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Wife, mother, decorator, shop owner. I love to recycle & refurbish old furniture and architecturals.

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Machine Shop Posey

Here is a little machine shop inspired posey made from the frame of a workshop light, a small, metal measuring cup, and a metal chain pull.

LOVE on the line

Make a sign using old cotton clothes line and hanger wire. Remove the core of stuffing from the inside of the clothes line by pulling it out while sliding down the cord. Insert the wire...

vintage european military burlap chair

I have some vintage european military bags.

Piano Roll - Paper Roses!

I had so much fun challenging myself to use every bit of the piano roll! With just one roll I was able to create a wintery but warm centerpiece -- complete...

HAPPY EASTER! vintage bunnies & lots of them.

Every holiday I put out my little wooden vintage handmade bunnies.  I have two dozen of these little guys.

Pantaloon Christmas Stocking

This Christmas "pantaloon" stocking is crafted from vintage ticking I picked up a tag sale and a vintage window curtain.

Beachy Bath Bucket Storage

I needed a little extra storage for in the childrens bathroom.  I hung aqua painted pails from rope on an old barn pully.  It hangs on the shower curtain rod to hold bubble bath...

Light Sleeper

Here is a very simple lampshade I made using an old cotton pillowcase and an old wire frame -- both of which are super easy to come by.  I just cut a slit into the seam casing, inserted a...

estate sale cupboard gets BUILT IN

I Found this old cupboard at an estate sale a few months ago.  The wood was pretty rough, but it had gorgeous original wavy glass doors.  It needed some TLC, but the price was right...

Industrial meets Romance

My sister is having a baby in March.   I am hosting her baby shower shortly.  I needed some 8" wide cake stands for the dessert table.  I made them using anbspcocktail...

Cast Off Pedestals

These pedestals are made from "extra" furniture parts.  I often come across furniture that is too damaged to be restored, but I just can't pass up the great looking, architectural "limbs"nbsp...

Seasonal Tool Box Centerpiece

This is a good way to make use of an old metal tool box (you can spray paint it red for Christmas if it's not already). I found this one "as is" curbside on trash day. I stuck some...

Vintage Garden Hose Wreath

Here is a unique wreath idea.  I found some old canvas garden soaker hose at an estate sale.  I cut it into 5 foot lengths, I used an old metal hanger (opened it up and threaded the...

Recent comments

Re: shabby shades from 70s beaded dress sleeves

These are simply beautiful. Such a soft and romantic look, with the perfect amount of embellishment. Great style! Lori

Re: Heavy Table Makes a Mighty Statement

This is wonderful - I would LOVE to have this in my garden. You keep blowing me away with your projects! Lori

Re: Circle Silhouette from Wooden Spool and Goodwill Dress

What a great gift idea. I would love this. I am impressed with the silhouette cut out. Wish I could be that good with a pair of scissors. Lori

Re: Button Tray

super creative on the cheap - love it!

Re: Mod Oval Ottoman from Goodwill Pleated Plaid Skirt

Love this project. You have got great style - can't wait to see more. Lori

Re: Sue, Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today!

Sue, I was very impressed with the projects you showed and how you presented them. You are a natural on camera, just adorable. You looked great & did great! Congratulations!

By the way, I just got your new book and I am really enjoying it. Lori


You did a such a nice job creating this display. Your home is gorgeous too! Love the wall color.

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

Hi Sue, Good luck on the show! Wish I had the time to get into the city to see you in person. I will catch you on TV. At least the weather has warmed up recently - hope you have a beautiful day on Monday. All the best, Lori

Re: Generator lamp

Very very cool - I love it.

Re: HERCULES POWER Mirror Project

I think this project is awesome. Love the fact that you knew exactly what to do with this when you first laid eyes on it. You were right - it is the perfect frame for a mirror. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!

Re: spoon lite cosie

How cool! I would love to see what this looks like lit up.

Re: No Empty Nest Blues for Me!!

