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September 25th, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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My old standby the doorknob really helped me out on this challenge. Thank goodness for doorknobs! TeHe!
My cast of characters include the light fixture star, a pair of doorknobs, an about the house frame, leftover brushed nickel spray paint, and some Gorilla Epoxy. The other stuff you see in this photo....I didnt need them! Things dont always turn out the way you planned!
The finished poject before hanging.
I spray painted the light fixture, the frame, and the door knobs. A couple coats is all you need.
The girls in China. I whipped out my pocket sized HP printer and printed this picture with an antique look. I used cardboard from a box to back the frame.
Enter the Gorilla Epoxy. Mix it up according to directions and put some where appropriate on each of the knobs.
Drop the knobs in where the light bulbs once resided.
This gives the sockets a clean and finished look. Once again, I chose to go with all one color making this piece look as if this was the way it was always intended to be.
Now heres the nifty part. The frame slips right in between the two would be candle holders. Its a very snug fit so need for help from outside sources to make it stay put.
All hung up neat and tidy like. My work here is done.
My old standby the doorknob really helped me out on this challenge. Thank goodness for doorknobs! TeHe!

My old standby the doorknob really helped me out on this challenge. Thank goodness for doorknobs! TeHe!

I have to admit that I have seen these light fixtures by the dozens and have chosen not to pick them up. Why?? They're just not my type. I go for tall, dark and handsome! Ah,hahaha! But, you know what they say...don't judge a book by their chalky, white paint and frilly front cover. This piece is such an obvious candle holder that I really needed to erase that from my mind beore I coud move on. A walk around my house, a cruise through my garage, an ill-fated trip to the craft store, and finally I was settled on the idea. So here she blows!

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junkinator writes: This is so pretty! I'm amazed at the creativity I've seen on JMS. Thank you for the welcome--I feel like a long-lost child who just found her real family--every one looks like me!
Anita Posted: 8:41 pm on October 1st
roadtriplouise writes: Love the frame. Posted: 7:37 pm on October 1st
BraytonHomestead writes: Thank you so much Sue for commenting on my 1st post!

I am very excited to be here. At the risk of sounding like a groupie I am such a huge fan of your work. Always loved junk but you put it on the map.
Thank you SI MUCH for your kind words..

The picture frame is so cool!

Karen Posted: 1:26 pm on September 30th
junkermidge writes: You're right, I've seen these before and they're ALWAYS used as candleholders. Your transformation is BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT! (literally and conceptually!) Way to go! You're a junk guru.
Midge Posted: 10:13 am on September 30th
frstyfrolk writes: Another fun piece from this and that put together for a fabulous new trio of elements! Smiles, Cyndi Posted: 11:35 pm on September 29th
Detrian writes: I have one of those in my garage somewhere, I was going to rewire it and actually hang it in my powder room, but I like your idea much better.........hmmmm, rethinking in progress.... Posted: 7:05 pm on September 29th
MimiToria writes: Wow Sue, this is so very unique. I too would of stopped with the candle holder idea we've all seen dozens of times, but not you. This is such a creative and wonderful way to re purpose this piece. Elizabeths photo is awesome in the frame and the details of the frame just are so perfect with the detailing of the light fixture and the paint just pulls it all together. Awesome!
Gretchen Posted: 9:56 am on September 28th
DownHomeDIY writes: I love all the layers and how it all came together. It does look like this is how it was always meant to be. Amazing!
Posted: 7:46 pm on September 25th
shabbychick writes: Challenge #1,325 or so it feels like, right?? They just keep coming and you keep pulling another awesome project out of your "challenge" hat!!

Your vintage frame is very cool - and I love your choice of paint color too. The door knobs really finish it off!

Keep up the good work! And good luck in Philly!

Kathy Posted: 7:00 pm on September 25th
irishrovr writes:
Ha! I probably would have been stuck on candleholders, too! This is GREAT, Sue!!

Eileen Posted: 6:30 pm on September 25th
JunkArchitect writes:
Sue, what a great repurpose and the color is perfect. You pulled off another tough challenge project.

Posted: 5:28 pm on September 25th
CottageElements writes: Looks great, Sue! I would have come up with the most common repurpose, a candle holder. Of course you think out of the box! I love that you painted it nickel, too. Gives it a little modern edge to it. You did super duper on another challenge!

Lani Posted: 4:16 pm on September 25th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: You are just plain KILLER, Sue! I tried and tried to come up with a junk piece that was so not you, and you STILL came up with something totally cool and beautiful!

Good thing I kept one of these for myself. Now I know what to do with it! ;)

Candy Posted: 1:48 pm on September 25th
suewhitney writes: Don't get me wrong Janis...they make beautiful candle holders! Particularly with three of them running down the center of a dining table and flowers surrounding the candles. I've just seen it done before so had to come up with something new. I'm also thinking they would make fabu floral containers and a nifty serving dish. Show those later! Posted: 11:08 am on September 25th
fellowjunker writes: Gosh, you NEVER cease to AMAZE me........this is gorgeous!!! How inventive....I bought one of these the other day to turn it into a guessed it..........candle holder!!??!! But now I am re-thinking that!!!
Happy day Sue.
xojanis Posted: 11:00 am on September 25th
suewhitney writes: Those darn husbands!! Deep breaths, Gailmarie...they'll get you through day. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! Off to Philly now to see if JMS can raise a bunch of money for charity with the wine bottle chandelier....

Have a great weekend!!
Sue Posted: 10:42 am on September 25th
monakent writes: Sorry, my husband interrupted me when I was trying to write my comments (below), so I didn't get the chance to proofread..... what I MEANT was: "Only you, Sue, could think of THIS and make it work!!! ...... (oh, it's going to be a long day!!!!) :o) gailmarie
Posted: 10:29 am on September 25th
monakent writes: Only you, Sue, could think of think and make it work!!! gailmarie
Posted: 10:05 am on September 25th
alicemom writes: WOW!!! Love this piece. BIG KUDOS!!!
smiles, alice Posted: 9:54 am on September 25th
RustyDiva writes: Awesome transformation Sue! Posted: 9:41 am on September 25th
byabpryor writes: I'm amazed.. wow.. simply stunning!

Ang Posted: 8:45 am on September 25th
grannijo writes: Sue...what a beautiful...beautiful piece~... I love it!!!..thanks for sharing!!!....sharon Posted: 8:01 am on September 25th
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