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Rescued firepit screen re-purposed into a candlelight chandelier.
This is what the firepit screen used to cover but the screen succumbed to the elements, rusted away, and was destined for junk oblivion.  Not here, though!
Unable to part with anything, I removed the rusted screening, added old chain, a piece of round glass, and various candles in flower vases and votives.
This can be used outdoors and the candlelight will be warmly enjoyed and protected from breezes.  Indoors, as well, where candlelight is always an elegant surprise. 
Whats neat about the round glass base for the candles is that the light casts through it for more downward illumination and can be seen as you are looking up from your table.
Rescued firepit screen re-purposed into a candlelight chandelier.

Rescued firepit screen re-purposed into a candlelight chandelier.

What do you do with a rusted out firepit spark screen?  Simple.  You remove the decrepid screen, invert the screen frame, add a tempered piece of glass, some old chain, and candles for your unique candlelight chandelier!

Pattern or design used: My Own Design - Ken Sadler
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Oceanwaves02 writes: Love it! Posted: 7:42 am on January 10th
2poor2payRetail writes: Perfect. Going to make this. Gotta have it! Posted: 5:54 pm on August 13th
cheriberri writes: Incredibly COOL!!! Posted: 11:09 am on August 6th
RhinestoneContessa writes: Brilliant! LOL

My hubby is going to kill me when I start grabbing stuff from his Garage garbage pile! Hee hee Posted: 11:34 pm on September 8th
eclecticgemini writes: Eclectic to a tee!!! I love this! Posted: 10:24 am on August 8th
mutha writes: I agree with the great vision comment...incredible!
Posted: 2:27 pm on August 2nd
smiller0529 writes: That is so awesome! Now I know what to do when ours gets all rusted and hubby only shakes his head when I tell him about things like this until he sees them, then it's like WOW that is so cool. LOL Thanks for sharing! Posted: 12:28 am on August 2nd
decogram writes: I stumbled across this wonderful website......going to have to limit my time....could stay on all day.

Loved the army cot all decked out in beautiful fabrics.

I am a non-seamstress.....I did a similar thing in one of my guests room..I took two cots...layered beautiful old blankets, western sheets, lodge pillows, fishing camp decor on walls....hung a fishing rod above the window.....added an old screendoor to the room (on outside doorframe) the original door gives privacy when needed...put an old sewing machine frame topped with an old board between the beds for a side tabe.....topped it with a scrap of fringed shirt.

I hung twin mosquito netting above each looks like an old fishing camp....

Sorry my camera is out of memory...will post pictures later. Posted: 10:20 am on July 16th
Tikihut writes: Awesome! I've been trying to think of an outdoor chandelier! This is great! Love it!
Thanks for sharing!
Posted: 8:05 am on June 9th
StrangeCargo writes: Thank you, all, for your kind and generous comments. You never know how something in your head will really turn out, until you try it.... Posted: 9:30 pm on May 31st
junkermidge writes: Love, love, love this. Way to see the possibilities in broken things. It turned out awesome.
Midge Posted: 6:15 pm on May 30th
alicemom writes: Fabulous! Great room! Great save! Good Job!
Alice Posted: 3:46 pm on May 30th
georgiamoon writes: Very very very nice. What great ambiance this will create, Georgia Posted: 2:41 pm on May 30th
grannijo writes: What a neat idea!!! it! I will be looking for firepit use a different Posted: 2:12 pm on May 30th
suewhitney writes: Strange Cargo....this is fabulous! Absolutely love it. Great save!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 10:19 am on May 30th
monakent writes: Nice save!!!!! Very cool. gailmarie Posted: 9:55 am on May 30th
4PeasInMyPod writes: OMG! That is brilliant - you really have vision! Posted: 9:05 am on May 30th
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