Trick or Treat...Mwah ah ah!!

October 21st, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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The bewitching hour is upon us!
All of the party goers look like they are getting along spooktacularly well.
This cream seperater was just begging to be a cauldron. Its patina, shape, and spooky spout scream Halloween.
More goodies from the haunted hall closet. A three legged castor and a golf trophy join forces to become an industrial spider who is about to grow full head of steam.
Oooo, baby look at the finish on this three legged creature!
Cup of brew anyone? This one willl put some hair on your chest! Can you tell Im digging the special effects?
Alright, I admit it ....I was having a little fun with this project. Dry ice fascinates me. The whole idea was to make it appear as though a potion of great green globs of greasy, grimey gopher guts, mariated monkey meat, and french fried eyballs swimming in a pool of blood was spilling from the cauldron into the cup below. Dont forget your straw!! I know what youre thinking...for such a Halloween hum bugger i sure do know the words to all of the songs.
Instead of candy at kids parties I always opted for somthing a little healthier, caramel apples. These apples felt like coming in cognito to the party so they replaced their sticks with scissors. It makes them a cut above above the rest! Mason jar lids make perfect stands for the apples.
It would not be a Halloween party without a couple of grungy clocks striking midnight.
A Halloween tablescape would not be complete without dead flowers and dried leaves.
Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! This is one boney looking ghost tied on to the cauldron.
Another view. The cream seperater is perfect for serving up the popcorn balls. And there you have it folks. Happy Halloween to all and to all a creepily good night!
The bewitching hour is upon us!

The bewitching hour is upon us!

OK, I'm going right out on a limb here and admitting to something that may be unpopular. I'm not a big fan of H - A Double L - W - Double E - N...Halloween. Please do not hold this against me! Although I do not enjoy costumes, kids on candy, and/or cinematic dung like Friday the 13th I did raise children and they LOVED the holiday. So every October I brushed off the cobwebs and came up with something that would make all of us happy. I call it sophisticated spook.

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Comments (23)

CottageElements writes: Sue, you had way too much fun on this one!!! You could have fooled me you didn't like Halloween! Wowzers, girl!

Lani Posted: 11:20 pm on October 27th
DownHomeDIY writes: Whoa! Loving the specials effects. You just kicked it up a notch or two. How sweet it is.
~MB Posted: 7:00 am on October 24th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: I'm pretty sure I've heard you laugh like that before. What were you up to...? could have been any number of things, but I'm not quite sure. As Ron would say, "I have a good memory, but it's short." Aahahaha!

Love that little bone of a ghost, you clever little goblin, you!! :)


Posted: 11:51 pm on October 23rd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Boy do I want to trick or treat at your house...even if you don't want anyone to come a'knocking. ;) You are hilarious using dry ice. I've seen a sign for it in a store window nearby and have always been intrigued. Leave it to you to go for the gustow!

Now toss one of those popcorn balls in my, I mean, TRICK OR TREAT! I am loving your Halloween Junk Style.
cANdy aLLeN Posted: 10:40 pm on October 22nd
JunkArchitect writes:
I think you like Halloween more than you realize because you’ve put together one great display…love the special effects.

Posted: 9:34 am on October 22nd
Grasshopper22 writes: What a fantastic imagination you your spooky story of the brew that comes out of the cauldron!! I am a true lover of most favorite of all holidays. Every year I try to come up with an unique costume that I purchase at Thrift Stores...this year I found a really cool vintage red velour dress with gold beads around the waste. Well it screamed "Queen" to a second hand wig and a crown of course. :) Posted: 9:07 am on October 22nd
shabbychick writes: Well did a pretty darned good job on your Falloween display - and special effects too - gotta love 'em! The cream separator is a very cool piece AND you know the clocks caught my eye (we've got them coming out of our ears right now...but still love 'em). :)

Happy, happy!


Posted: 9:01 am on October 22nd
upyourattic writes: Great display and I love the clocks! Very interesting!

Halloween is fast becoming the most decorated holiday - I'm starting to believe it and have got my whole downstairs ready! I personally cannot wait for the Trick or Treaters! They're tooooo cute!

Love your display and it can stay up all fall! Another plus!

Patti Posted: 10:39 pm on October 21st
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
Nothing surpries me what you can do. You are one special Lady. What a display, you are truly awesome. What a amagination you have and a special gift that God has blessed you with. You have a blessed evening. Robert. Posted: 10:00 pm on October 21st
shaggymom writes: You really can make something out of things that don't even relate. Very clever and original. Posted: 8:39 pm on October 21st
Junkinbellachris writes: I love it!! It's the texture! Posted: 8:29 pm on October 21st
oldnews writes: WOW. Just WOW. Marie :) Posted: 8:26 pm on October 21st
alicemom writes: Boo to you Sue, Your display is another FAB-O job! I know just how you feel about All Hallow's Eve!
smiles, alice Posted: 7:42 pm on October 21st
langi writes: Well, you outdid yourself for a holiday that is your least fave. Just let the imagination steep in that cauldron for a day or so. Posted: 7:10 pm on October 21st
MimiToria writes: Oh, Sue, I do love you! You bring me into a laughter when nothing else does. Incredibly entertaining post my friend.
And this is my kind of display. Too cool!
Gretchen Posted: 6:26 pm on October 21st
RustyDiva writes: From someone who LOVES Halloween ~ you did an awesome job! Not too spooky but just spooky enough. Even though I love all the make-believe and dress up ~ I don't like the scary movies either.(except for classic Frankestein, Vampires, Mummies and Werewolves etc) Happy Halloween!!!!!! Posted: 4:19 pm on October 21st
Junkpony writes: If you do this for a holiday you're not crazy about, I can't wait to see what you create next for the holidays you do like! Posted: 4:07 pm on October 21st
DecRenew writes: Love it! Posted: 3:44 pm on October 21st
suewannabeinkc writes: Your display is fabulous! Are you sure you don't secretly love Halloween, just a little bit? I'm not fond of the whole T or T thing myself. We've had teens (and sometimes adults) come to the door in street clothes who just hold open a pillowcase and stare at us. I always make them dance or s ing, or something - sort of a trick for a treat!
Happy Holiday before Christmas!
Joanne Posted: 3:18 pm on October 21st
SnowmanHill writes: Sue - Great display, I just love all of it! It makes me want to jump on my broom and fly down for some "treats". Thanks for sharing. Happy Halloween! Posted: 2:27 pm on October 21st
monakent writes: CUT.....IT......OUT!!!!! What a BOO-tifully, wonderful idea with the scissors and carmel apples!!! The look is ultra cool. LOVE the other decorations. OOOOoooooooo, everything together, makes one heck of a "scary" tableau. I'd like everything at MY house though....everything that is, except the bone (a little too scary for me). Signed, Witch Hazel (better know as: gailmarie)
Posted: 12:46 pm on October 21st
fellowjunker writes: Wow Sue....what a great combination of cool junk items to create this totally SPOOK-tacular display.
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 12:03 pm on October 21st
thehillbillies writes: Sue- It's a great display for someone who doesn't care for the holiday! Dry ice is so fun! I love the cream separator... will have to see if I can dig one up in my dad's old milk barn! Thanks for another inspirational display! Posted: 10:07 am on October 21st
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