect the history and character of the piece while adding some richness to the finish.
I started with a scraper and gently scraped off old scotch tape and other remnants of college teaching days. After a light sand over the entire piece, I pulled out the tung oil, which is designed to add some richness and vitality to wood. I used a foam brush to wipe it onto the entire side of the door. I then used a rag to wipe off any excess. After giving it a while to dry, I flipped the door and did the other side. Compare the sheen on this photo to the previous photo. Big difference!
For the flat track trolleys, we lined them up on the door and pre-drilled holes. We found screws that had a rustic patina (shiny new screws would not have looked right!) and that were the proper length (always check the length of your screws so that you dont go through the other side!).
After mounting the track to the wall, we simply lifted the door into place.

Last spring, I was able to travel to the Warrenton/Round Top Antique Show.  Along with many other great finds, I found an amazing set of ships keys with leather fobs. I thought it might look cool to have one of them simply hanging in the lock of the barn-style door. The one I picked is marked Wardrobe Masters S.R. Perfect for the wardrobe in the masters state room (or in this case...the closet in the master bedroom).
A reflection of the door from the recently posted greyhound project wall.
Let there be light! I love the transparency of the safety glass windows. The light gives off a soft glow.
Here is the barn-style door on the master bedroom closet.

Here is the barn-style door on the master bedroom closet.

A salvaged school door paired with a set of salvaged barn flat track equals the new doorway to my walk-in closet!  I have never been more excited about decorating as I was when we started the makeover of our master bedroom. This door is one of the reasons! And it's mine, all mine! [cue maniacal laughter here]

This project was actually inspired by a closet door  treatment in Sue Whitney's very own home. She has a set of these fabulous doors on her daughter's closet. When I saw more of these doors at her garage sale last August, we were in the beginning stages of our master bedroom remodel. The planets aligned, the stars twinkled, and the timing was right.

We used the basic concept inspired by Sue, but we made the project ours by working them into our own unique space. Thanks, Sue, for the inspiration and the way you encourage all of us to celebrate our own styles. Here is the transformation...

Pattern or design used: Sue Whitney
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georgiamoon writes: WOW! What a transformation this room has undergone. I am totally in love with what you have done. The barn door hardware was PERFECT!!! What an amazing, fantastic room you have designed. Great work, Georgia Posted: 1:01 pm on March 28th
chacha5611 writes: Love it!! looks wonderful great job Posted: 10:56 am on March 28th
AtticusFinch writes: OH, AWE! I'm in love...
This is terrific.
Sheri Posted: 5:27 pm on March 26th
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Junk_Newbie writes: Gasp! This is wonderful! I would love something like this for my house. Brilliant use of something old. As always, great work!
Heather Posted: 1:55 pm on March 26th
maplehillfarm writes: Wow! This is a fantastic idea and a great look! I love the fact that you revived the finish and kept the character! Keep up the good work! Posted: 8:26 am on March 26th
fellowjunker writes: An absolutely amazing project love your room and these doors are the crowning glory!
xojanis Posted: 9:36 pm on March 25th
herbgirl1 writes: What a beauteous door and space and earth friendly too. Awesome! Posted: 6:56 pm on March 25th
chippingcharm writes: So very, very cool...again :) Laurel Posted: 1:56 pm on March 25th
shabbychick writes: Amy...totally, wonderfully, tastefully, fabulously done! Your style is amazing - what a wonderful space you've created! And, it's so cool you were able to use the track and rollers from your family's barn.

Love it!

Kathy Posted: 10:52 am on March 25th
Prior writes: LOVE the greyhound and the history of the door is so cool, Love it all, Lezlee Posted: 10:46 pm on March 24th
shamrockerin writes: I wish I lived near you- your decorating style has so much character! I love the posts re: your master bedroom make-over. Makes me wish I had a bedroom like that. :) Posted: 6:16 pm on March 24th
ninnarae writes: This just turned out beautifully! Really does make the room! Posted: 5:41 pm on March 24th
junkinannie writes: I absolutely love this door....not to mention your master bedroom. Loved the greyhound post as well! Your ideas are always a treat!

Thank you!
Ann Posted: 4:45 pm on March 24th
Christina_S writes: I'm in love! Can I have your room please? Beautifully done. Posted: 3:05 pm on March 24th
54girl writes: Love, love this!! Now I know how I want to do to our bedroom closet door. It has the ugly bifold door and our whole bedroom needs a redo. Your beroom looks amazing!! Love the added key in the door also! Isn't it wonderful when things work out like that. Great job!! Mary Posted: 1:24 pm on March 24th
alicemom writes: Amy, As you well know I LOVE THIS!! I have shown and told the world (well my small world) about this beautiful door!
Good on you!
smiles, alice Posted: 12:12 pm on March 24th
RustyDiva writes: I love this and I love your room. I thought about this type of door for my closet but the planets have not aligned for me yet. Beautiful pictures!!! Posted: 12:05 pm on March 24th
oldnews writes: This is So beautiful! How fortunate for you that those planets aligned perfectly, because the result is absolutely amazing! Your home must be such a wonderful place to be! Marie Posted: 9:59 am on March 24th
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