Springfield Extravaganza - some of our stuff...Part III

October 3rd, 2009 in blog     
shabbychick Kathy Stantz, contributor
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Just for fun (and a little decoration)...vintage magazine advertisements (some of them are so funny!)  (mounted on posterboard), and hung on the metal table top with magnets that we decorated with keys, knobs, etc...
Heres a wonderful collage that Terri made - so many interesting bits and pieces!
Yep - one of our wire cloches with some more silver of course!
These are some of the necklaces Terri makes - with both old and new components - lots of awesome vintage buttons.
Heres a print we picked up at a garage sale I think.  Anyway, we embellished her (we love doing that)  with old lace, buttons, some sparkle, and stuff...  We named her Rosa.
Here she is up close - we even added a necklace - every girl loves a little bling!
Heres a collage I made out of a little wooden drawer.  The theme is New York City - with some great little elements, the small cast iron Statue of Liberty, the playing card, the model in front of the bright lights, the little red apple (for the BIG apple), the crystal ball (for the ball that drops on New Years Eve), etc...  This was a fun one to do.
Heres a close up - some Scrabble pieces, and two wooden game/bingo pieces in memory of 9/11 up in the corner.
Here are two of Terris embellished hand mirrors - lots of bling with vintage jewelry.  These are super sweet! (and always a favorite)
And, here are the lamps I embellished (theres that word again) with antique lace, buttons, and some crystal for - yep,  you guessed it - some bling!
A paperweight - I filled with old white and mother-of-pearl buttons (I really loved this one)
A whimsical collage I made.
Just for fun (and a little decoration)...vintage magazine advertisements (some of them are so funny!)  (mounted on posterboard), and hung on the metal table top with magnets that we decorated with keys, knobs, etc...

Just for fun (and a little decoration)...vintage magazine advertisements (some of them are so funny!)  (mounted on posterboard), and hung on the metal table top with magnets that we decorated with keys, knobs, etc...

Ok - this is it!  Some of our projects that we made to sell at Extravaganza. 

Now to start planning for the next show...




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littleluxuries writes: I love this! Did you reuse an old paperweight or was this a new one. I am always looking for paperweights to make or remake but I haven't been able to find any great bases. Yours is really pretty. Also the ones I have used you can only put flat objects (mainly paper ) in them. You obviously had room to add dimension...Stacy Posted: 11:20 pm on October 18th
BraytonHomestead writes: really wonderful items, love them all. Crazy for the button paperweight -genious!

Karen Posted: 12:16 am on October 13th
shabbychick writes: jnkldy1 - yep - Rosa is still for sale - but she's packed in our trailer right now...if you're interested you can email me through my blog at www.sylviasdaughter.blogspot.com

Thanks, Kathy

P.S. Welcome to JUNKMARKET Style! Posted: 3:14 pm on October 8th
junkldy1 writes: Is Rosa still for sale?? I love her Posted: 9:47 am on October 8th
shabbychick writes: OK - I guess I'll "have" to start scheduling at least a small get-together for sure!

1. Candy is scheduled to be our next door neighbor - her first time as a vendor at Springfield - I'm SO excited!! (And, Candy - hope to see you at Scott's...let's talk!)

2. LuAnn - Springfield Extravaganza will be the 3rd weekend of May...

3. Lani - we may need to get some rooms reserved!

4. Jim - it's closer than Minnesota...does that help? :)

5. Suewannabeinkc - yep - we're in Ohio - here's the website: http://www.springfieldantiqueshow.com/

6. I better start putting together a mailing list - and we can start thinking about our little Buckeye JUNK party!

And thanks all for your nice comments about our projects - I've started to work on some new "junk" for our November show (it really never ends...thank goodness!!)


P.S. Janis - Terri has collaged for a while, and I just started (I made three new ones over the weekend) - they're so much fun. Posted: 11:01 am on October 5th
suewannabeinkc writes: I will have to come to next year's sale. Your pieces are beautiful! Hmm... how far is Springfield from Kansas City? (Ohio, right?)
It's amazing what can be done with bits and pieces many of us already have laying around. Great details and thanks for inspiring us all!
Joanne Posted: 10:14 am on October 5th
JunkArchitect writes:
Kathy, it’s a good thing you’re so good at documenting your junk adventures. So far the closest one of your sales has been to Connecticut is 700 miles away. Too far for a weekend drive.

