what it is, what it is ..

August 30th, 2009 in member junk     
TroyRash TroyRash, member
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any ideas on what this might be?

any ideas on what this might be?

posted this on my blog and thought i would share with ya'll - found little piece of metal and wire on a morning walk some time ago and held onto it - thought it would make an interesting 'layer' in a collage project - took me a moment to realize what it was, but i had the benefit of feeling, touching it - but would like to see what ya'll think it might be - i will post what it actually is on wed - of course, someone may guess long before that.. laterz, troy


Pattern or design used: My own design - troy rash
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TroyRash writes: sorry guyz - life got in the way - lol! yes, mysecondchildhood is correct - as is oldnews - it was the top to a vintage Christmas ornament - i thought it was very interesting .. sorry to make you wait - but they would make wonderful 'faerie angels' wouldn't they?

thanks for playing -

love, troy
Posted: 4:37 pm on September 2nd
suewannabeinkc writes: Or... could it be some sort of thin gear or wheel that has been flattened (run over by a car?) Maybe a pinwheel? I wish I knew how big it was, that may help. The circle part at the top looks original.. Could it be some sort of clip to hold the rest of it to car? I'm dying to know now! It's Wednesday, when are you going to tell us???? :-) Posted: 1:16 pm on September 2nd
oldnews writes: Umm, yes, that's exactly what I meant - a top to a Christmas tree ornament!!! :) Marie Posted: 7:26 pm on August 31st
mysecondchildhood writes: I think that it is the top from a Christmas ornament? Posted: 2:36 pm on August 31st
shabbychick writes: No idea here...but it definitely has an angelic "look" to it! (or fairy)

Looking forward to the new life you'll give to it! :)


Marie - too funny! - but I think we all understand - so, you're not alone!!! :) Posted: 11:35 am on August 31st
RustyDiva writes: Hey Marie ~ I understand what your saying. We all speak "junkerese". I agree that it looks like an angel. Can't wait to see what it becomes! Posted: 11:05 am on August 31st
TroyRash writes: yes, i thought angel also - then i thought something left behind by a faerie - or a dragonfly - actually, i convinced myself i had found proof of faeries - lol! Posted: 9:53 am on August 31st
oldnews writes: It pays to look down when you're walking! This is really cool, and Joanne is right, it does look like an angel now. I really have no idea what it is, but it looks kinda like those pins that you squeeze together and put in something and then becomes a loop to connect one thing to something else. OK, that makes very little sense, even to me so I"ll stop now before I completely convince everyone out there that I'm a complete idiot! I will just quietly wait with everyone else until Wednesday!! Marie :) Posted: 9:45 am on August 31st
suewhitney writes: Ya got me!! Sure is beautiful though and would love to know what it was!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 8:54 am on August 31st
suewannabeinkc writes: I have no idea what it WAS (though I feel like I should), but it looks an angel now.
Can't wait to find out!
Joanne Posted: 11:39 pm on August 30th
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