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suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Can anyone say Zooloo time? Heres a little goodie I nabbed along the junking road. Awesome!! It is a military clock from a base that is no longer in existence. This will be right at home at my home base.
The bootie!! Unpacking the car when you get home is almost as much fun as shopping. Take a look at the theme I have going here. I never really plan it out this way, but it always seems like at the end of a shopping trip all of my purchases have something in common. Go figure!
My first buy of the weekend came from Amys Junkologie booth. I didnt stop there! How cool is this?! I had to snach it up before Lani saw it because. as we all know she collects 7s. Oh well, all is fair in love and junking!
I saw this out of the corner of my eye, stopped dead in my tracks, made an about face, and bought this. Mmm.mmm,mmm, delicious.  A front piece of a gas pump may seem like junk, but I know just what Im going to do with this treasure. Cant wait for the transformation to begin! Keep an eye out for it in the upcoming weeks.
In the meantime it will provide hours of fun as a photo op prop. Here is the adorable young couple I purchased it from. It was great to see not only young shoppers out and about at Oronoco, but new young vendors as well. This young man just recently opened his own shop in Madison, Wisconsin and I think its safe to say that junkers will uncover some very cool stuff at his new junk outlet.
Yummy, yummy fabrics! This vendor always has the leg up on textiles at Oronoco. They are a little pricey, but yardage employed carefully can go a long way. These tickings were to die for. What a selection of color! Next year you can find her right around the corner from the information booth.
Her barkcloth selection is also extensive. The two textiles mixed together are like peanut butter and chocolate. I consider vintage textiles to be a delightful junkers splurge!
Moving on down the road to Brian and Billys. Thes guys always have the goods. Much of their stuff is re-purposed and ready to go, but you can also find stuff in the rough. Their booth has a fabulous industrial feel and you know that will get me jazzed everytime. The base of this table is made from industrial car ramps. Love!
These hanging light fixtures from Brian and Billys were also very cool. Even though they are industrial I think they could play well in just about any decor. If you havent been bitten by the industrial bug yet, I highly recommend you throw a few key pieces into the mix at your home. Me thinks youll like the look!
This is what rolled in from Ohio via the Candy and Kathy mobile. Kathy knows I love me my scooters and this ones a dream. Its going to be rolling into the water closet next for a little bathroom re-purpose. This is not all the girls brought with them. They came bearing loads of gifts, including their Editors Challenge items, chocolates, and of course some inexpensive white wine. Candy apparently reads the posts very carefully. Too funny ladies. Thanks a bunch for the goodies and for putting up with me and my ways this weekend! You rock!
A day without an E is like a day without orange juice and sunshine. I also found this at Junkologie. Amy had oodles of groovy letters available for purchase...a junkers staple in my mind!
Ah,hahaha! Some things just strike my funny bone. My long time guy pal was in town this weekend and I purchased these in his honor. He resides in New York and always teases me about the number of blondes that call Minnesota home. I have no idea what these are, but I do know that they are hilarious. Who has more fun than a blonde junker?! I suspect I may have opened a can of worms here and will be hearing words of contest from my red headed and brunette junking friends! Let the battle begin...
Can anyone say Zooloo time? Heres a little goodie I nabbed along the junking road. Awesome!! It is a military clock from a base that is no longer in existence. This will be right at home at my home base.

Can anyone say Zooloo time? Here's a little goodie I nabbed along the junking road. Awesome!! It is a military clock from a base that is no longer in existence. This will be right at home at my home base.

You all know that Oronoco Gold Rush Days is one of my favorite junking hot spots and this year's event  was better than ever! I had the pleasure of shopping with JMS  contributors, Lani, Gretchen, Candy, Kathy, and Kimberly. We had a blast and a half! This year there was a new vendor to shop. Our very own Amy set up her first booth at Oronoco called Junkologie and it was, hands down the winner, winner, chicken dinner of the show! More on Junkologie, the camping affair, new friends, and old friends later, but for now...on with the show of the loot!

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DownHomeDIY writes: Please put the gas tank 1st on your list! I am dying to see what you do with that!

