A Cool Coat Hanger

January 8th, 2019 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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I say, Brrr! Its cold in here..there must be some cool junk in the atmoshere! Bring it On! Those of you with teen aged girls will know exactly what I am talking about!
You may rememember this pile of junk from my Valentines Day post. It was in the background decided what it would be when it grew up. I dont really know what it was, but must have had something to do with an industrial refigeration unit.
A couple of sawtooth picture hangers in the back....
some hooks on the bottom....
and bippity, boppity, boop you have yourself a coat hanger. You may never fing this exact piece of junk, but Ill bet you can find something like it!
This measures the amount of time it takes your kids to hang up their coats from the time they walk in the door until the job is done.
This is the coolness meter.
This calculates the time it takes you to go from bed to car each morning.
A closer view at what hangs your coats, hats, and maybe a leash for an early morning dog walk.
Emergency money close at hand.
Two eyes, a nose, and some hanging clothes.
I say, Brrr! Its cold in here..there must be some cool junk in the atmoshere! Bring it On! Those of you with teen aged girls will know exactly what I am talking about!

I say, Brrr! It's cold in here..there must be some cool junk in the atmoshere! Bring it On! Those of you with teen aged girls will know exactly what I am talking about!

I found this piece last February and have been waiting for just the right re-rurpose. I had an empty wall by the back door that was calling for a catch-all for coats, scarves, and caps. Me thinks this works just fine!

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Comments (14)

patinamarie writes: This is way cool...!

I just love finding anything vintage with numbers, letters, gears or chain. They just don't make them like they used to AND you made it even better!

Just recently went on a junk-hunt at a local saw mill that is being closed and torn down - gotta love OREGON. MAN, oh man, the stuff I found and FOR FREE! The "gears" are turning. I'll be sure to share the before and afters when I'm done.

Thanks again for the inspiration. I'm loving this site!!!! Posted: 12:25 am on July 13th
writes: I. LOVE. THIS! Posted: 12:40 am on July 12th
georgiamoon writes: Dang Girl!!! This is AWESOME. What a great piece for any room in the house. Wish it was in MY house. This is a fantastic find but what you did with it makes it even more fabulous. This is one (just one?) of my favorite projects EVER. Georgia Posted: 10:03 am on July 10th
1DesignChick writes: Oh, oh, oh! I can't believe this piece of junk! Fantastic!

So hot!
And too COOL!
Oh, and great repurposing!
Janet Posted: 12:47 am on July 10th
JunkArchitect writes:
I love this piece and WANT it so bad. I’d start trembling if I ever found something this cool. I wonder if it's normal to get this excited over a piece junk with gauges.

Posted: 10:37 pm on July 9th
kbingham writes: That is fantastic!! I totally love it. Now only where to find a piece of junk as cool as that!! Posted: 6:24 pm on July 9th
RustyDiva writes: WOW ~ I love this piece! Everyone will think you are the "hottest" junk designer around! (they already do)What a great conversation piece as soon as you come in the door. Great job Sue, again, I love it! Posted: 11:01 am on July 9th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Sue - You don't know how high my "cool junk" meter has risen for this project. Seriously. It may be because I haven't come across something like this in such great condition before or possibly because I know my dad would love it too. I'm a tad envious, can you tell? ;) VERY nice work, my friend!

Candy Posted: 7:45 am on July 9th
alicemom writes: Ya'll always need more coat hangers! Thank goodness you made a heavy-duty one with way too much cool! you rule again!!
smiles, alice Posted: 10:42 pm on July 8th
monakent writes: Too cool!!! Love the coat hanger idea. The whole piece is a work of art. Sure wish I could find such a great piece like this, for my walls.

Since I know you (and others) can relate, I have to tell you my latest junk story: One night a few weeks ago, my husband and I went walking and ended up finding a vintage Hotpoint refrigerator, someone was throwing away, at a nearby business near our house.

The street is a very busy street, but did that stop us?????? Heck no!!! There was Mark and myself, unscrewing by hand, whatever we could get off the Hotpoint, so I could take it home and reuse at a later date. I was able to find a very cool thermometer, some shelves, and a few other very cool pieces. I was SOOO proud of our finds. We decided from now on, to always carry a screwdriver, pliers and a bag or two when we go walking......you never know WHAT you may find!!!

Again, your piece turned out super. You have much to be proud of. gailmarie
Posted: 10:29 pm on July 8th
shabbychick writes: Sue - LOVE IT! What a handy dandy coat hanger you came up with - AND it's got a huge coolness factor too!

And of course your narrative puts it off the chart...


Posted: 9:55 pm on July 8th
berton718 writes: Sue,
I LOVE IT!! You are The Junk Queen!! Long may you reign!! Posted: 8:48 pm on July 8th
oldnews writes: I love this! Isn't it great the way SO MANY things can become either a clothes hanger or a lamp!!? This is definitely too wonderful to destroy in any way! What a perfect "fit" for it!! Marie Posted: 8:40 pm on July 8th
CottageElements writes: OMG! I LOVE what you did with this piece :) Great repurpose for it. Especially in Minnesnow-ta. Very industrial, and I just love industrial. Who'd of thunk to make it into a coat hanger. It's so brrrr cool!

Lani Posted: 7:28 pm on July 8th
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