Congratulations! You did a beautiful job with all your displays.

Re: To Ride a Horse is to Ride the Sky

Didn't I see this exact horse on Antique Road appraised at $40,0000.00 - Just kidding, You are right it is "That Wonderful" Great project!

Re: My self-imposed junking intervention (aka organizing my basement workspace...)

Wow! you really are organized. This would be my dream space. After we refinished our basment for the kids - I had to go the garage. I'm jealous.

Re: Another Alien spotting...

Very cute - love the patina on the metal surface.

Re: Solig Lanterns made from Trash

Very cool - I like your version much better then the Ikea one.

Re: Felted crazy quilt

I have always been crazy for crazy quilts - love yours!

Re: Industrial Style Lamp

Very very cool project - love the way the galavanized steel reflects the light. Super creative!

Re: New idea for plain windows

very cool idea. I am a big fan of beadboard. Great old paint on the window frame adds a nice touch.

Re: Door bench

Super project, I love the color you used.

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

unbelievable - I am speechless for once. What a project!

Re: Piano Rolls on Parade

simple, beautiful display. you have great style!

Re: Recycled Drawers!!!

These planters are adorable. Love the yellow paint job on the draw fronts.

Re: My Latest Salvage Yard Haul

What a great haul. Can't wait to see what you do. Your dog Sophie looks too cute!

Re: Palette Lounger

I am impressed that this lounger had a previous life as a pallet. Nice design.

Re: JennyK's Office Re-Junking Part #3

Your office is super. You have got the best creative eye ever for hunting down treasure and putting it on display. I love everything about it.


What a beautiful book cover, the ribbon adds the perfect presentation. The little secret compartment is a great idea. Wonderful project!

Re: G E O

Not only did you get to have a great time with your friends -you got to take home an awsome souvenir too. Lucky you!

Re: It's a Reel Lamp

Very - very - very cool. I love the industrial look. This would be in Manhattan for big $$$$

Re: Old Dresser re-painted

Beautiful dresser - makes a sweet display for your garden pots. Great rescue!

Re: "Distant Memories" Shadow Box

You did an outstanding job on your project. The neutral colors combined with the black is a nice contrast. It has a wonderful vintage look.

Re: Old Doors

I love both of your projects. The shape of your headboard is perfect. What a bargin you found!

Re: China Cabinet Re-Done

You did a fantastic job refurbishing this china closet. I have an image in my head of what this looked like originally. Love the hardware, and the beadboard adds the perfect back ground for your beautiful collections. Nicely done.

Re: Box Spring Re-Do

I am impressed with your creativity. Who ever thought you could make something so fabulous out of an old bed spring. WOW!

Re: Yee Ditty Haw Frame Up

This project is adorable - the cowboy cutie could not have a better presentation.

Re: Keeping Time With the "Rhythm" of Life

Wow, this looks great! I love the play on the grandfather clock idea, and how the piece blends bold, graphic elements with a soft paint finish. And of course I'm in love with that unidentified junk bit! Great job again!

Re: "If I try to be like her, who will be like me?"

This statement is true to my heart, especially having a teenage daughter. You did an amazing job on this project. Super creative - I always look forward to seeing your posts.

Re: Simple Piano Roll Projects

Candy, The ENJOY theme is creative & wonderful. What a group of lovely projects, displayed beautifully. Your clean, crisp, style is done to perfection!

Re: Presto Change-o

Such a simple utilitarian item, you made it a perfect industrial candle holder. I love how you see things. You have such creative vision. LOVE IT!

Re: "JUMP THROUGH THIS!!??!!" (project #1)

I love your style. Very creative and done to perfection!

Re: Happy Valentine's Day ~ Music For My Soul

Thanks for trip down memory lane. Super creative project done in your distinct style. Very retro feel to your valentine. It looks like it was made during the 50's. Love it!

