Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle!

January 13th, 2010 in member junk     
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I just put a few things on for the photo and to practice my display skills (which need a lot of work).  This one is mainly waiting for the rest of the set Im working on. 
The finished table.  I call it The Lani Table.
This is how I bought it several years ago.  I knew it had the makings of a great table, but at the time never would have thought of using glass.
I just put a few things on for the photo and to practice my display skills (which need a lot of work).  This one is mainly waiting for the rest of the set Im working on. 

I just put a few things on for the photo and to practice my display skills (which need a lot of work).  This one is mainly waiting for the rest of the set I'm working on. 

I have a few metal treasures in my stash, but mostly they've just been sitting.  I probably bought pieces that I liked then, but wasn't exactly sure why or how to use them.  And even though industrial has been on the rise for a while, where I live it usually takes a little longer to pick up on the lastest trends.  But I was waiting....

Here's where I'm going to start naming names again.  I SOO love Lani's style and the way she incorporates industrial into her decorating.  I've been seeing METAL everywhere and decided it was time. As I was moving it out of my way, I said I'll just make it into a table.  So, I don't mean to MEDDLE, and she doesn't know it, but I channeled Lani as I recreated it. 

And it definitely tested my METTLE as I did.  It looks very simple and basic -- and it is -- but I spent a lot of time on trial and error.  Originally I was going to cut glass to set on each shelf.  Cutting the glass was a challenge and the edges did not look nice.  If it were on the underside, the edges would be concealed -- but how would I do that?  Luckily, there already were holes on the center of some sides, so I added the rest. With the table upside down I set in the glass, and ran a bolt into each hole.  The bolts were so close to the glass it held it in place, I'm just glad I didn't crack the glass.

I flipped it back upright, and there you have the finished table.  Oh, and I know what you're thinking "So what do you want?  A MEDAL?"   (That would be "no". The joy of "junking" is enough for me!)  

Pattern or design used: My own design
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Comments (21)

seaglassqueen writes: Nice table it can go with any style. classic. Posted: 6:05 pm on July 12th
Prior writes: You can really build good stuff! I love it, Lezlee Posted: 10:27 pm on January 14th
NDJunkGirl writes: Awesome table Midge! It could go in any room of the house! Gosh, I just love metal, rust and glass together. Sigh.

Andrea Posted: 10:21 pm on January 14th
alicemom writes: MIDGE THAT IS THE BOMB!!!!!
smiles, alice Posted: 8:22 pm on January 14th
roadtriplouise writes: Love your industrial, rust and glass all together. Great style! Posted: 7:42 pm on January 14th
Christina_S writes: I have two metal frames myself just waiting to be addressed... the beauty of your project is very inspiring! Love your display too, especially the tray/chalkboard. Posted: 3:10 pm on January 14th
MakinItHappen writes: Ingenious! Posted: 12:43 pm on January 14th
shabbychick writes: OK - Miss Midge - you did a wonderful job, and cutting your own glass too??? You are a brave one (I haven't tried that yet.)

Love your Lani-inspired table and the display!

Great job!!!!!

Kathy Posted: 11:56 am on January 14th
JunkArchitect writes:
Rusty steel and glass…industrial perfection!

Posted: 11:07 am on January 14th
suewhitney writes: And the medal of honor goes to....drum roll please...JUNKER MIDGE. Yeah! Ab fad table, girlfriend!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 6:32 am on January 14th
CottageElements writes: Ooooh, Midge. I LOVE your table!! Where do you live again? Ha! Okay, I promise. I won't come in the middle of the night and steal it. Though I may want to! The glass was the perfect choice. You did a great job. And don't short change yourself, you do deserve a medal!

Lani Posted: 11:46 pm on January 13th
junkfestgirl writes: LOVE this table! What else you got in that stash?! Posted: 9:43 pm on January 13th
bluebucket writes: Your table turned out beautifully and your display skills are just fine (it helps to have great props like yours). Loved your entertaining commentary.
doreen Posted: 8:35 pm on January 13th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Very nice, Midge! Wow! I absolutely love it with the added glass. You did an amazing job!
Candy Posted: 7:45 pm on January 13th
oldnews writes: You are hilarious! The table turned out beautifully, and I DO think you deserve a medal, or metal, or mettle...
Marie Posted: 4:18 pm on January 13th
54girl writes: Oh do I love this!!! Very nice table!!! And your tray in back looks great! You did good!! Mary Posted: 3:44 pm on January 13th
RustyDiva writes: You funny girl! I not only love your projects but also your sense of humor! AWESOME table by the way and how lucky that it came with its already made bolt holes! You have several projects that turn out that way don't you??? Hmmmmmm, I think you have a junking guardian angel on your shoulder! Can I rub your head for good junking jue jue? (or is it joo joo)

Kenda Posted: 3:40 pm on January 13th
chippingcharm writes: Noreen...love this! And I think your display looks great...simply elegant. Laurel Posted: 3:34 pm on January 13th
JunqueMagnet writes: This looks great! Your "sign" tray on top makes a lovely finishing touch. Posted: 3:16 pm on January 13th
itsnotjunk2me writes: You did good girlfriend! I love the glass with the old metal frame. If you ask me I think it's perfectly ok to meddle with other JMS members. teehee ~judi ;) Posted: 3:08 pm on January 13th
SnowmanHill writes: Your project turned out great. I have a frame sitting in the garage just like this, hmmm. Lani does have lots of great decorating pieces, I love her style too.

dana Posted: 3:02 pm on January 13th
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