Sweet Junk at The BitterSweet Cabin

November 5th, 2009 in blog     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Welcome!  Its a beautiful day in his neighborhood!!
Heres The BitterSweet Cabin - an old building that was cut into pieces and moved here - to be lovingly put back together again by my friends, Jan & Duane McGill...It IS so SWEET!
Dont  you just love these???  Some big metal funnels re-purposed into planters!!  Jan had them on display for her fall openhouse and she wasnt quite ready to part with them (even though quite a few customers wanted to buy them) - so, shell try to have some ready for the next big event!
And we werent sure what this was...looks like it was used for draining something...but, it works so well as a wall planter, dont ya think?
A great place to sit and chat on a warm sunny day!
Oooohhh...this double decker chicken condo is one of my favorite things at The BitterSweet Cabin!  And the scarecrow stands guard - what a great security system!
Inside the cabin, Jan & Duane have salvaged some old beadboard from a lake cottage that was being torn down - and used it to build a beautiful checkout counter! (and isnt that color just yummy??)
An awesome cabinet - redone by Duane - the shelves were intact, but the outside needed a facelift - great job!!!  And, look - clocks for sale!!
And, another cute display piece - some old picket fence, and some corrugated metal - rusted to perfection!
This beautiful glass block window was a curbside find - the glass is even faceted - what an amazing save!  (fyi - Jan is Queen of the Curb in my book!!)
This old metal dustpan is repurposed...it could have so many uses!
Nothing junky about these, but I just loved Jans sunflowers - whimsical prim! :)
Welcome!  Its a beautiful day in his neighborhood!!

Welcome!  It's a beautiful day in his neighborhood!!

OK - so this isn't junk I made, but it's junk I admire!!  A little shop located in my hometown of Bryan, Ohio - tucked into the northwest corner of our great Buckeye state!!!  And, my new friends, Jan and Duane McGill are the proprietors, designers AND creaters of some beautiful stuff (repurposing and recycling at its primitive-vintage best).

I found this little shop on my last visit home on Labor Day weekend - and I think Jan and I have "adopted" each other as junk sisters - almost at first sight - it's so cool how junk does that to people, isn't it??  We've decided that if we lived nearer to each other - we'd definitely be a dangerous team!!  I did a post on Jan's shop on my blog in October - (and for some history) - here's the link:  http://sylviasdaughter.blogspot.com/2009/10/sweet-time-at-bittersweet-cabin.html

She has been a junker forever (like me), and proudly calls her profession "curbside acquisition".  She has joined JUNKMARKET Style - and visits often to see what's going on in our junking world.  And, fyi - her screen name is "Junkin' Jan".  She has a knack/gift for finding junk with potential - and is designing the moment she comes upon it!  She and her husband, Duane, make a great team - vision and design style - AND awesome carpentry skills - and they love what they're doing!!  

Hope you enjoy this little tour - it was a fun visit - and it seems the afternoon went too quickly - so much junk, and so little time...  But...I'll be back! :)

Stop by my blog and see more pictures from my visit, as well as a gift that was made for me while I was there!  (Thanks Jan & Duane!)   www.sylviasdaughter.blogspot.com

The BitterSweet Cabin is located at 4889 St. Rt. 576 in Bryan, Ohio (419-630-7311).  Shop hours are: Thursday and Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-2pm - or call if you're in the area, and if available - they'll open up shop for you!!

EVENT NOTE: A Christmas Open House is being held at The BitterSweet Cabin on Friday, November 13th (6pm-9pm) and Saturday, November 14th (9am-3pm)!



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DownHomeDIY writes: Well now, isn't she pretty in pink??
Posted: 8:06 pm on November 8th
artteachergirl writes: OH those funnels!!! What I wouldn't give...long way to Ohio, but I think I could justify a trip...wonderful photos!! Posted: 8:03 pm on November 8th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I see so many great things! I'd love to have that "chicken condo"!
Candy Posted: 9:11 pm on November 6th
JunkArchitect writes: Great stuff! I just wish it wasn’t a 750 mile drive from my house. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

Posted: 2:11 pm on November 6th
shabbychick writes: Thanks everybody - so glad you enjoyed it - as much as I have!! Jan and Duane are just so awesome - and you can definitely see they put their heart into their work (but - it's not really work...)!

Sharon - you'll definitely have to take a little road trip!

Kenda - I know exactly what you're saying! It MUST be junk love!!! :)

Joanne - we can never have too much junk...just my thought on the subject ;) (ha ha)

Thanks again! Kathy

Posted: 11:17 pm on November 5th
roadtriplouise writes: Thanks for taking me on a little roadtrip. It would be a great place to visit! Posted: 9:08 pm on November 5th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, looks like a great place to shop! You are definately the JMS roving reporter! Great post!

Lani Posted: 8:43 pm on November 5th
alicemom writes: I love this post! You are so good with your pictures. My fav's are the funnel planters! Thanks Kathy!!!
Smiles, alice Posted: 8:38 pm on November 5th
suewannabeinkc writes: Thanks for all the great pics! I see MANY things that I'd love to have (long funnels, chicken condo, glass block window, and the sunflowers!) - if only this were closer! *SIGH* Why is it that the junk in OTHER states/cities is more appealing than our own??? Like I need any more of it anyway... (Of course I do!)
Have fun,
Joanne Posted: 6:45 pm on November 5th
MimiToria writes: Hey Kathy - thanks for sharing such a wonderful post hi-liting your new friends. Only junkers are this generous! Love how they re purpose so much junk and curb side finds into such great treasures. The funnel planters are a hoot and ingenius use of junk. Cool place.
Posted: 5:46 pm on November 5th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Kathy,
Thanks for sharing your pictures of this great store with us.....I love seeing glimpses of people`s stores and booths. I spy a ton of great ideas in these pictures!!! Thanks for the inspiration Jan, Duane & Kathy!!
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 11:21 am on November 5th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: KATHY,
What a cute display.Lady you have alot of talent.
I love the chicken nest display. Gathered many of eggs out of them when I was on the Farm. THANK'S FOR SHARING.ROBERT. Posted: 11:06 am on November 5th
RustyDiva writes: Oh Kathy, I LOVE this store!!!!! It brought a tear to my eye to see all the beautiful displays, vignettes and wonderful junk. Silly how junk can make me cry ~ or maybe it's hormones ~ naw, it's junk!!!! If I lived anywhere in the vicinity, I would be at that place all the time!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Kenda Posted: 10:51 am on November 5th
chippingcharm writes: Tons of fun...I especially love all the metal planters! Laurel Posted: 10:40 am on November 5th
grannijo writes: What a neat place!..lots of good ideas...I have a niece that lives in Bryan OH..will have to take a trip to visit her...thanks Kathy for sharing that wonder trip and so glad you have made a new "junkin" friend!....aren't they great?...sharon Posted: 9:09 am on November 5th
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