what to do with cute old purses, flowers, and ribbon

September 23rd, 2009 in member junk     
creativejunquer creativejunquer, member
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I found these cute purses at my Favorite thrift store. and new I had to pretty them up for my booth in fall colors.

in the picture you can see my table I made from an old window. and My couch that I got off of graigs list for $60.00. has avyone painted thier couch frame? what color, and how did you do it........ Thinking of a white frame with some browns,pinks and teal for fabric painting?

thanks for looking and any info on couch painting. Iam still having trouble with pics but just get the ones on that I can....thinking it is my computer.....:( ohno.

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creativejunquer writes: Thank you all for the fabric painting info. maybe a project for this winter.
Robin Posted: 9:38 am on September 25th
greencolleen writes: i know you can paint a sofa,craft paints with additive for fabric cannt recall the name tho. i would prob do the whole thing in an off white add color with pillows so if you got tired of it would be easier to change.i would crackle the wood or paint it a cream and sand off some umber over the top. the purse idea is really good. like the gift bag thing ;) please post pics of piece after we are a curious bunch ;) Posted: 11:15 am on September 24th
suewhitney writes: Very whimsical...love them. Thanks Alicemom for the great fabric painting tips....an area I am not very well versed in. Maybe it's because I really shouldn't be painting artistically at all. Ha! Great Job, Creativejunquer!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 8:47 am on September 24th
alicemom writes: OK here goes. I hand drew and hand painted children’s and adult clothes for 10 years.(Retired)I have not painted a couch. I think you will have to make sure there are no stains (could look like greasy mess) or scotch guard finish. The fabric paint I used was Deka Permanent Fabric Paint. The other brand is Pearl all surface ultimate paint. This one you have to water down quite a bit. If you don’t it gets stiff. Hope this helps and good luck.
Smiles, alice
Posted: 11:07 pm on September 23rd
fellowjunker writes: Great idea....I likey!! Lani told me that she sometimes uses old purses as gift bags, and I thought that was a great idea as well.....I think it was Lani that told me.....I'm pretty sure it was!!??!!
xojanis Posted: 11:41 am on September 23rd
RustyDiva writes: Great idea with the purses! Never painted a couch before ~ sorry but good luck. I'm sure you will get lot's of ideas from others soon. Posted: 11:16 am on September 23rd
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