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Re: ornate book frames

Very cool finished frame, love it! Now, it would be helpful to me if you could describe WHAT you did in each step; that is, in each step of the process, under the picture, how did you do it? I am not that good at figuring out what you did, but really do like the frame at the end. I mean, heck, I can't even figure out HOW to post pictures! Totsy

Re: I'm a little behind - sorry

What beautiful pics you take of interesting things. We have snowy weather in Texas today, but nothing like your showy kind. Yes, the old (usually)vine-covered shed is interesting and makes you wonder what treasures you could find. But (and here comes my rant), make sure you have permission before you do. OUR seemingly deserted farmstead was raided because it did look deserted, but wasn't--we can only go so seldom. So many treasures lost. I know you are more responsible than that, and can't wait to see your newest posts, when you thaw out!! T in Texas

Re: Hanging out in the Kitchen

What a clever way to unmessy a sometimes messy job. But, Oh, dear, does it really 'date' me to admit I am actually using a vintage one of the hangers to hang up a skirt?(I have several, BTW, and they work well!) Oh, well, that's the way it goes at our house! (Love the cookbook/recipe booklets you've found.)

Texas T.

Re: Broken china mosaic end table

Beautiful design, again! This is hard to do, nort to mention messy, and you've done a great job, and made it look easy. Impressive! T.

Re: Burn Pile Rescue

Great save on a wonderful, just-the-right-size worktable. Never heard of a pew clip before. I see it, but what was its original use? Love what you did with it. T.

Re: Art Deco redesigned Mantel Clock

Great assemblage! Now I know what to do with the mantel clock case I have; unfortunately, I don't know how to post pics so can't show my stuff, but this idea is a keeper.Thanks! T.

Re: Thread Holder

How clever! I will definitely find something resembling the bean planter plate to duplicate your idea. And quick, send Jim the planter plate; knowing his ability to transform stuff, no telling what he'll come up with! Right? (Jim, be sure to show us!) T.

Re: Wood, a little rusty metal and an old clock

I agree with Mary, the drawer front with coat hooks, looks out of place with the framed items; it seems to be covering up something. It would be fabulous alone. Otherwise, the framed items look good, could even use a couple more items placed in the frame to complete the look you're going for; something curvy to complement the fleur de lys shape and the round rusted paint lid. T


Aren't these fun? I have one on my front porch, used for the same purpose as yours. BTW, do hope your friend's son had permission to take it from the farm and didn't just assume it was abandoned. We just got back from our farm after a 3 year absence, and, MORE things were missing. (I went in to a long rant about this a couple of years ago, how people think they can just take things---without permission. NOT nice!!!!!)


What a good save and a boon to you! You decorate like I do; I could live there. Beautiful! T. (Like the lamp, too.)

Re: Industrial Junk Decor

Someone has a musical background?! The clarinet in pic 3 and the stacked up mouthpieces for trumpet/t-bone in pic 5; sure looks like it to me. Great saves, re-do's, repurposes; you're a very creative thinker!


How pretty is that!? Love it, good save for a handsome piece of metal. Someone thought 'outside the box' on that one! It looks very festive on the mosaic table. (For those never having done mosaic, that's one hard craft, and you did it very well. Your Junkmarket name is very apropos! T.

Re: Christmas illumination, Add on's

The dome over an object is called a 'cloche', pronounced closhe. Long O. That is a stunning display, how fortunate you were to come up with such finds at a Goodwill store!!

Really beautiful. T.

Re: Bird Bath

Betcha a nickel I know what that 'old metal stand' is/was. It looks like the base of the old cream separator (used on a farm to---what else---separate the cream from the skim milk when you poured the raw milk in the (missing on the one above)top. I have one on my front porch (quite a conversation piece). You can tell who the farm-raised people are if they know what it is! Cast iron, HEAVY!!! Yours looks great! T

Re: What did I do wrong???

What Jim said! You are a lot like me, I have trouble distressing what I want to be a beautiful refinising job. But sometimes, you just have to do that. It doesn't have to be drastic, just start with a paint color that works with your other things and go from there. (I recommend chenin blanc!)T

Re: A Vanity Just Like Grandma's - my 1st post!

