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My new upcycled ceiling light fixture

I made this fixture from 3 old silverware baskets, some springs, and a galvanized air duct cap. I could not bring myself to throw them away.

The signs of love

Made from all salvaged materials

Labor Day Bookcase

Made with salvaged kitchen drawer, closet shelves, oops paint, and thrift store wheels.

Rustic coat rack

Rustic Coat Rack I made from a piece of salvaged wood from a dumpster.  

Table Lamp

I found the table leg in a scrap metal pile and saved it. It makes a fantastic table lamp.


Desk I built from some discarded kitchen drawers, scrap wood, and $5.00 paint from Lowes.  All I had to buy was the legs. I just hate to throw anything away. 

Bird House for Spring

New bird house for spring. 

Wheel Lamp

I salvaged these great old steel wheels off an industrial scale headed for the scrap yard.  I love unique lamps so it was obvious to me what to do with the wheels.  I kept the bearing in...

Scrap yard beds made good again

I saw two of these old beds in a scrap yard all rusted and nasty.  My son made fun and could not see their potential.  I think they turned out great.

Redo of castoff dresser

Found this dresser at an estate sale very cheap.  I painted the old drawers, added accent molding to the formica top and new knobs.  Made a great addition to my daughter's room...

My first bench project

This is my first bench project from an old bed I had stored in the garage, just had to buy the pillows.

Recent comments

Re: New "aged" cabinet

I love this cabinet you did a great job. And I love the metal accent around the top and bottom.

Re: Trash find: retro wrought iron shelf

I love this piece a lot. Great job and great save!

Re: Brothers Christmas Present

The bed turned out great and such a nice thing to do for your brother.

Re: Industrial Table [WRECKAGE]

Great piece, I love it.