Vicky McLaughlin, KS, US

Im a single/longtime divorced older woman.. lol Ok I'll admit Im a senior, geez I never thought it would get to this point..Oh well what can ya do about it, not a darn thing.
I have 3 daughters, 13 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. sure keeps me busy, they sure are fun to be around.
Im always trying to do some sort of craft, I love to embroidery, mostly the prim look, pillows, I love to paint the frames black and frame whatever I have embroidered.
I give most all the things away I make, to one of my daughters, and 1 granddaughter, whatever I make my daughter, my granddaughter (her daughter has to have the same thing)
Well, time to get back to my sewing.

Gender: Female

Birthday: 12/18/1944

Member Since: 10/01/2008

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My Bird Bath Creation

Someone was giving away this old rusty cast iron birdbath bowl (freecycle). I have been wondering what I could use or do for a base. So I found this old very outdated lamp base at Goodwill for...

3 tiered cart makeover

I found this 3 tiered cart at a local antique shop for $8, what a steal! the top was badly stained, with alot of sanding, I finally got it looking half way decent. Painted and added the red dotted...

My great little $3 find!

I'm trying to turn my bedroom into a great little shabby retreat, so I'm looking anywhere/everywhere I can to find things, my fav pastime!  LOL  I didn't think it turned out too bad, it was...

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Re: Drawers, boxes and extra vintage hardware

what a neat idea! I have old drawers in my garage, hated to throw them away, knew there would be something to do with them. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Vintage tea tin pendant lights

Oh I love these!! I love old tins, what a neat way to display them! I love the idea of hanging the prisms.. I have been trying to think of a way to put small string lights on my deck. I might have to be a copy-cat.. lol thank you for sharing..

Re: The Rusty Gardener

Oh Wow! you have it all... it looks so good! I keep looking for things like this, but never seem to have any luck..
After seeing what you have done, I will have to try harder, I love planting flowers. I just love it!

Re: A Junky Little Herb Garden

What a wonderful idea! I just love the silverware markers, it's so neat looking!

Re: Sewing Machine Plant Stand

I love this! so pretty, great idea!

Re: Just having some graduation fun!

Oh this is so neat! What a great idea!

Re: Rag rug

Oh this is great! I absolutely love rag rugs.. my grandmother taught me how to make them when I was young, I don't remember how anymore, I need to try and learn again, what did you use for your needle? We used and old toothbrush, (the kind with a hole at the end of the handle) (I'm dating myself).. lol She would cut off the brush end and sharpen to a point..
Reall great job! And a great way to get rid of your scraps! Thanks for sharing..

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

OMGosh! How cool is this! I love the idea!

Re: Meat grinder turned Soap Dish!

How clever is this! What a great idea!


WOW! this is so neat! Love the idea of using part of the piano. Great idea!

Re: My great little $3 find!

Hey Girls Thank You! I have so many projects going on right now, I jump from one thing to another so I don't get tired of one thing.. LOL my daughter turned me on to this site.. it's a neat site!
have a blessed day & weekend!