What mismatched hardware?! Looks great to me. You did a wonderful job on a poor, unfortunate vanity AND chair.

Re: Candle Holder

Cute idea to use for the ceiling fan light covers we all seem to have in abundance. Show us more of the ones behind the one you featured (like the green one); maybe they'll give us more ideas!

Re: Industrial Junk Trophies

I'll bet the winners of these awards know that they have received extra-special trophies. These are very ingenious and well-done. YOU deserve a trophy yourself! You didn't explain AGC, but I'll bet it has something to do with farm equipment. T.

Re: JunkPotluck Project

Wonderful use of a real antique and conversation piece! Looks like your might be a table top-sized one. I have one on my front porch that is up on a HEAVY cast iron stand. No one will steal that guy! Plus the bowl of yours is stainless. I've turned the crank on one of those and heard the click it makes. Glad yours still works. West Texas native, T.


Wow, what a find! Every idea submitted is great. Just one suggestion from me: DON'T PAINT IT!!! It's way too cool like it is.

Re: Repurposed Casserole Server

Very pretty, BUT you need to explain what you did with the pieces of material....are they sewn together, just tucked here and there or what. Come on, hurry! I have one I need to do RIGHT NOW!! Welcome to the site; great project.

Re: 2009 Christmas Blessings

What was it that gave me the clue that we were both from Texas? First off, how did you get the shot of my husband's hat on the Christmas tree? Then the kicker was the 'Santa Stick' in the third pic. Heck, we're practically kin! (Dor those of you who don't know, a Santa Stick is a fence post decorated to look like Santa...)

Re: We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!

Beautiful collection of Christmas cuties. And here I was thinking I was the only one to decorate this way seasonally....should have known. My collections are taking over the storage places I have! I have to stop.l...NOT!

Re: "FALL"ing for the Springfield Extravaganza - Part I...

Kathy, thanks for the info on the cloche and suggestion about checking E-Bay. This one is old, part of its appeal.

Oh, the grizzly? Bet no one argues with him about a price he might offer----"uh, SURE you can have it for that lower price" !! Junk Hunk, love it!

Re: "FALL"ing for the Springfield Extravaganza - Part I...

Did you see all the 'wow's in the comments??? Add mine. I too wish I was closer---I'd have bought that glass cloche I think I see in the top right pic titled 'more metal and dishware'. Since the one I need is at least 16" tall, wonder if you could tell me if the price of $65 is about right or is it too high? I don't know the going rate of one that tall and about 12" wide. Can you advise me, Please? Don't want to be taken in by this dealer. It sure looks like y'all had fun and your wares are certainly snatchables (just made that up!), looks like. Thanks for any help. T.

Re: Broken china mosaic backsplash

I'll take it AND give you the credit, if you do decide to remove it!! (It's really pretty.)

Re: Broken china mosaic backsplash

Beautiful!! I've done some of this (for the first and last time--it's NOT easy) so be very careful if you take it off and then just send it to me!! Problem solved. No, it's very pretty; and on your first attempt?! Wow. I vote you keep it there!

Re: Suitcases

Okay, I like the suitcases-turned-decor; now, show us more of the sideboard! It looks beautiful from what I can see. Love antique/heirloom furniture. What's its history? (Good save on the suitcases.)

Re: Vintage Treasures Market starts tomorrow

Yeah, too late to plan to come, but where IS IT?! Looks great and hope you do well. Do show pics so we can enjoy being there that way.

Re: Hey Mr. DJ . . .

What a fantastic, appropriate and well-thought out tribute to your dad. The picture shows a handsome man! Hope he's still around for you to hug and show him how one of his "L's" wants to showcase HIM. You did a great job with your challenge, using records, your memorabilia and the covers.

Re: Antique Chair Bench ~ Before & After

What a great job and for such a good cause. That bench will be gone so fast! Really a change from what you picked up last year. Good for you! (Let us know how it did in the auction.)

Re: Toot Your Own Horn

How many ways can I tell you that I love this idea?! The old lyres combined with the brass mouthpieces look great, and the positive sentiments just have to make one feel good. Great post.