Awesome stuff!
~MB Posted: 6:18 pm on August 18th
chippingcharm writes: Wow, wow, wow...I love it sad I missed it! I did however make it to The French Flea Occcasional Sale...I (of course)found a few treasures there. Including another one of Gretchen's beautiful necklaces :)
Thanks for sharing Sue...I'm looking forward to hearing stories about a little wet(and loud)overnight adventure a "little birdie" told me about at her sale :) Laurel Posted: 8:09 am on August 18th
Grasshopper22 writes: What great finds...lucky you...I wish there was something like this where I such luck.

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Posted: 7:51 am on August 18th
junkntrunk writes: Sue! Thanks so much for letting us take a peek at your goodies! Hate that I missed out but maybe I can plan ahead of time for next year! Watch out! (smile) Love your finds! Posted: 3:26 am on August 18th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: sue,
I just got home and I feel so Blessed to be around so many Junkers. WoW what a time I cant wait until next year. And Its was so good to meet so many nice junkers. And that gas thing was a blast and all the good food and next year I want to bring some of my summer sausage that every one likes.You Gals are all precious.I cant believe how much fun it was and Sue you was awesome as usual enjoyed all the fun and Amy thanks to you and Ron for having us all there. LOVE AND BLESSINGS TO ALL. ROBERT. Posted: 12:51 am on August 18th
georgiamoon writes: Sue, WOW, with pictures like that you may have all 4697 of us Junkmarket members tagging along behind you next year. Fantastic stuff and I know y'all had some good food, right? Lots of fun? Lots of Laughs? I can't wait to hear a camping story...I'm already intrigued by the duck (chicken, mouse, bird) poop. Funny how this comes into play quite often when hanging with you. I'm just sayin'.

Fabulous junking haul my friend, AND you got to take it home!!! Georgia Posted: 9:45 pm on August 17th
junkermidge writes: What great finds! I'm drooling over the gas pump front, too. I'm with Jenny K., my first thought was really cool mirror, anxiouse to see what you come up with. But the clock is super cool, too. Never saw a military clock before. Love,love,love the industrial, cagey-looking light fixtures. Sounds like an all-around great time. I hope I can make it next year.
Midge Posted: 7:52 pm on August 17th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: Love all the finds! That clock is too yummy!! And the gas pump front is fabulous!! Seriously.

Wish I had had time to do some shopping myself!! Running a booth at a show like that is hard work, people!! We're planning on doing it again next year though!

I'll be posting my photos later this week!! :)

Amy Posted: 6:54 pm on August 17th
writes: Man-O-Man! I sure wish I could have been there. It's looks like you found yourselves some quality stuff! That gas pump front would make an AMAZING mirror frame :-)but my fav has to be that amazing clock. Wow.

So glad you all met together and had some FUN! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos!

JennyK Posted: 5:06 pm on August 17th
MimiToria writes: Awe Sue, what a blast you provided your entourage this past week. I had so much fun, but sure was glad to be home Saturday night, instead of Sunday morning like the rest of you gals. I was done in, and knew my limits. I used toothpicks to keep my eyes open driving home. lol
btw - this is Oronoco, Minnesota for the lady wondering about this event. In Minnesota we sure put up with bad weather and mosquitos, but than having an event like this makes it all worth while.
Loved the gas pump and it was awesome for the bloggers party for a photo prop. So much fun you provided with that purchase!
I was asked what my favorite thing at Oronoco was that was unusual and I told the people that it was a sofa table made out of rusty car ramps. Too funny that you photographed it too. Great minds think alike. Ha!
Missed out on the young couples booth, as well as the material lady. Bummer. I don't think I saw 60% of the show. There's always next year when we stay in the Airstream for Lani. ;-)
Last, but not least, I think the felt sign "Blondes Park Here" is because they need help knowing where to park, and the rest of us non-blonds can figure it out without being told. Ha! Just kidding! You said let the war begin. Posted: 3:50 pm on August 17th
shabbychick writes: jakiparrot - I've visited the Renninger's Antique Extravaganza in Mt. Dora (very cool/quaint little town) - and they have monthly shows, but the Extravaganzas are in February and November - over 1000 vendors. It's an awesome show!

