So what do I do with a lot of "tiny" junk?? Maybe a collage or two!

November 23rd, 2009 in blog     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Tea for two...or three!
Displayed on an old wooden ironing board (for sleeves I think??) - (and a few tiny clocks just because...)
This little toy tea set looks like old ironstone (and I LOVE ironstone) - I found it at an antique mall.  I used some old lace for the table, and some vintage advertising on the back for some added age.  I used brass knobs for feet.
Arent they sweet?
And, a perfect gift for a seamstress...
Scrabble letters spell it all out...  A piece of pattern paper kind of lines the box, and some other little notions...
More stuff...
I wrapped the outside with a piece of an old measuring tape and finished it off with a button on either end.
Vintage forks and lace...
This was a really simple one...  Some vintage lace with some beautiful antique forks - I love the florals on the handles.
A collage of collages (some of the others were ones I previously made)...
One last look!
Tea for two...or three!

Tea for two...or three!

I'm seeing a bit of a theme in my projects right now - collage work in different forms - inside a paperweight or a little box or drawer - lots of little fun things to play with!  I've surrounded myself (in my basement) with LOTS of inspiration - containers, bowls, boxes, etc...of things I've been "collecting" for a while (ha ha) - and now trying to put some of it to use!  I guess it means I've got WAY too much going on in my basement (I think I could hibernate for the winter and do nothing but make stuff - and not run out of material - except for maybe a little glue...  That actually sounds like a great way to spend an Ohio winter...)

So, I'm working on my last one right now (whew...always putting things off to the "week before" a show - guess I just work well under pressure!) Ha ha!  And, I keep seeing MORE I'd like to do...junk overload I think!

So, here they are - more goodies for our customers to pick from!


P.S.  Time to price things and box them for the trip to Columbus...



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inkognitoban writes: those are so beautiful!!! ... and i know what you mean about hibernating!!! i SO could do that in my work area!!! Posted: 12:33 pm on November 29th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, these are "sew" cute. Love the ironstone! Happy Turkey Day!

Lani Posted: 12:02 pm on November 26th
MimiToria writes: Wonderful little vignettes Kathy. Love them.
Gretchen Posted: 10:44 am on November 26th
VignetteStudio writes: Simply Charming! Posted: 4:18 pm on November 25th
JunkArchitect writes: Kathy, everything looks fantastic and I’m sure things will sell like crazy at the show.

Jim Posted: 4:06 pm on November 25th
retromantic writes: Love these! Very inspired and I certainly have the junk for it. Those long Wisconsin winter nights and weekends are coming... Posted: 3:27 pm on November 25th
sassycrafter writes: I just adore the "SEW" collage! Posted: 2:55 pm on November 25th
chelseak524 writes: Love all your things, Kathy? Where/when in Columbus is the show? Posted: 2:43 pm on November 25th
shabbychick writes: Thanks all for your comments!

Jenny - When I was doing the fork collage, I was going to add more, but thought it was sweet the way it was (I do tend to fuss a lot when I'm putting one together - so this was an accomplishment for me) - ha ha!

Candy - hoping to see you on Friday too!! Have big fun with your family!!!

Makinithappen - With all that great stuff, you'll come up with something awesome I'm sure!

Alice - Vitamins...ok - got 'em!! :)

Take care! Kathy

Posted: 8:55 pm on November 24th
byabpryor writes: Kathy,

Those are just stunning. I really do like them! Posted: 5:53 pm on November 24th
alicemom writes: Oh Kathy,
You are the bomb! Such darling little goodies! I know you will have a bang of a show! Take your vitamins!
smiles, alice Posted: 12:46 pm on November 24th
MakinItHappen writes: These are gorgeous! I have about 40 miniature tea sets, and a couple of them look just like that. I also have a whole lotta bobbins and wooden spools of thread. Now I am inspired to do something with them. Thank you! Posted: 11:51 am on November 24th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: "Tiny Junk". I like that. These little collages are adorable and I see you are very good at it, Kathy. You add the cutest touches!

Hope to see you and Terri Friday! We're heading out tomorrow morning as planned so I will contact you one way or another. Best of luck at your sale!!
Candy Posted: 8:17 am on November 24th
writes: Your collages are just wonderful Kathy. I especially like the simplicity of the vintage forks with the lace. I can't wait to see what else you come up with during your hibernation :-)

Jenny K Posted: 1:43 am on November 24th
shabbychick writes: Thanks everybody! More fun projects - and I know there are a "few" of us who definitely have lots of "little" things - whether they're leftovers from other projects, things laying in a "junk drawer", or just things collected "for a rainy day" - or maybe a cold winter's day...waiting for just the right box (some of these were old cheese boxes) -- or some other container (I've got some empty clock cases I'm thinking of using next time around...)

The little ironstone tea set is my fav!

Just a couple more days until our show - so, time to pack it up! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!


Posted: 11:24 pm on November 23rd
birdcolor writes: Love this! I have one of those sleeve ironing boards. I have been wondering what to do with it. Now I have some ideas! Posted: 7:21 pm on November 23rd
fellowjunker writes: Love these mini-works-of-art Kathy!!! Filled with such wonderful vintage treasures. Beautiful!
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 2:43 pm on November 23rd
itsnotjunk2me writes: Kathy,
These vignettes are beautiful! Your ability to pull junk together is awesome. My fav is also the sewing box. I'm sure these will sell in a blink of an eye. ~judi ;) Posted: 11:51 am on November 23rd
RustyDiva writes: Very sweet Kathy. Love those forks and the little ironstones are precious! Love all the boxes too!

Kenda Posted: 11:41 am on November 23rd
Grasshopper22 writes: Very nice...What junker doesn't have little bits and pieces all over the place :) Creative indeed you are Kathy... Posted: 10:01 am on November 23rd
chippingcharm writes: These are very inspiring...kind of like scrapbooking for junkers??? Love, love, love...Laurel Posted: 9:51 am on November 23rd
DownHomeDIY writes: I love your new "theme" projects. Your attention to detail is fantastic. I love them all together but they can all stand alone too. My fave is the sewing one. I can't wait to see what other projects you come up with while you hibernate.
Posted: 9:25 am on November 23rd
CraftingWendy writes: Your collages are wonderful. Each tells a great story via junk. I'm inspired -- and loving the idea of hibernating during the winter with junk projects! Only problem, I live in Florida...Can we do warm-weather hiberation here? Posted: 9:14 am on November 23rd
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