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January 21st, 2010 in member junk     
chippingcharm Laurel Putman, contributor
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I cant resist all the glass canisters and jars I see at the Thrift Stores.  This year I decided to pull them out of my cupboards and put them on display.
I just love the simplicity of the votives and tealights in the glass jars.  The coffee pot stores my its all right there for my next party...
You may remember from one of my other posts that I use coffee cans through-out my kitchen for nifty storage...
I know putting my baking necessities in these glass canisters isnt a new idea...but Ive always had them tucked away.  Now they are out on display...I just love the old General Store feel...
This old milk carrier and metal planter/thing-a-ma-gig are staples in my summer entertaining stash.  Now I can enjoy them all, now I have more room in my basement cupboards for more treasures...
Practical...and practically even pretty...
This old metal lunch box works slick for keeping my favorite spices handy...
Add a magnet and youve got yourself a recipe holder...
This cool fridge drawer is a great place to stash some healthy snacks for school...
Even a few Practical Pretties in the powder room...
I cant resist all the glass canisters and jars I see at the Thrift Stores.  This year I decided to pull them out of my cupboards and put them on display.

I can't resist all the glass canisters and jars I see at the Thrift Stores.  This year I decided to pull them out of my cupboards and put them on display.

It happens every January...right after the "Exercise Bug" wears off, the overwhelming desire to get organized kicks in...

My mantra for the last year and now into 2010 (yes, I have THAT much stuff :) ) has been "Simplify".  I've been letting go of things that I "like" and just keeping the things that I "love" or find useful...and you know how it works with can definitely be both! 

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grabe writes: Ok you so made me want an old metal lunch box!!!!! I love the jar of soaps as well...thnks for sharing, my family 3boys and a hubby sometimes experience "guy syndrome". And can't find the soaps in the cabinet because they might have to move well this solves my dilemma (I hope) :) Posted: 7:12 am on May 16th
pofolksdecorator1 writes: Hi, I love the way you display your cannisters. The old Dr. office apothacary jars are what I have been looking for. Maybe I will find one on ebay! Annie Posted: 7:32 pm on March 19th
Designcafe writes: Hi Laurel.
I love your style and I see that you visit the flea often! Hope to see ya in there sometimes. Julie Posted: 2:20 pm on February 8th
junkermidge writes: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I was so digging everything, and then I saw the lunch pail! Oh my gosh, I so want to do that with my spices, too! I actually have one sitting on top of my cupboards -- empty! It'll have to come down now. (I can't use anything that I put up there, just for show -- you've got a few inches on me).
Midge Posted: 8:41 pm on January 29th
CottageElements writes: Laurel, that's my New Year's resolution!!! Cleaning out cupboards, closets, and drawers (along with basements and garages). Now you've given me even more incentive. Looks great!

Lani Posted: 4:13 pm on January 25th
chippingcharm writes: Thanks everyone for your sweet comments..."Will Work For Junk"...ha-ha! Laurel
PS...don't tempt me Alice, I could use a little warm weather escape :) Posted: 9:43 pm on January 23rd
georgiamoon writes: Laurel, everyone that knows me...knows that organization is NOT my thang. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate some one else doing a fantastic and pretty job of it. I like how it cleans up and streamlines stuff that could otherwise be a mess. I should print out the pictures and hang them...well, probably around me neck would do the most good! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas, Georgia Posted: 2:46 pm on January 22nd
racers7 writes: Great start to a new year...I just did that last year! But your house seems so homey and comfy, just love it! Melody Posted: 2:27 pm on January 22nd
suewhitney writes: Nice job, Laurel! Everything looks so pretty, crisp, clean, and organized. I could use a little of this organization here at my house. Ha!!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 7:38 am on January 22nd
alicemom writes: O.K. Laurel,
When are you coming to Texas??? My studio could really use you! Just so you know I have babysitting skills too. So bring the cuties with you!! I love the lunch box idea. Thanks for the darling post.
smiles, alice Posted: 4:31 pm on January 21st
itsnotjunk2me writes: Laurel, Your simplistic approach to decorating is what I love about your posts. I too am purging-my poor neglected craft studio and using as many of my "finds" to organize. I love using old bale-wire canning jars for a multitude of uses in kitchen, powder room and my studio. I was given boxes of them many years ago and keep finding new uses for's great gleaning new ideas from JMS members as well. Thank u!

~judi ;) Posted: 2:48 pm on January 21st
54girl writes: Yes I get the orangizing bug the frist of the year too. I've been doing excatly what you've been doing! Love the lunch box idea!!! The fridge drawer is really cool too!! I've got lots of glass containers and in the bathroom for soaps and collectibles also. They really are handy. Love all the other comments on the the thrift stores. I can relate. Great post!! Mary Posted: 1:09 pm on January 21st
bluebucket writes: Very nice. Love the lunch box idea. I've been looking for one to use as a first aid kit. I have a bunch of old green canning jars that I display in my kitchen. I too keep my votives in them but also my souvinir spoon collection, old siver spoons waiting to be used for projects, marbles, corks etc. I also use them to hold some food staples. So of course I love your post.
doreen Posted: 11:53 am on January 21st
fellowjunker writes: Hi Laurel,
Just a gorgeous post! (again!) Believe it or not I am quite a minimalist in my decorating and years ago decided to remove everything from the top of my kitchen cupboards....but....I love how clean and uncluttered the glass containers look atop your cabinets...may have to re-think my cabinet decor.
BTW.....I am so laughing at everyone's comments.....I am forever taking bags and boxes of stuff to the thrift store only to bring MORE than I go with back!!!!!! Too, too funny!
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 10:47 am on January 21st
RustyDiva writes: Must be in the water ~ I've got the oranizing bug too. Bet I've carried 2 car loads to the thrift store. (of course I've probably carried IN 2 car loads too):) Love all your pretty jars. Great storage solutions too.

Kenda Posted: 10:00 am on January 21st
JunkArchitect writes: Laurel, great bunch of storage ideas and since we’re all junkers we need a lot of storage. I’m actually on a major purge. Throwing out junk that someone else tossed out, I picked up, and now I’m throwing out…again.

Posted: 9:59 am on January 21st
oldnews writes: Wow! Amazing! Do you charge by the hour? I could make you a rich woman!! Marie Posted: 9:55 am on January 21st
shabbychick writes: you make housecalls??? :) Your organizational skills are so clever and pretty too! I love the "spice box"/recipe holder AND the metal planter thing-a-ma-jig!.

The "exercise bug" hasn't hit me yet - the "organizing bug" looks like so much more fun, doesn't it?? :)

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 9:40 am on January 21st
Heavenly_Treasures writes: LAUREL,
You have some cute ideas. I like way you do things. You are very organized. Thank's for sharing. You have a nice day.Robert. Posted: 9:23 am on January 21st
SnowmanHill writes: You have great "stuff". I hear ya, about organizing and keeping only what you love. I am on a purging kick too, and it's so hard to part with stuff, but it has to be done.

Keep warm,
:-) Posted: 8:43 am on January 21st
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