Re: Drink Up! CrAzY Bottle Collection

Wow, what a collection. Unusual shapes and names, but I had even forgotten about 'Yoo Hoo'chocolate soda!! Used to love it. Great pics, great display, as always from you. But I have to ask, how do you dust them all?!

Re: How to Make a Table from Cardboard Scrap

Hey, Georgia, you absolutely get the prize for the post everyone admires/envies/wishes-they-had-thought-of (not to mention had the needed parts for it). Very green, very useful, very classy. Was it worth the gray hairs you earned?! Are you going to part with it?!

Re: Homeless Shelter Apartment Makeovers

YOURS LOOKS FABULOUS!!! Give each other a hug. This is such a wonderful thing for an organization to do for a great cause. Do the people take the things with them when they move? I'm guessing they do. We have a place like that here in Dallas, the difference being that the organization has a huge warehouse where people (like me) can donate no-longer-needed home furnishings. The volunteers then 'go shopping' there and no money is spent. Yes, down to pictures on the walls, pots and pans, linens. And the family does take the whole houseful with them when they move, so they have a great start on a new life. (Give each other a BIG hug!!)

Re: Side By Each

Very creative thinking AND very healthy-looking plants. Good save!

Re: Junky Love House

Very cute love NEST! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) It is very cool with all the stuff attached to it. They didn't even need a key! Very thouhtful of you. T.

Re: Kentucky's 400 mile yardsale

And I'll put in a bid for the green vase, in fact for that whole vingette! That's beautiful! It coud find a home right here in Dallas, and I'd be very protective of it for you! Love it. T. (Yeah, go back and buy the lawn chair and do the polyurethane treatment on it.)

Re: 1977 Chicago Schwinn Twinn

Why do people throw great stuff like that away?! I've never understood that. What a great rescue! Happy riding!

Re: Jan's repurposed table top stand!

Jan, Like you, I look at things for a day or so and see if it really 'suits'. I agree with you, upside-down is better in this case. The bowl really sets it off. I like the way your mind works--this is really pretty.

Re: Garden Bench

That is one great bench, and (according to the picture) one very happy neighbor. You did a great job.

Re: A Traveling Bevarage Bar

This is the one you got at the big sale last week, right? Loved it plain, love it more this way. So many options for totes. I am a sucker for old tool boxes (or whatever this WAS) and this one is great!

Re: Pop Art Bracelet

Very unusual and a good way to use mismatched spoons. I, too, need to know how to flatten a piece of flatware, but promise not to compete with you. (I need it for something else!) Thanks.

Re: Trash Bin

Use it to store rolls of gift wrapping paper (standing in the tall part under the lid) and use the drawer to store rolls of ribbon and tape. Great in a closet for this project or paint it and decorate it and keep it "out in the open" so all can see it.

Re: Rag rug

Very nice, and you did a great job of coordinating the colors to transition from one to the other in a pretty way. How wide is the rug, and about how much fabric did you use? I like it.

Re: Wrought Iron Table Base...turned Beautiful Garden Table!

Beautiful!! I couldn't have parted with this one---way too cool. Good save.

Re: Antique Sale FUN!!

Beautiful views of the great stuff in your booth. I'd love to go shopping there, but would definitely spend too much!! Your booth is so full of so much it's hard to pick out any one thing--you really do have a gift for displaying things to the best advantage. Glad you did well.

Re: "old School"

I agree with the others, you are lucky to have these. Don't think about how big they are, be GLAD they are so big and can store so much stuff. I like the idea too of everyone having a place to store their 'stuff', and yes, it takes space. Even the garage would be a great place to stash them, and even there, paint them a cool color and decorate for eash person using one.

Re: My auction buy!...

What a 'haul' you made for very little money! Why aren't there more sales around here like you found there---. Good stuff, definitely. The pitcher and glasses set was quite a find. Lucky you!

Re: My auction buy!

Ditto what monakent said: I'd wear that black & white number to church!! Love your great finds, and what a good price. T.

Re: Fun & Unique Jewelry Displays by Gretchen

Sorry about the spelling errors in the last post; just in a hurry! T.

