My First Entry...Shabby Roses and Pedestal Plates

July 20th, 2009 in member junk     
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Handmade Sewing Pattern Tissue Roses
Vintage Plate Pedestals
Pink Pedestal
Shabby Plate Pedestal
Handmade Sewing Pattern Tissue Roses

Handmade Sewing Pattern Tissue Roses

This is my first project submission.  I absolutely adore this site and all the talent that is displayed here.  I see something new each time I visit! 

The roses displayed are handmade by me...once I made the first one I kind of got addicted!  Then I HAD to make a get the picture! The roses are made out of vintage sewing pattern tissue much fun to make.

All my best to you all...


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melindaf writes: what kind of glue do you use to do this project? I work in a Rummage Barn on weekends for a friend of mine and they have TONS of candlesticks and lonesome plates that need a new purpose!
Great projects and LOVE the paper roses too!!
Posted: 10:30 am on August 15th
mmaetighe writes: love love love the roses! Gorgeous :D Posted: 7:27 pm on September 24th
Collquest writes: Wish I could Still help me at
Colleen Posted: 11:18 am on September 16th
Sesy writes: I just LOVE these. I am getting married in three weeks and have the paper to start doing these. Mine just aren't turning out like this. I would love some instruction!!! Do you have this available? I am using the pedestals too. I've turned on MANY to this site just sharing the table decorations I have in store for October 2nd! Help me! Posted: 10:19 pm on September 9th
Chovey writes: Absoulutely beautiful! Love the blue dishes especially! Welcome aboard Junkmarket where you never know WHAT artistic creations will appear!

cynthia Posted: 4:41 pm on July 24th
TinTinJunkFan writes: These are lovely, this post makes me think engagement or wedding -- great job! Posted: 4:07 pm on July 21st
RustyDiva writes: Beautiful roses. I too can see them in a wedding ~ very elegant. Posted: 2:27 pm on July 21st
shabbychick writes: Welcome to JunkMarket Style - so glad you've joined in!

I love the paper pattern roses - they are so sweet! And like Candy said, I can see them at a bridal shower or reception.

Your vintage pedestals are nice and so versatile.

Thanks for sharing - looking forward to more posts from you.

Kathy Posted: 11:40 am on July 21st
THein writes: Love the paper roses, they are gorgeous! I love to use pattern paper, even the way it feels when I'm working with it is special. Theresa Posted: 8:15 am on July 21st
bluejean writes: I love anything that has to do with sewing notions and your use of patterns to make paper roses is so creative. I especially love the subtle yet graphic element and how each one is unique.
Thank you too for the tip on candle holders vs wine glasses for the base on your pedestals. Posted: 12:28 am on July 21st
fellowjunker writes: Well a BIG WELCOME to the junkmarket site to you Colleen. Your first post is MAGNIFICENT (how can you tell I have been listening to U2 all week!!??!!). lOVE your roses and pedestal dishes.
xojanis Posted: 11:23 pm on July 20th
Collquest writes: Wow! Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! My local thrift store sells everything $1.00 and under 1/2 price on Saturdays...Have to admit I went a little nutty with purchasing the wine glasses. I found the candle stick holders work the best for the pedestals though.
Anyway, all my best to each one of you!!
Colleen Posted: 10:48 pm on July 20th
piecesofthepast writes: Glad to have you here on the site...these roses are very pretty and I would have never thought to use the patterns! Posted: 9:03 pm on July 20th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Welcome to JMS! Your sewing pattern roses are beautiful and I can picture them on a new bride's reception tables. Affordable AND pretty is always a good thing. Great job!

Candy Posted: 8:51 pm on July 20th
alicemom writes: Love the roses! I was surprised to see "my plates" among your flock! I am sure they were popular pattern. Great job!
Now you have posted keep up the good work!
smiles, alice Posted: 8:19 pm on July 20th
monakent writes: ADORE your roses!!! The other pictures show good ideas/projects too. Welcome fellow junker!!! Always glad to see new members with new ideas. gailmarie Posted: 8:01 pm on July 20th
lutrell writes: great idea. they are beautiful Posted: 6:56 pm on July 20th
suewhitney writes: Hi Colleen,

Welcome to JUNKMARKET Style. So glad you're here. Love your shabby roses! Using sewing pattern tissue was ingenious. the pedestal re beautiful as well. Great job..I look forward to more of your projects.

Be Well,
Posted: 6:38 pm on July 20th
audlyenuf writes: Great idea! I volunteer in a second hand store (groan...hard not to take home half the donations)...and there are so many pretty plates and fancy glasses that just sit there. Maybe I can create a few to entice patrons to want to make their own. Thanks!!!!!!!! Posted: 5:44 pm on July 20th
BarkingDogs writes: These are Fantastic! I love them! Posted: 5:33 pm on July 20th
oldnews writes: Oh WOW! Now I know what to do with all those outdated patterns that I didn't know what to do with!! These are wonderful, and I can't wait to try some myself! Thanks for sharing!! Marie Posted: 5:28 pm on July 20th
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