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May 16th, 2009 in blog, projects     
suewhitney Sue Whitney, editor
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Off to the bathroom with Bart! One of the best parts about junk is its ability to muti-task.
Heres the handsome devil in the raw. I think, but dont hold me to it, that Bart was originally used for shoeing horses. Hes quite the charachter, isnt he?
This project is rated EPLS...easy, peasy, lemon, squeasy. You know how I love to that! But seriously, when its nice outside I like my projects quick and to the point. I first washed Barts face with some Skidmores Wood Cleaner. Now hes squeaky, bathroom clean!
I attached some recycled wire to the back of his head. I was gentle...he didnt protest to much. I then put a nail in the wall and hung Bart in his place of the right of the sink and above the throne.
Now this says a mouthful!
The smiling cast iron bar is the perfect size for hand towels.
A little embellishment...who me?! A ribbon and a hair pin ties up the project.
Who would have thought something so rustic could be so sweet? I love the way that Bart pulls out the beautiful pine in the vintage ice box that houses the sink. Time to go play now because my work here is done.
Off to the bathroom with Bart! One of the best parts about junk is its ability to muti-task.

Off to the bathroom with Bart! One of the best parts about junk is its ability to muti-task.

You may remember Bart. He made his debut on the junk stage last fall as the head of a rake on the Falloween porch. While cleaning my garage (yes, I really have tackled that chore...somebody has to do it!) I happened upon Bart and knew just what he could do for me. The change up for spring left me in need of a new towel bar in my powder room so Bart now makes a very handsome addition in the guest bathroom. He's sure to put a smile upon the faces of my friends and family!

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shabbychick writes: OldBarnRescue...It's fun how a creation takes on a personality, and a name to go along with it just adds to the charm.

My friend Terri and I have named some of the tools in our workshop...we have a tiny ball-peen hammer that we named "Bertha", our cordless drill is "Raquel"...and we have a mannequin bust that we named "Marilyn" that we display jackets on...silly girl stuff, I guess! :)

Kathy Posted: 10:01 am on May 19th
Naednelle writes: Bart's really an old "bog shoe" . . . fit over the horses feet so they could walk through the marsh/bog. He's quite a find, actually! They don't come cheap . . . and this guy's found a great new use . . . love it! Posted: 7:24 am on May 19th
eveh writes: OH, I love that. It is a fabulous way to show it off. And how cheerful it looks with your embellishments. I love embellishments.

If I could find one, and trust me, I will be looking at all my horsey friends to help me find one....I think it would look cute if it had little hooks hanging from it. I could use it as a place to show off my fancy potholders in the kitchen. Of course, I have no wall space anymore since I started junking. Posted: 5:36 pm on May 15th
MimiToria writes: Sorry Bart, I called you Burt in my post. Please accept my apologies. I'm a bit rushed this a.m., and didn't mean to offend you.
Gretchen Posted: 8:38 am on May 15th
MimiToria writes: See what I mean? Your quirky awesome playful personality just adds so much to your project posts, as well as a delight to each of your projects. Before I realized it was Burt in your first photo post, I thought, how funny, it looks like a face smiling. What a great and fun place to have Burt hanging out. lol
Gretchen Posted: 8:36 am on May 15th
georgiamoon writes: Sue I remember Bart!!! I think he looks adorable in the bathroom. What a nice greeting you get when you walk in.I love your attention to detail...nobody does it better! Georgia Posted: 3:33 pm on May 13th
Junk_Sophisticate writes: Bart is working hard for the money. He always seems to keep a smile on his face no matter what the task.

Nice job, Sue! Your bathroom looks beautiful!
Candy Posted: 6:32 am on May 13th
CottageElements writes: Now isn't he special! LOL! That ol' Bart, he sure seems to get around. And no wonder, he's so darn cute! Oh, and I love how Kathy labeled him the Bathroom Butler. Very fun and inventive!

Lani Posted: 12:45 am on May 13th
OldBarnRescue writes: Love this new function for him. Seems perfect. Also love to know others personalize their creations and items they find. Adonna and I always find our creations take on a gender or little nickname. :) Posted: 10:59 pm on May 12th
JunkArchitect writes: Wow…this is such a cool piece. It’s always fun to find unique junk like your buddy Bart.

Jim Posted: 10:43 pm on May 12th
bridiemurphy writes: I love the contrast of the white ruffle towel with worn, textured Bart. Naming your pieces of junk, kind of like my old Honda CRV Sheila...trusty, rusty and USEFUL! Posted: 8:50 pm on May 12th
alicemom writes: Sue,
Bart looks like he is getting ready to bust out laughing! He seems so happy! He really is 'cause he got out of the garage & into a place of honor! He is almost as swell as the sink/ice/box!
Alice Posted: 7:56 pm on May 12th
irishrovr writes:
He is sooooo cool! What a nice, whimsical touch!

Eileen Posted: 4:21 pm on May 12th
shabbychick writes: Sue - Bart looks quite content in his new surroundings...considering it's the bathroom - ha ha!! So, it looks like his new profession is bathroom butler - offering you a handtowel when needed! Too cute!

He definitely is a piece that brings a smile!

Thanks for sharing!


P.S. My friend and I name things in our workshop, etc... we have the tiniest little hammer that we painted robin's egg blue and named "bertha"...too much fun! Posted: 4:02 pm on May 12th
grannijo writes: Sue:Way tooo cool!!!! name things like I!!!..sharon Posted: 2:42 pm on May 12th
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