How to Re-Purpose a Scale

June 29th, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Who cares if theres a hole in the bucket? Im cool with it if you are!
A scale and a bucket. Are you thinking what Im thinking?
From 0.....
to 150 in 30 seconds...
A shower valet. Now thats my kind of project! That is, as long as its speed were talking about and not the amount of weight Ive gained from all of those cookies Ive been eating this summer. The scale base and the bucket have had coat of polyurethane applied so your towels wont get rusty.
Looks like shes just aching for a couple of towels and a few other shower goodies.
Yeppers, thats all this scale needed to get her tuned up and ready to hit the road.
The little pointy thing doesnt need to fluctuate like we do. With the weight slid down to the end it is stationary making it a perfedt hook for your back scrubber.
Another instant hanger for your loofah!
The bucket only has one speed...59 mph. Please dont hold that against her..shes a classic!
Who cares if theres a hole in the bucket? Im cool with it if you are!

Who cares if there's a hole in the bucket? I'm cool with it if you are!

Scales are among my favorite junkables. If the truth be told, I have weigh too many! Here is just one way to put a member of your scale collection to work for you. If you're like me, you don't really want to step on one. There are far better functions than that! Oh yes, no tools required for this project. Just some good old-fashioned re-thinking. Sometimes simple is best.

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Comments (13)

chippingcharm writes: Wonderful...I wish I could bottle up those creative juices you have flowing :) Laurel Posted: 8:07 am on July 3rd
JunkArchitect writes:
I see scales all the time and can never come up with a new “junk” use for one. This is the first time I’ve seen a really cool way to repurpose an old scale…great idea.

Posted: 11:26 pm on July 1st
alicemom writes: I too love the "whole" scale look. Plus Sue,,,,,,,,,,,,,,you could eat cookies all day long & still not need "the scale" except for the "valeting" (not sure that is a word).
Thanks again for another great ideee!
Alice Posted: 5:40 pm on June 30th
byabpryor writes: I love the way that looks.. simply beautiful Sue! Posted: 4:23 pm on June 30th
GoGirl writes: Oh my goodness...This rocks! I have a scale collection but I haven't acquired one of these yet although I've been looking. Now I know exactly what I will do with it! AWESOME!!! Posted: 10:17 am on June 30th
Junkinbellachris writes: wow! I've seen scales here and there..not really knowing what I'd do with them. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
~ Christine =) Posted: 10:26 pm on June 29th
WhisperWood Cottage writes: You've done it again!! I agree that the color scheme is fabulous!

Amy Posted: 6:44 pm on June 29th
Heavenly_Treasures writes: SUE,
I have scale like that to weigh our meat on. Since I was in the meat business for years I have always been fasinated by them.When I saw this I laughed ,that is a cute idea.WOW it just blows me away.WHATS NEXT? ROBERT. Posted: 3:46 pm on June 29th
emw1203 writes: I love this...a really nice color scheme as well. Very unique and clever the way you decorated it to use. Thanks for "weighing in" with your ideas. Posted: 1:10 pm on June 29th
RustyDiva writes: I never thought I would use these words ~ I want a scale. I've always thought they were evil beings but I love this one! GREAT idea. Posted: 11:31 am on June 29th
CottageElements writes: This scale is "weigh" too cool. Hah! Ditto with Kathy on it being much more useful! Love simple, too. I'm much more of a repurposing type gal. Maybe because I'm not so good with hand tools :( Maybe I need a class, hint, hint . . .

Lani Posted: 10:14 am on June 29th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Ahhhh! Finally a scale I wouldn't run from!! Love your color scheme. Looks fabulous with the floor.

Beautiful job as usual!
Candy Posted: 9:53 am on June 29th
shabbychick writes: Sue - looks like I'm the first to "weigh in"! I love that you used the scale for a much more fun and functional use than that "other" use! It looks great in your bathroom and makes everything so convenient to get to. (And, love the color, black, white, and the perfect little touch of "rust"!.)

Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Posted: 9:49 am on June 29th
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