Flea-ing in the Sunshine State!

February 4th, 2010 in blog     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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One of the best things about junking is the people I get to meet.  These first few pictures are from a space that is run by Cindy Cross, and she had a whole lotta great stuff to offer.  And pictured here...hardware - one of my favorite things. 
Those are some great wheels...a junk project waiting to be created!
Cindy had a little bit of everything in her space - a little slice of junk heaven!
Christmas in February...ornaments - definitely one of my weaknesses!
Arent these typewriter keys the perfect shade of green???
Heres me with my new friend, Cindy Cross - shes from New York, and does a bit of traveling to sell her wares - vintage, antique and very cool!
OK - after filling my cart to its load limit, I visited with an alligator - and even petted him (a first for me).  But, whats a trip to Florida without a close encounter with nature (and, yes, his mouth is securely closed!).
Time for lunch - and theres no doubt about whats being sold here - hot dogs with all the trimmings (cute hat, right??).
And, how cool to have some live background music to flea by...  I wasnt singing the blues - I was junking my little heart out - it was a great day!
And, after our snowy weather in Ohio, it was so nice to see flowers blooming too.
This fabulous dress form had to be left behind - at only $40 it was a bargain, but we were afraid she wouldnt survive the ride home (and we have to make our purchases wisely - limited space you know!)...
And, last but not least - ya gotta buy some citrus!!
One of the best things about junking is the people I get to meet.  These first few pictures are from a space that is run by Cindy Cross, and she had a whole lotta great stuff to offer.  And pictured here...hardware - one of my favorite things. 

One of the best things about junking is the people I get to meet.  These first few pictures are from a space that is run by Cindy Cross, and she had a whole lotta great stuff to offer.  And pictured here...hardware - one of my favorite things. 

Hi everybody.  I've been missing in action lately - so, now it's time to try and get caught up - lots of new members and great projects to look at. 

I'm on vacation in sunny Florida - well, it's been a bit cloudy and cool, but on this particular day - the sun was shining and we were hitting a flea market - it doesn't get much better! 

On Wednesdays, at the Volusia County Fairgrounds (in Deland), they hold a flea and farmers' market that is simply wonderful.  Vendors arrive early (the show starts about daybreak and goes till noon...or so) - and there's a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants and a whole lot of great antiquing/junking to do!  A lot is sold straight out of the back of a truck or trunk, and there are great deals to be found (especially if you're wandering around as vendors are packing up...you know they don't want to take it all home!).

One of my favorite stops is pictured in the first few photos - Cindy Cross, from New York, travels a bit to sell her wares - vintage, antique and junkers' stuff galore!  I bought some vintage fabric and a few buttons, and then I asked permission to take some pics to share with all of you. (Thanks Cindy!)  I saw project possibilities on every table - wheels, typewriter keys, fabric, hardware, old photos, etc.....  It reminded me of some of the great junk I saw while at Oronoco last year!  Cindy also sells in her home state, and sets up at the Extravaganza at Renninger's Flea Market at Mt. Dora (another one of my favorite stops) - so, if you're in the area she'd love to meet ya!!

My friend, Robin, and I filled my little cart to its limit, and more...  As we passed one space, the guy saw us loaded down (with the cart, AND  a big box of silver, AND trying to "manhandle" an antique tea cart at the same time - I guess you could call it multi-tasking?), and commented about us being power shoppers (I guess we were/are).  After we unloaded, we did another quick walk-thru...just in case we missed something!

After we finished there, we stopped in downtown Deland with our husbands, had lunch - and the guys headed to the race track, and we headed to some antique shops...the fun just doesn't end!

I took pictures of my finds, and will post on that soon too - so stay tuned, and I'll show you what I'm going to try to fit in our car!

Take care, Kathy

For directions, etc. to the fairgrounds, go to: http://www.volusiacountyfair.com/


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rednecksherrie writes: I have been looking for WHEELS like in your picture for a long time , but I need to have 4 of the same size .Any ideas where I might get ahold of these beauties . By the way what a Great Haul you made out with . Happy Junkin . Redneck Sherrie. Posted: 11:21 pm on February 8th
sassycrafter writes: Doesn't Cindy always have great stuff for sale? I buy from her when she's at the Renninger's Antique Extravaganzas in Mt. Dora and at the Waldo Flea Market. Posted: 12:52 pm on February 8th
Grasshopper22 writes: Looks like you had a great time...you lucky girl!!! Thanks for sharing...:) Posted: 10:18 am on February 8th
artteachergirl writes: OK! you had to pass through GA...you should have stopped and picked me up!! I would have loved that trip! We lived in Florida for 2 years and I visited the Flea Markets more the beaches. Oh, and I do want those green type writer key tiles! Posted: 12:42 pm on February 7th
shabbychick writes: Hang in there you guys - the season will be here before we know it, and all that great junk will be filling up our cars, garages, basements, etc...once again (can you tell I'm in training to be a motivational speaker - specializing in assisting my fellow junkers?? ha ha!!!)