Re: Fun & Unique Jewelry Displays by Gretchen

I get it!! All these are great ways to display your pretty jewelry and very innovative. Love the total look or your selling areat. The screen door on top is cute and the antique cradle shows it off well.


Amen to that! AND, isn't it nice when junk isn't really junky?! So pretty, what you did with the mirrors and what a nice 'find' on the water globe. You lucky thing! The rub-ons really add to the mirrors, as does the jewelry bling.


Janis, we used to have one of these, but it wasn't nearly so pretty. This is very nice and what a good use for it! You did a beautiful job and it brought back many memories, good ones. My dad and my future husband drank many cups of coffee from ours. Thanks for the memories! Totsy

Re: Galvanized Flower Garden

Jim, you did such a nice job of transforming junk to something beautiful. The flower colors are great, and I'll try my best to out-bid Marie and gailmarie for this cheerful planter! Your work is always so inspiring. T.

Re: Cast Iron Stove Picture Frame

I agree with Candy and Jim---they look like they were made to be frames and they are perfect FOR frames! I'm trying hard not to covet, much less envy like Marie. Love these!!!

Re: Junk-O-Rama Prom Memory Frame

What a neat way to display photos/memorabilia!! You did a great job to remind y'all of the fun TEXAS time. (Alas, I no longer have the whole section of p.o. boxes that were on my grandparents' farm. Some scavenger thought the place was abandoned and took that, as well as other neat things.) It was good to see you and the others and imagine the fun you were having. Great save on your part.

Re: I LOVE My Junk Swap Partner!!!

Wow, what a nice spring present to receive! Makes the one I sent to my partner look bad, believe me! Love what Georgia did with the door, handle, etc. It really will be cute in the kitchen with a towel on it. And the tablecloth and seeds with the gloves---what pretty colors. Georgia did herself proud with this one and YOU, artifacts, got a nice gift. (the chocolate looks good too!)

Re: Spring Junking Finds

Love it ALL...wow! I'd buy any of this in a shop, especially the stool, birdhouse, candle holder,bell jar-----!

Re: What's Happening at Warrenton, Marburger, Round Top?

Today is pretty chilly, Snowyowl, about 41 degrees this a.m. Sue, what IS that thing on your head? Looks like y'all are having fun. T.

Re: Bookends from vintage molding

Those are really cute, useful and very neat (not to mention easy!). You did a great job.'They' say that the sincerest form of flattery is to copy it, and that's just what I'll do with the 2 old corner pieces of molding I've had stashed for a couple of years. Thanks for the idea!


Absolutely beautiful! The knobs that look like lids for the spice jars--looks like they fit perfectly. You did a great job of prettying-up (is that a word?) the jars with ornamental buttons and pretty ribbon. Love it. This would work with lots of other stuff in the jars too.

Re: To Ride a Horse is to Ride the Sky

You always come up with the neatest quotes! Very nice horse and the perfect way to display it. Looks like a little weather vane. T.

Re: Picket Fence Planter

Okay, Geo, it's really neat and very clever and springy. BUT I'm like JunkArchitect---what's up with you and moss and planters in the new book? Come on, 'fess up! (Sue DID say to ask!) Very nice project, as always from you. T.

Re: Count your.....chickens or quilts or doodads......or don't....

I don't mean to be rude, but hope the property wasn't like ours--not abandoned, but just not able to go there much. So much was stolen that really meant something to us; now we'll never be able to recover our sentimental treasures from childhood. Hope I don't offend you.

Re: Potting table

Potting table? Are you serious? Not at my house! That sweetheart would be in the kitchen holding all kinds of neat stuff!!! Love the doorknob that you left and all the details. It's great.

Re: Felted crazy quilt

Very pretty! Did you use a backing and put batting between? I'll bet it's warm even without it. Unusual and functional. Good save.

Re: It's "time" for spring...and cloches!

Very pretty, each one. I needed one to serve a practical use and my husband moved heaven and earth trying to find one for me. He did and it is in use right now to keep dust off a very precious ornament made by a 90+year-old lady. I'd love to find some like yours. Maybe at a garden shop? Love the ones on the rusty lamp bases. (I'm trying not to covet!)


