First project of the New Year!!

January 2nd, 2010 in member junk     
alicemom alicemom, member
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This the completed mantel. Looks a little stark after Christmas. My eyes were ready for a rest!
This is a close up of the finished sign.
What would my mantel be with out a cloche or two!
I am thinking on how to get the heart to hang inside the cloche for Valentine.
This the completed mantel. Looks a little stark after Christmas. My eyes were ready for a rest!

This the completed mantel. Looks a little stark after Christmas. My eyes were ready for a rest!

Photo: alice hanson

Well I took before pictures BUT my camera was set to please go to my to see the begining of the project!

smiles, alice

Pattern or design used: My own design - alice
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junkermidge writes: How Beautiful! What a wonderful way for you to start the new year.
Midge Posted: 10:12 pm on January 7th
CleverThinker writes: Love the re use of the piano front! And the lettering looks like it was there all along...very nice!

We seldom do the 'leaning thing' on mantels, sideboards or tables here..but I love the look..when mother earth decides to shake a little dust off, you never know what she'll throw!! Good job!! Posted: 8:03 pm on January 7th
shabbychick writes: Alice - such a busy girl - love your new/old piano front! A work of art - great color, words, etc.!!! You're inspiring me to get busy on my "first" of the year!

Thanks for sharing.


P.S. I'm still putting Christmas away (it has a way of taking over - ha ha!) Posted: 2:40 pm on January 5th
monakent writes: Thanks Alice!!! I will have to make an effort to get to Hobby Lobby (some 20-30 mins way) to check out their lettering. Just LOVE what you did with yours.....gailmarie Posted: 11:11 am on January 3rd
lovecrafting writes: I have a few cloches where I took a jewelry finding to make a post earring and used pliers to make the post into a loop then glued it to the top inside of my cloche inside the knob and added a little bit of chain now I can hang things inside and change them pretty easily as the occaision changes. (not sure if that was very clear or not) Posted: 10:05 am on January 3rd
Junkyard_Ballerina writes: Beautiful. Love the color & the font. Happy New Year! Posted: 11:38 pm on January 2nd
chippingcharm writes: Just lovely...could you prop that pretty heart up on a little candle holder under your cloche??? Just a thought, Laurel :) Posted: 7:30 pm on January 2nd
alicemom writes: gailmarie,
at hobby lobby. they were on sale. if you are not close to hobby lobby they are going to be on line. it is called once upon a wall from DCWV HOME PROVO, UT. HOPE THIS HELPS. you can email me on my blog if you need more info.
smiles, alice Posted: 4:54 pm on January 2nd
SnowmanHill writes: Love it all, the sign and of course the cloches, it all looks great together. I need to get busy, still have the tree up.

dana Posted: 4:50 pm on January 2nd
monakent writes: WONDERFUL project Alice!!! Was a little sad to see all your Holiday decorations are down already. How fast the season goes...

LOVE the saying. LOVE the lettering (where did you find the lettering???)

What a great saying to start the new year with. gailmarie
Posted: 3:23 pm on January 2nd
alicemom writes: No Kenda, I's a piano front. It made me sad to take it all down and figure out what to do will it all! Maybe I will post all the hidey holes.
smiles,alice Posted: 1:33 pm on January 2nd
RustyDiva writes: Alice, I love the sign ~ is it a headboard? I can't believe you already have your cloches down! I'm still decorating for Christmas! :)

Kenda Posted: 1:29 pm on January 2nd
oldnews writes: It's beautiful, as are the words on it! I love that deep red color too, and the way the wood grain stills shows through! When you get tired of it, send it my way!! :) Marie Posted: 12:00 pm on January 2nd
MakinItHappen writes: This is gorgeous!!! Posted: 11:37 am on January 2nd
Prior writes: I love the sign and saying, sometimes those glue dots hold amazingly on some fishline, and maybe a small ornament holder. Lezlee Posted: 10:56 am on January 2nd
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