Stay at home & home schooling mom of two great kids. Love to find things to give a new twist to.

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Firewood Shed/Manger

Tired of fighting an ugly blue tarp to cover my firewood I asked my husband to bring home some pallets from work to build me a firewood shed. I got the metal roof at the local dump free (yes I went...

More yard junk & our inside junk

More of my 3 yr old daughters butterfly garden & our prize junk fireplace. My fav is the fireplace made from 80 yr old brick from a local theater going to trash & the mantel is from the trash...

My yard junk has grown all summer

My yard junk has just grown & grown all summer with the additions of free gates found on the side of the road, painted & decorated with the painted waterhose wreaths, many drought resistant...

Gourds of mystery???

Five years ago we planted gourds but with a small kids, I just couldn't give them any attention & they didn't make it. This past winter we had a septic tank diaster thus digging up most of my...

More of my yard junk

More of my yard junk I have been having fun with!

Our Yard Junk!

New member & first time posting! Kids & I wanted to start planting around the yard. All we have is sand in our parts so containers are a must. New ones are so $$$, so we went through the...

Recent comments

Re: Whimsical Yard Art from recycled plastic pots

These are adorable & hope you don't mind but going to use this idea with my kids for our long driveway decoration for an upcoming little girl party. Great idea!!!

Re: "Farm Junk" Repurposed

Fun fun, my kids loved seeing your pics. They want you to come decorate our yard this fall, me too! Love it!

Re: Garden Fun

I love the sink planter. May have to borrow your wonderful idea with one I recently found. thanks for the cool idea!

Re: drought resistant flowers

My daugther & I love those. We made some for her butterfly garden & have received lots of compliments. I love I don't have to water them!!!

Re: one man's trash...

Pretty trash!

Re: We Went to the Salvage Yard!!!

I love the sign & the shelves. So much pretty can be enjoyed on those beautiful shelves.

Re: Rusty Candleholder

I love this!

Re: Gourds of mystery???

Thanks everyone! Update, we have had really horrible thunderstorms in the last couple days with some very high winds. My bedspring trellis with rebar held up perfectly!! I am inheriting an old clawfoot tub that has been left out in the woods for 30+years to use as a planter & may have to make another trellis to I can have fun with vines. I just loved all that pretty rust. Now to build the arm strength back up to separate the springs from the frames!!!

Re: Colander Planter Just add BEADS

Hope u don't mind. My 3 yr old daughter FELL in LOVE
with these so I found some colanders at a thrift shop. Let her pick
some pretty beads & both my kids had a blast stringing
the beads & picking out the plants. Gotten a lot of compliments
giving u all the credit. Thanks for sharing this great project!

Re: Summer Garden Hose Wreath

Thanks for sharing this. One of our hoses has retired & we are copying your idea with it to make two wreaths to hang up in my 3 yr old daughters butterfly garden on some old gates. She liked your pink idea, that is her favorite color. So happy to find a reuse idea for this old hose, hate to have had to throw it away!

Re: My Giant funnels have a new life!

Really like these. Kids loved the snowman. My husbands wheels got turning after looking at your pics. Hope we can do something like that soon.

Re: Vanity Mirror

Very nice!

Re: Black and White Dresser

Nice job! Looks like something out of a high priced furniture store.

Re: Shipping Crate Coat Rack

I really love this! Beautiful!

Re: Lock Case Towel Bar

Really cool idea! Love the look. May have to borrow this idea for our lakehouse.

Re: More of my yard junk

Thanks! The man at the store was going to try to rip off the WOMEN sign & I had to stop him. That was why I bought the door! He thought I was nuts! My husband loved it.
I forgot to mention that he hung it so when I am finished working, I can lower it back down against the wall & it becomes art.
My husband was going to take the door handle off, but I use that to work with my hanging plants. Most functional table I have ever had!

Re: Farm Fresh Fruit Bowl


Re: Small Chairs for the Garden

I love it! My kids are going to be outgrowing their chairs soon, may borrow this idea to decorate their play yard. Very creative!

Re: Our Yard Junk!

Thank you! Kids are very proud of their gardens & I am glad we got to reuse stuff. One of the "Transportation" gardens has a new resident, a black snake has made himself at home under it. He can stay & keep the rodents away.
My husband is proud of the dryer drums, he has wanted to do that for years!