How many mantels do you have?! Goodness, you have an abundance of riches there. So beautiful, every one. Yep, the grain bin door and the rusty gate are outstanding. (The boys are cute too!)

Re: Junk to Pretty - $7.00 table

Yes, wow! That is one beautiful table you've got there now. You had good insight to 'see' the tree just glowing through the black paint. No $7 table now! Great save.

Re: unfinished back on secretary desk

I'm with Sue--I'll be right over for tea; prefer Earl Grey but whatever. Such a great idea you had! Your tea things are pretty, the cookbook pages really set the whole thing up right. (Absolutely love the old secretary!)

Re: Decorative Vintage Bottles

So pretty! Much better way to show off interesting old bottles than just sitting them on a shelf. Such detail--even the stoppers become jewel-like in your hands. (Yes, interesting website you have.) Thanks for new ideas.

Re: Can you tell what these are?

How neat is that?! Very pretty and quite a conversation piece, being so old and being what they are! Good save.

Re: living room chandelier made from junk

Oh, and give us a close-up of the chandelier so we can see the how it's made from junk!

Re: Old Dresser re-painted

I agree with Georgia, why not bring it in the house? Looks great, nice save. (Why DO people throw things like this away? I don't get it.)

Re: living room chandelier made from junk

Very interesting photos. In the one of the fireplace, to the left of it is a picture of a drum major--is it an advertising piece, like the top of an old calendar? Very neat. The fireplace is well-done; how ingenious of you to put it all together to make a "fireplace"!

Re: A place to hang your hat!

All of these are so cute! Where did you get the bulb clip that has a ring for a hat? I've never seen anything like that. Very clever way to make an unusual lampshade. All so pretty and feminine.

Re: Light At The Other End

Very unusual shape to the shade. Love what you did with it. Sometimes a happenstance turns into an 'aha' moment. Pretty.

Re: a marriage made in architectural heaven

Very cute idea! What is the black object with 3 points on top at the right of the angel? Can't tell, but I like the whole composition.

Re: Play the Music, Not the Instrument

Wow, all the entries in the challenge have been great. BUT, seeing as how I am a musician, can I pick a favorite? The train tracks representing a music staff were brilliant. All the related music parts and pieces evoke such memories. The 'plastic flute' is a Tonette, the same as I started out on MANY years ago, then graduated to a clarinet. (Which I still play in a concert band, thankyou very much.) All this to say, if I found this in a shop, it would be MINE in a heartbeat!! You did a great job.

Re: window table

Very cute idea. I noticed the posting from you on 2/17 called 'entry table' made from a shutter and half a table---now THAT is cute too!! You do good work!

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

Jim, the whole display is really great, as usual for you. Thanks for giving us good ideas!

Re: gorgeous teddy

Very nice save. I've seen some teddies made from fur like old mink stoles or coats. Is this one from that? They are very popular 'down here'. You did a great job!

Re: Need a helping hand?

All so beautiful and useful.Very feminine. What a great re-purpose for some of the ones you have. Others just look great. Don't you love re-sale and thrift shops? They have the greatest things and you're helping others by buying (as if I needed a reason!).

Re: Push Lawnmower Lamp

Great design! I agree with paisleypenguin, it looks like a double helix, which has a very pleasing shape. How special to have done it with your father.

Re: Deep Fried Decor - A Floral Welcome

Ditto all the nice comments about what you created. It is wonderful, as always. NOW, let us see more of what it is sitting ON. That looks very intersting too.

Re: Curbside Pink Stove

Amen to what RNKtiki said, too bad they don't make them like that anymore. I had one very similar, wish I still did. What a curbside deal you got! Awesome save!

Re: My Funny Valentine

And I love the surprise!!! Don't I have a craft-y daughter? It fits perfectly in my house, though I have to say, it's a lucky thing she didn't just keep it. It looks good in HER house too! Love it, love it. (Thanks, Judi!)

Re: valentine garland

Very pretty composition. Love it all; simple, yet beautiful.


