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May 23rd, 2009 in projects     
georgiamoon Georgia Terrell, contributor
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Here is the finished project. Perfect for the media room..dont we ALL have one of those?
Its adjustable!!! Woo hoo!
Heres a look at the new attactive lamp base..not so bad.
Like I said..the base..not so good.
Bed post finial with a hole drilled in to fit the lamp.
As you can see, even though I built a workroom in the shop I still prefer to be outside on the tail gate of my truck...its the one place I HAVE to clean up before I leave.
Little feet, to make space for the giant wire nuts I had on hand. You gotta make do with what you have. Right?
Project number two came partially done for me...thanks Sue.
I dont want to sound like a broken record (tee hee) but isnt this FUN?
Here is the finished project. Perfect for the media room..dont we ALL have one of those?

Here is the finished project. Perfect for the media room..don't we ALL have one of those?

"YEAH YEAH" us "GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN" and making these projects fit right into that motto. I worked "ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT", "TIME AFTERE TIME" too bad there was no "WITNESS". OK so none of this is true, except for the FUN part. I just wanted to play with the titles to the songs on my inspiration LP by "Cyndi Lauper'. Anyway I found an old and quite ugly lamp at the Goodwill and liked the way the brass parts were adjustable, but the marble base wasn't so good. I used two 78 LP's with the holes enlarged to fit the threaded rod from the lamp and stacked them on the afore-mentioned  (ugly) marble base and added a brass bed post finial,  that I drilled a hole in, to add a little more height to the overall lamp. I used Gorrilla Super Glue to attach the drawer pulls as feet, found a lampshade that fit, and there you go.

My other project was done to utilize the 78's that were sent to me and came in pieces...those 78's are brittle! So when opening the box I thought "well I guess I'll be making a mosaic"...which I did. I used the top off of an old nightstand that had fallen apart, glued the pieces on the bottom, cut glass to fit, and have it sitting on top of a black plant stand. I could always add handles and use it as a serving tray. who knew that old LP's could come in so handy?

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Comments (10)

shabbychick writes: Geo...hey girl - you got-r-done!! And, I know I probably sound like a "broken record" (ha ha), but the tray table is super cool and very clever!

Love your lamp - you have done the "lamp of the month club" proud!! Go girl!!

Kathy Posted: 12:00 pm on June 1st
junkermidge writes: You did an awesome job on this lamp. But I'm even more fond of the table with the mosaiced album top. Beautiful work. I'm not surprised that you had fun!
Midge Posted: 7:31 pm on May 26th
alicemom writes: Gosh Geo,
Everyone has said it all! Too cool for words! The Tray/table is the best!
Smiles, Alice
PS thanks for being soooooooooo creative. It's a big help to the underlings. Posted: 6:22 pm on May 25th
suewhitney writes: Way to go Geo, love both projects! Good use of your creative mind when you received broken records. Sorry, my bad :(.I packed them as well as I could. But lookie what you did. You made lemonade from lemons. Awesome!

Take care,
Sue Posted: 1:03 am on May 25th
CottageElements writes: Congrats, Geo, on being the first Contributor done!! I haven't even started (yikes)! They saw "necessity is the mother of invention". It definitely fits in this case. Great use of the broken pieces! Love the lamp, too, and how it's adjustable. This will be a hard act to follow!

Lani Posted: 12:20 am on May 25th
JunkArchitect writes: You did TWO projects! All I could come up with was one. Well they both came out cool but I really like your creative way of using the SMASHED records. Great job on both projects Georgiamoon.

Jim Posted: 11:39 pm on May 24th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Nice job, Georgia! I love how you creatively came up with a project with broken pieces!! Very, very cool!

Candy Posted: 1:19 pm on May 24th
grannijo writes: WOW!!! all I can say!!! favorite is the tray!..great job!...sharon Posted: 6:49 am on May 24th
writes: GEO! I love them both but have to say the tray is my favorite... Excellent job on both grrrl!


:-) JennyK Posted: 4:22 am on May 24th
fellowjunker writes: WOW GEO!!!!! I'm sooo impressed with your have done a magnificent job (and, TWO)!!! Very inventive, very creative, very fun!!!!
xojanis Posted: 9:56 pm on May 23rd
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