Ink Block Photo Collage

June 22nd, 2016 in projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Photo: Ink-redibly classy!

These old ink blocks won't know what hit ‘em when you deck them out with collage-worthy pictures.  Remember, symmetry doesn't always equal beauty with junk styles.  The threaded rods allow for a funky-bumpy look!

Junk Market Style Difficulty Meter

Vintage wooden board of desired length
Old printers' ink blocks
Threaded rod- ours was 1/4 in.
Bolts and washers- 1/4 in.
Tree nuts- 1/4 in.
Wing nuts- 1/4 in.
Photo corners

Tool List:
Wood stain
Wood cleaner
Dremmel or bolt cutter


Step 1: Cut board to desired length, ours was 22 in. long. Sand rough edges and apply wood stain.

Step 2: Mark placement of ink blocks with a pencil.

Gotta make sure all your blocks fit. A little planning...

Step 3: Pre drill and hammer in the tree nut in the center of the block location.

Don't hit your thumb.

Step 4: Using a Dremmel or bolt cutter, measure and cut threaded rod to height of ink block + board + nuts and washers to extend above the ink block approximately 1/2 in. Repeat this for each ink block used.

We cut five different heights for an interesting look. Also--watch out for sparks with the Dremmel!

Step 5: Measure and drill a 1/4 in. hole down the vertical center of each block. Tip: the hole needs to be straight in order for the blocks to stand straight when assembled. If you have a drill press, it would be useful here.

Step 6: Thread rod into tree nut and add a bolt and washer.

The ink block stand is assembled.

Step 7: Slide pre-drilled ink block onto the threaded rod.

Step 8: Add a washer and a wing nut to the top of the block. If you hand tighten loosely, your picture will be able to be rotated.

All it's missing is a picture. Choose wisely!

Step 9:  Using photo corners, place picture in center of the ink block.

After all, I am in Texas this week.

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CottageElements writes: And you had time to do this when? Weren't you just in Fargo, and then Texas? You are amazing!

Lanette Posted: 1:14 pm on September 30th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Brilliant idea! I need to get crackin' on my tool skills. Posted: 7:49 am on September 30th
lovethejunk writes: You are just amazing. I log on everynight and I am so glad to see new things! kepp up the great work.

thanks, Joan Posted: 7:59 pm on September 29th
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