Tamara Wood, Cape Coral, FL, US

I am a HUGE fan and upcycler! I go to antique shops, vintage shops, garage/yard and estate sales! Good will and any of those type shops are also a fav of mine! My family is VERY importany to me and my very best gal pal is my 3 yr old Peekapoo, Suzy Q is my partner when searching for my next project! Im not shy as are as stopping to pick up a treasure out of that someone else may cosider trash!!! Looking forward to getting some great ideas!!!! And Flea Markets, not the new stuff but the dusty stacked fun stuff!!!

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Re: Vintage Wallpaper Display Repurposed into a Mirror

I love it!!!!

Re: Repurposed Parts Whimsical Lamp

Very very creative!!!

Re: Repurposed Sewing Machine Drawers Twin Wall Organizers

This is great!!! Talk CREATIVITY!!!!! Keep it up!!!!

Have a wonderful holiday!!!

Re: Before and After: Vanity

Looks great!!!

Re: Vintage Vanity

I agree!!