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Re: Houston, I think I have a Problem...

I love the Chatelaine....would love to own that...you are so lucky...ever want to sell it let me know. Just found this site and it is like coming home...I have found my niche lol Cheers Deborah

Re: All Dressed Up and Ready to Celebrate!

My mannequin is wearing a green and black lace corset with a black net tutu skirt. She has a necklace of flashing xmas lights and candy canes. Her name is LULU and all the presents get displayed around her base. I love dressing up mannequins. My previous one was from the 1920's but I was made an offer I couldn't refuse and the new owner flew all the way to pick her up and flew her back to the top end of Australia. Very well travelled mannequin. I can see you love yours. There are good fun to have around the house and dress up for all the holidays.

Re: Charming Cracker Jack Bracelet

Love it