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Dad's Junk

My dad finally let me raid some of his treasures on the farm.  I took this old standing lamp and transformed it into a papertowel holder.  I'm not sure who to credit because I have seen...

Garden Chairs

I love this time of year!  Each year I make a bunch of these garden chairs and can never keep them stocked up!  So many people get rid of old broken, damaged cane chairs... what better way...

What to do with iron table base and Chinese checker board?

Another project I finally got a chance to tackle in the new spring weather.  Had this iron table stand I picked up somewhere, painted it from green to black.  Got the Chinese checkers board...

Fake Garden Pillar

I bought a couple black bowling balls to make into gazing balls for $2.00 at a thrift store.  "Won" an old birdbath stand at an auction for $2.00... wandered through the paint isle at WalMart...

Recent comments

Re: Trick or Treat...Mwah ah ah!!

Sue- It's a great display for someone who doesn't care for the holiday! Dry ice is so fun! I love the cream separator... will have to see if I can dig one up in my dad's old milk barn! Thanks for another inspirational display!

Re: Vintage gems

I am only 45 minutes away from Osage...I may have to try to get there this weekend!

Re: Pick Another Daisy

Sue- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Nadas! I use to live in Ames and listened to them in the beginning at People's when I was in college.

Great 'tribute' to an awesome band!

Re: Once Upon a Time in Texas.....

OOHHHH!!!! SO jealous! Love the finds! Enjoy them!

Re: Girls' night at the's nothing but fun!!!

ooh- I LoVe it!!! How great it must be to get together with junkin friends and have a creative and fun night!

Re: Bug from old key

As a fellow Iowan, I have been a fan of your work for awhile... glad to see you have joined us on here!!! Still have amazing pieces... Welcome!

Re: Herb Sink

That looks like the sink I want for my bathroom!!! How funny! People throw them away- and I want to put them back in my house... but a great idea for my old sink... I didn't know what I was going to do with it. Thanks for the idea!!

Re: The REAL Inspiration!

I love it!!! The tree is amazing... and the house would have such a story to tell. Thanks for posting a pix... an amazingly inspirational post.


Wish I lived closer... would LoVe to hit your sale!!! Good luck!

Re: How to Create a "Living Green" Centerpiece

Sue- I love it!!! Something to even keep inside for people like me who still have temperamental weather! I'm so going to make one for my dining room table to bring a little outside in... nothing like adding a little life to the indoors!

Re: Strange Cargo Returns.

I love your ideas! My father has an amazing amount of old hammers... maybe I can talk him into giving me a few to make him something for his shop. Great ideas!

Re: ViNtaGe GLoBe LiGhT FiXtuRe VaSe

I have a couple of those in my junk and couldn't figure out what to do with them... Thanks for the great idea!! (if you don't mind!)

Re: Repurpose Vintage Shakers to hold your Glitter!

So pretty! Both useful and decorative... LoVe It!

Re: Bad Dog

That is funny! I need 4 of those at my house! My lab has decided she NEEDS to get to her new friend right next door... so they are digging their way under the chainlink fence my neighbors have... Ugh- I think they get the spring itch just as bad as we do!

Re: RAD-ical Lamp

I love the ideas you come up with- and all the buckets you have. Another slam dunk!

Re: A little medicine chest first aid

I LoVe the cabinet! Great find!

Re: My self-imposed junking intervention (aka organizing my basement workspace...)

I have been organizing my basement as well- and mine looks like yours... right down to the pink floral canisters I saw in one of your pictures! I have been trying to figure out how to hang things from the rafters, drill shelves into my concrete walls... looks like organized chaos... that's what I like to call my madness! Good job!


No- there is never too much junk! I get my junking from my father... my mother walks in my house and wonders how I can stand to be in a room so 'busy'... to me the busier the better! Love your mantel decorations! The autumn one is beautiful with all the rusty stuff...

Re: Finally got our "things" together...or as I like to say, got our "junk" together!

Congrats on a fabulous booth! It's a lot of work- but the payoff should be great. I love your ideas and your items... especially the chicken feeder! Do you ship? LOL!!

Re: Farm Rescue

I love it! Wish I could find more treasures like that myself! Thanks for posting... you have it decorated nicely- although the piece says a lot in itself!