Trick or Treat

October 17th, 2009 in blog, member junk     
JunkArchitect Jim Healy, editor
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Frightfully good times with a wicked bunch of Halloween junk.

Creepy looking cat

Here’s what started the entire project…a skirt hanger.

I went CRAZY when I spotted this box in the attic FILLED with vintage metal letters and numbers…who wouldn’t!

I almost got booted out of the estate sale for rifling through a crawl space that I GUESS  was off limits. But not before I grabbed all this cool Halloween stuff!
More crawl space loot.
Yep...even more loot. 
Penetrating liquid tool…what the?!



Photo: Jim Healy JunkArchitect (Copyright 2009)

Here’s a creepy  project that was brewed up by combining vintage Halloween memorabilia with some estate sale treasures. What happens next is a frightening creation that will be lurking on the front door Halloween night…Boo!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Jim Healy JunkArchitect (Copyright 2009)
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Comments (29)

capawajunker writes: What a fun door decor and you didn't even have to go out and buy anything! What a great treasure trove you found! Love Halloween so this is right up my alley.
Posted: 8:38 pm on November 15th
emw1203 writes: I never would have thought of that use for those skirt hangers, really clever. You did a simple yet festive Halloween art. Good job!!!! Posted: 1:37 pm on November 3rd
Cali_Junk writes: I just love Halloween and this is certainly a very creative display. Linda
Posted: 2:16 pm on October 20th
CottageElements writes: Jim, this looks like a Simple Monday Project! It's fun to see you doing something without a lot of work (though I LOVE all your projects). And to think those letters were just sitting in the attic! They're very cool. Can we all come to your house for Trick or Treating??? LOL!!!!

Lani Posted: 10:51 am on October 20th
DesignTurnpike writes: The letters are a huge score! Nice work as always :) Posted: 10:47 am on October 20th
shabbychick writes: Jim...JOB WELL DONE - my junking friend!!! I'm so proud of you digging into that crawlspace - I would have done the same thing (never mind a little dust and some spiders - or being off limits...ha ha!)!

Great display for the season! Fun vintage stuff...

And those letters (congrats!)...there could have been a scuffle over those for sure - definitely a crowd fav!!!

Good luck on your next expedition!!


Posted: 9:00 am on October 20th
RustyDiva writes: This is cool. Awesome graphics and what a fun piece to make. I'm sooooooooooo jealous over the letters/numbers. You scored big on those! Posted: 1:34 am on October 20th
monakent writes: Hey Birthday Boy~
I can just imagine you sneaking into a crawl space, in search of forbidden treasures!!! Lucky for us all, your hunt paid off. Love the Halloween pcs. They bring back memories for Grama had the same cat and skeleton she displayed in her classrooms over the many years of teaching (way back when)!!!

Sorry to say, I got rid of my skirt hangers years ago. I had one exactly like the one you showed (red rubber pcs and all).

The box of letters and numbers was a SUPER good find, I must say. Did you do the "happy dance" when you saw them??? gailmarie Posted: 12:19 am on October 19th
JunkArchitect writes:
Thanks everyone for the happy birthday wishes and all the nice comments on the Halloween piece.

Posted: 8:40 pm on October 18th
SnowmanHill writes: Awesome display, as usual! Halloween is my favorite holiday, love everything about it. I would have pushed you out of the way to get into the crawl space after the Halloween goodies, I never find any Halloween treasures. Happy belated birthday!
dana Posted: 7:38 pm on October 18th
shaggymom writes: Now that took a lot of thought and creativity. Good show. Posted: 3:32 pm on October 18th
racers7 writes: I'm psyched! I would have taken the box of numbers and ran out the house...super cool. Hey, I might need some of the liquid tool for my knees, they're rusty and squeak! Hahhaha! Posted: 12:02 pm on October 18th
RichManJunkMan writes: "You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah"

JA, you've done it again, and ever so simply. Brilliant use of the skirt hanger here. Great composition of vintage elements. You don't see this every day. That "Boo" really scares me!
Posted: 11:11 am on October 18th
jacklynn4 writes: Please show us a full length photo when it's up and on display! Great idea with the skirt hanger! Numbers/ scored, kudos!! Posted: 9:06 am on October 18th
Grasshopper22 writes: Don't you just love Halloween...great job and I love the green door background...suits the display perfectly!!! Posted: 8:44 am on October 18th
oldnews writes: HA! Would have loved to see how you talked your way out of that, especially since you were caught red handed! Hilarious! I really LOVE the box of letters though, and it would have been worth a trip to the "big house"! Marie Posted: 7:12 am on October 18th
piecesofthepast writes: I have but one simple question: HOW DO YOU GET SO LUCKY??? Posted: 10:05 pm on October 17th
DownHomeDIY writes: See Jim, you have nothing to worry about...You've still got even though you are now 50! ;-)
Posted: 8:00 pm on October 17th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: You are a funny one, Mr. Jim! Loved reading your post as much as I enjoyed viewing your project. Vintage holiday goods are awesome but I think the way you put them together made them simply spook-tacular!! Nice going!
Love that green wood too.
Candy Posted: 7:36 pm on October 17th
upyourattic writes: Jim, You've got some wonderful vintage Halloween decorations there - some Beistle die-cuts and some great noisemakers, also, I think! Check them out on ebay and you'd be surprised what they go for now! Your little hanging could be worth a haunting sum!!

I've got the same hanger and was just fiddling around with some of my die-cuts and skeleton hanging things and voila! Here you were and I'm off now to do just that with mine!

Thanks so much!

Patti Posted: 6:28 pm on October 17th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Love the simplicity of this project! No hammering, gluing, screwing, or cutting! Fun mix of materials!!


Posted: 5:07 pm on October 17th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY JIM
I'm not that much on halloween but I sure like what you did with this project. Some of the ladies are shocked what you can do.Jim you have a special talent. You have a blessed day. Robert. Posted: 4:06 pm on October 17th
BoneDustCowgirl writes: I had the pumpkin, black cat, and skeleton when I was child! Thanks for the memories!!! Love it :) Posted: 2:40 pm on October 17th
georgiamoon writes: Jim, I'll bet you would be the first and only person I know that would be hauled to jail in handcuffs for rifling through some crawl space to get HALLOWEEN decorations!!! You. Crack. Me. UP. Anyway since you aren't serving time in jail for this fabulous stuff, you made good use of them in this great project to hang on your door. I love how enthusiastic you are about the come up with the most fantastic displays! Keep yourself out of trouble, OK? Love, Georgia Posted: 2:20 pm on October 17th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Jim,
Wow....what great finds and you have combined them all into another JunkArchitect MASTERPIECE!!!!!
Happy day.
xojanis Posted: 12:29 pm on October 17th
suewhitney writes: Oh you make me laugh with your witty commentary! What the? Very spooky cool birthday boy! hope you enjoyed your big day, yesterday...

be Well,
Sue Posted: 12:21 pm on October 17th
berton718 writes: Jim,
Very creative as usual!! I Love the letters and numbers. Also Happy Belated Birthday fellow Libran!! Posted: 12:10 pm on October 17th
itsnotjunk2me writes: I remember those paper jack-o-lanterns from my childhood as well as that skirt hanger!
The metal vintage letters & numbers are to die for. I'm sure we can all relate to going crazy over those!
That is what's so great about this website- we can cheer for our fellow junkers when they find such awesome stuff! Hurray!
~judi ;) Posted: 11:41 am on October 17th
alicemom writes: Jim,
Glad you got the goods before you were expelled!
great display as always from you.
smiles, alice Posted: 11:25 am on October 17th
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