Here's the link to the site:

I'm sure there are others as well.

Kathy Posted: 3:37 pm on August 17th
bubbasmom writes: Sounds like all of you had a great time.I love your finds Sue.Anxious to see what you do with the gas pump front myself.Show us what the rest of you came home with. All of the pictures I've seen of all you girls are great too.Would have loved being there.I give Candy and Kathy credit for driving that far.What a girl will do for Junk!! So neat ladies. Posted: 3:26 pm on August 17th
jakiparrot writes: Where is this place? anybody know of cool places like this in Florida? Posted: 3:13 pm on August 17th
retromantic writes: LOve all the great goodies and I have added ORonoco to my calendar for next year. I live near Madison Wi and would love to visit the young couple's shop. What's the name? kath Posted: 3:06 pm on August 17th
FunkyJunkSisters writes: Love all of your finds. Isn't it funny how there seems to be a theme to most junk trips? Sounds like you had a whole lot of fun, we want to hear more about camping and the airstream. We so bad want a vintage airstream, we have been looking for the perfect one for awhile now. Thanks for sharing!

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters Posted: 3:04 pm on August 17th
greencolleen writes: i think all junk ladies are are the same leval, but since blonds have gotten such a dumb rap in the past let the fun begin [by the way im a silver blond :)] my husband smart guy does not tell blond jokes too funny Posted: 1:55 pm on August 17th
JunkArchitect writes:

I WANT the gas pump cover! I know exactly what I’d do with it. I really wish my schedule had allowed me to attend the party because it sounds like you guys had the best time. Sue, there would have been an all-out flea market wrestling match for the gas pump. I’ve already done a little sketch of my idea for it…can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Posted: 1:39 pm on August 17th
shabbychick writes: Ah.....such sweet stuff!!! And you've definitely got the eye for finding it! Candy and I were so excited about being part of the fun - and we were not disappointed!!! (a little sleep deprived maybe...but oh well - there was definitely not a minute wasted!).

I loved those light fixtures too - I think it would look so cool out on a porch or patio (or an entry, etc., etc...)...what great lighting!!

And the gas pump front...well - I bet we see more of those photo opps (or oops!)!

You're right, it is definitely an awesome thing to see young junkers out there buying AND selling...great junk never grows old! (That doesn't mean we're considered old junkers does it??? I didn't think so!)

Thanks for sharing the pics Sue... We're looking forward to another camping trip (maybe Candy can "borrow" the Airstream!)...

Hugs, Kathy Posted: 1:22 pm on August 17th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Fantastic photos, Sue! I didn't realize that military clock was yours. Awesome! I believe everyone will be quite fond of the old gas pump front you found. It allowed for great fun photo opps!

ps - Lani, I'll fess up now. My parents actually DO own an Airstream in good condition. It sits along the side of their house and they use it for storage! LOTS of storage. lol. Oh, the life of a junker. Posted: 1:03 pm on August 17th
fellowjunker writes: Hi Sue,
I have been anxiously awaiting a post from Oronoco.........and I am salivating at all those GREAT finds. So glad you guys had such a blast, and I can't wait to see and hear more about it!!!!
Oh........and I can't wait to see what you have planned for that gas pump thing!!??!!
xojanis Posted: 12:59 pm on August 17th
CottageElements writes: Thanks for sharing your pics, Sue! I had a ton of fun in Oronoco, and can't wait 'til next year. Just make sure you line up an Airstream ahead of time! Ha! Actually camping wasn't so bad . . . just would've love to have had a lake without duck poop! LOL! You're the bestest!

Lani Posted: 12:47 pm on August 17th
RustyDiva writes: Love all things rusty and red Sue! You certainly hit the jackpot. I do agree that blonde junkers have more fun! :) Can't wait to see what you create with all those awesome finds ~ especially the gas pump front. I'm drooling over it! Posted: 12:26 pm on August 17th
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