Re: Finishing my Shutter Headboard

Hi, What a great headboard that you have made. I noticed your wonderful life ring table too. I am a big fan of this look. I love to decorate with vintage nautical signal flags. You can find them on Ebay and the reproductions are alot less expensive. Hang from the top down, right in the opening. There are rectangular shapes as well as a pennant and they come lots of great combos of red, white & blue. A blue painted oar hanging horizontal over the bed would really bring the beach cottage look together. You did a perfect job so far. Good luck.

Re: Piano Roll - Paper Roses!

Hi everyone, thank you for all of the kind feedback! As I said, it was a really fun project, and I'm loving seeing the variety and creativity of all of the contributions -- can't wait to see the rest! The paper roses are pretty straightforward to make -- you just need to be willing to work with them a bit to get the result you want. They are made from long strips of piano paper, about 1.5 inches wide,cut on a curve. You roll them loosely, pinching the bottom to create shape. I added drops of glue along the way, but it shouldn't take much. The trick is all in the rolling and the pinching! Have fun!

Re: Re-Purposed Player Piano Roll Lamp!

You did a beautiful job on your lamp. It has a real vintage look. Love how you incorporated the box into the design. Very creative!

Re: An En-Lightening Project that's Music to My Ears!

Your project came out wonderful, The scale of the lamp shade is perfect for the trumpet. The crystals and keys are the icing on the cake. Nicely done!

Re: Super Sunny Sunday Swap at the Sunset

Nice treasures - you have a great eye. I am looking forward to seeing some of the projects you create. I am frozen, snowed in and jealous out here on easterm Long Island.

Re: Berry Basket Frame

Two great projects. I love the industrial look of your table, and the distressing job on the top. What is the color of the great blue paint? Lori

Re: Sewing Room Wall Peg

Very simple idea that looks great and is functional too. Beautifully photographed!

Re: My Potting Shed

Great design - You really paid attention to the details and it shows.

Re: Candle Sconce

I love the vintage look & design. The shape & color you used on the plywood was pefect for this project. Great dumpster score.

Re: benches I have made

I think your benches are wonderful! I love the fact that they are functional as well as beautiful.

Re: Organizing Junk

Sue, This is a must have for me...I have three kids in school ages 10, 12, & 14 and I have tons of papers on my fridge. I love your idea. Its time for me to get organized & claim my refrigerator back! I will be on the lookout for the supplies to make my own. Thanks for the inspiration.

Re: "LIGHT IT UP!!!"

I love this idea - I will definitely be making one or maybe a few! Thank you, Lori


I think these shutters are great. Super creative - I especially like the little ruffle you attached.

Re: A Trio of Fresh Ideas!

Sue, It is amazing what you have created with old tooth brush holders. I especially love the vase with the white flowers! so sweet.

Re: On Newsstands Now!

I picked up this magazine at Borders Books over the weekend. Finally - a magazine that is refreshing and different. I am sooo tired of the same old stuff that you see over & over. It goes to show you - you don't need alot of money if you have good taste!

Re: My Bench projects

Wonderful grouping of handcrafted benches. I love that you made them personalized for your family. Thank you for the inspiration.

Re: Tin Ceiling Fixture Lamp & Sign

These look great! Nice job. And, I think you were right to leave the pipes as is -- they're great.

Re: blueprint wallpaper

Like everyone else -- love it! It combines some of my favorite things -- neutral colors, simple line graphics and an industrial theme. I'm trying to convince a writer friend of mine to cover the wall over her desk with vintage book pages -- I'll show her this for inspiration!

Re: How to Make an Indoor Window Box

I love this - what a beautiful display for the winter. I have one of these wire baskets for storage in my bathroom. These are hanging swim baskets used in seaside changing & locker rooms.

Re: Dog Collar Contestant

He looks stunning in Christmas duds. I love to see people baby their large animals!

Re: Another Bird Feeder

I love the industrial feel, and I really love how the top looks like a stripped umbrella! Very inventive.