Posted: 9:51 am on October 5th
CottageElements writes: Kathy, we definitely need to do a members get-together in the spring, dontcha think? Great series of posts. Feels like we were almost there with ya! Love the paperweight, too! The buttons were a perfect fit for it. Thanks again!

Lani Posted: 9:40 am on October 5th
fellowjunker writes: Wow Kathy!!!!...I'm sooo impressed with all your and Terri's projects. Love what you did with the magazine ads. I didn't know you were into collaging as well.....so sweet!!
Love everything.
Oh yes....and the hand mirrors??---to die for!!! Posted: 10:15 pm on October 3rd
LuAnn writes: Kathy:

You and Terri definitely have the knack. Your items are great. I'll have to mark my calendar for next year (when is it?). Will try to make it--daugthter getting married May 21st and will be booked till then. Hopefully soon though!!

LuAnn Posted: 6:32 pm on October 3rd
Junk_Sophisticate writes: I too love the button paperweight! You could put all kinds of trinkets under there...but I love the white and cream buttons.

Midge - Definitely mark your calendar for the spring show! I've confirmed with Kathy that I'll be there as well and it would be great fun to have a junker gathering!

Kathy - I just may see you at Scott's! We've chosen to stay in Columbus during Thanksgiving (Wed-Fri) at a waterpark down there. Going to COSI on Friday but I'm going to try to schedule a few hours at Scott's! Fingers crossed!

Great post again, Kathy.
Candy Posted: 6:03 pm on October 3rd
shabbychick writes: Thanks ladies! Midge - glad you've got your calendar marked - looking forward to your visit! Maybe we'll have to have a bit of a "junk potluck"!

Kim - I bought this old paperweight (empty) at an estate sale - and added the buttons, cut a circle out of a piece of a vinyl wallcovering sample that I got from work, and glued it to the bottom. The paperweights are cool because they magnify the contents. Gretchen gave me the idea of using them and I decided to do buttons in this one - I think she had done some for an occasional sale. Hoping to find more...

Kathy Posted: 4:41 pm on October 3rd
WhitePineLane writes: Kathy--
Such gorgeous stuff! My favorite is the buttons in the paperweight. Did you re-make an old paperweight, or can you buy empty ones? Love it!
Kim Posted: 4:13 pm on October 3rd
byabpryor writes: Such great creations. I love each one... love the stories that came along with each..... a wonderful presentation! Posted: 12:53 pm on October 3rd
junkermidge writes: Another great post, Kathy. Love all the pictures from the Extravaganza. Your collages are really cool. I've already marked my calendar for the spring show. I hope I'll be able to make it and it'd be really cool if some other JMS junkers showed up.
Midge Posted: 12:22 pm on October 3rd
alicemom writes: Oh Kathy, I Absolutely love your posts! I really feel I am there with you and Terri!
smiles, alice Posted: 11:45 am on October 3rd
Grasshopper22 writes: You guys are really super talented...love your projects!! Posted: 11:07 am on October 3rd
shabbychick writes: Thanks! We have too much fun (if that's possible) with all of our "stuff"!

My fingers are crossed too - hoping for a caravan of members at Springfield in the spring! :) We'll be at the Scott Antique Show in Columbus, Ohio on Thanksgiving weekend - if anyone's nearby!

Hope you're having a great weekend - leaving now to check out a couple garage sales (the season is winding down...darn...!).

Kathy Posted: 10:34 am on October 3rd
suewhitney writes: You my girl, are quite the roving reporter! Thanks so much for all of these wonderful posts from the Extravaganza. Your stuff looks awesome. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to come in the spring!!

Be Well,
Sue Posted: 10:25 am on October 3rd
grannijo writes: Kathy...I know I am going to Springfield in the spring just to look you up!!!!...these things are soooo neat!!!...love you and Terri's work...see you in the spring!!!...thanks for sharoing...sharon Posted: 10:23 am on October 3rd
oldnews writes: GEORGOUS stuff! Wow, you are a very talented group! I love the beautiful little hand mirrors and the print of "Rosa" - What a transformation! Thanks for sharing your amazing creations, I SO wish I could have been there!! Amazing work! Marie Posted: 10:21 am on October 3rd
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