I know when I go home, I'm just gonna have to get busy - and work on all the junk I found - so, guess I'll be spending the rest of the winter in my basement!

Take care,


Posted: 10:01 am on February 7th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: You girl, know how to vacation! Enjoy yourself!
Candy Posted: 10:02 pm on February 6th
JunkArchitect writes: Kathy, I was already going whacko due to all the cold and snow...so these photos aren’t helping any. And, I’m running out of junk! Do I ever wish I was poking around a flea market right now even if it meant wearing that crazy hot dog hat.

Thanks for giving me a glimmer of hope that the weather will get better someday.

Jim Posted: 10:20 am on February 6th
CottageElements writes: I'm sooooo jealous. I'm in need of a good flea market. Have fun and find great things!

Lani Posted: 12:36 am on February 6th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Kathy,
Ohhh, how lucky you are to be junking in Florida. Lots and lots of treasures to be found. Have a blast!
xojanis Posted: 11:17 pm on February 5th
junkinannie writes: I didn't realize how much I miss these events in the winter! Thank you for sharing your vacation with us!!!

Posted: 12:05 pm on February 5th
chippingcharm writes: Fun stuff...lucky you :) Laurel Posted: 10:52 pm on February 4th
shabbychick writes: I'm happy to be able to share our sunny day at the fleamarket. It's so nice to have a little break from "Snow-Hi-O"!

Kenda - I know what you mean about alligators - shoes and purses sound a lot safer to me too!

Elaine - we're planning on going back next Wednesday (you could sneak out of work...) - just gotta go one more time! We ate at the Havanna Cuban restaurant (it was excellent)!

Mary - I try to pack every nook and cranny - and we've got a small car - so it'll be a challenge! :)

See ya, Kathy Posted: 3:56 pm on February 4th
ninnarae writes: My kind of day! LOVE IT! Posted: 2:07 pm on February 4th
misselaineous writes: Cool...you were shopping in my backyard! Plus, I work in downtown DeLand. Where did you go for lunch? I have enjoyed the Flea Market at the Fair Grounds for years, but this year due to decreased junkin' budget, I haven't been at all. Have found some really cool stuff there in the past...glad you enjoyed your to visit to "Delightful DeLand"! *elaine* Posted: 12:43 pm on February 4th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: KATHY,
Sound's like you travel all over the country.too to find things.I think what I like about shows is the nice people we meet.I travel mostly through the midwest from MINN to TEXAS and live in Kans.Lots of fleamarkets and Antigue shows.People laugh at me for enjoying JMS,but it is neat to see what people can do with different projects I love to decorate but really don't have the time to really put things together.My interest is in the hunting and fishing items Woman are really decorating with such items.I didn't mean to type a book but really enjoy your projects and finds.Sounds like you had a nice vacation.GOD BLESS ROBERT. Posted: 11:56 am on February 4th
alicemom writes: I can not believe you passed on the gator!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like a wonderful memory and junk filled vacation.
The pic's are great!
smiles, alice Posted: 11:50 am on February 4th
CactusCreek writes: great pics... looks like so much fun!!!! Posted: 10:51 am on February 4th
racers7 writes: Wow...lots of great things to check out! I wish I could have been there...Melody. Posted: 10:46 am on February 4th
RustyDiva writes: Great pics Kathy! Glad you are enjoying a vacation and some sunshine. Love all the little trinkets in the first few pics. I could spend all week-end digging through all that. As for the alligator ~ the only one I want to touch is on a purse or a pair of shoes!

Kenda Posted: 10:13 am on February 4th
54girl writes: Oh Kathy I'm soooo jealous. This looks like so much fun! Like most of us northern's I'm so ready for a good flea market. The guy with the alligator is too funny.I've never experienced that. I know the feeling of a packed car! I'ts too much fun! Enjoy!! Mary Posted: 10:04 am on February 4th
ellenlovesjunk writes: Looks like you are having way too much fun. I am living vicariously through you right now.

Ellen Posted: 9:46 am on February 4th
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