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Waterproof Mp3 Case

This waterproof (resistant) MP3 player case was made from an old Sport Walkman. I removed the guts and added an earphone plug from a set of airline earphones. It was successfully tested with swims at...

Toddler Toy

I wanted to give a present to my nephew with less plastic than commonly in toddler toys. It was made largely with reused/repurposed materials: the picture is an old one that got scratched up, the...

Recycled Spaceship

This spaceship was made mostly with reused materials. The fuselage is made from an old radio tower that the wind knocked down.The wings are made from metal doors someone threw out.The skin covering...

Recent comments

Re: Christmas angels -- junk style

Very cool - they make a great set!

Re: My latest "creation"! Am I still having fun, or am I just losing it?

She's cute. Nice work!

Re: Garden Globe

Very cool!

Re: Hand lettered signs from rescued wood

Very cool look to the signs!

Re: Cooper's buddy!

He's cute. Love the squirrel too.

Re: Sanctuary ~ Doors to Headboard

Very cool. Nice work!

Re: Bird & nest

Very cool! Love the nest inside.