All the pictures are so neat and show such cute, cute, ideas. OK, so what is the thing on the wall, under the picture and above the wall shelf with the dove and lamp. Looks like some kind of box or something.Always love your posts.

Re: Thanks for the Inspiration

Black paint looks great, and I too vote for toile.

Re: Stove Grate Clock

Sure makes the clock look great---get it, grate,great.....oh,well. I like it!

Re: How to Hang a Portrait with Junk

That is really a great, well put-together hanger! The round things are (like MimiToria said) the wick holders from kerosene lamps? That's what they look like to me.

Re: hope is a thing with feathers

Great way to handle the text! And the text itself if so haunting and beautiful. Love it.

Re: A true "junky" to "funky" transformation

Very clever re-use of something old and not seen anymore, at least in that form. I'll bet it's quite a conversation piece, too, when it's in use. Very good 'thinking outside the box'.

Re: HELP PLEASE! Sideboard and Hutch is not me....Can you ladies help me with some sort of painting technique?

Sorry, but I agree with irishrovr, wood this beautiful would be a shame to paint. The inlaid parts are just too pretty. I'd take that suggestion and sell it and buy what you DO like and make fit into being 'you'.

Re: Any Suggestions? Ideas?

lovecrafting had a good, but since you are in a rental, find somewhere for it to go indoors. Then when you move, put everything back like it was originally.

Re: "Fan" cy Jewelry Organizer

Pretty FAN-cy! Okay, so where did you find the finger scissors? I've never seen anything like that at a fabric store or craft store, and it looks very handy to use. The fan is a beautiful shape all on its own and now it's useful again. Way to go, Sue!

Re: Any Suggestions? Ideas?

How tall is it, how big around? It's beautiful wood, but painted might be good too.

Re: coffe table w/ no top

Great piece of 'junk'! I think the idea of a strong piece of plywood cut to fit, then padded and covered would be easy and affordable. Then use it like a bench when you need extra seating. Beautiful details on it. Lucky you!

Re: "Every Wall Is A Door"

The quote is great, the individual items came together like you were inspired! I'd rather have something old with some history to it than something new any day. Now your 'something old' has a totally new meaning, not only for you, but for all who see it.

Re: How to Make a Valentine's Day Planter.

What a pretty valentine! If your sister doesn't like it, there are several (including me!) already in line for it! The wheels do add to the 'glamour' of the whole thing.

Re: Junk Lamp

That's beautiful! You did a great job. Don't tell anyone who compliments you on it that it is made of pieces of this and that! It looks like a high-dollar candlestick.

Re: My Version Of RoadTripLouise's Bracelets

Beautiful! Where's mine?! (Remember I like green or amber!)

Re: Glass Cigar Tubes - Totally Tubular Project

Beautiful! The wooden block is called a sugar mold--the sides of the holes are sloped to make a cone-shaped hole. Supposedly these were used to make sugar cones that were later grated for use. I use mine as a votive candle holder, but this would certainly be a neat change. Buttons for filling the spaces. What a good idea!

Another idea for using the tubes: how about gathering a group of them in a bundle large enough to stand when tied with a ribbon, then put individual flowers in the tubes. Make a large bouquet....

Re: Guest Bedroom

Wow, your whole house needs to be featured in a magazine! Thanks for the beautiful photos. Lots of good ideas; let's all sign up for our time in your guest room. And yes, like cSudderth said, we'd love to see your master bedroom, hint, hint.

Re: White on White

Amen to what MimiToria said about a follow-up on the great post on the "shutters-as-divider" peek into your beautiful white on white dining room. Ditto what several have said about your milk-glass collection. And a BIG 'good for you' to YOU for using your pretties all the time! What's the use of having it if you aren't using it? No paper plates for me, my family loves using what I have.

Re: Vintage Potato Mashers find new life as ~ TaDa ~ Bud Vases!

Very cute ideas! I've put in my order with my crafty daughter for one of slightly different design, but would love one of these too!! Like country Texans say, 'you done good!'

Re: "LIGHT IT UP!!!"

Oh, wow, I thought I was looking at one of the old candlesticks I have in the cupboard. Now that's what it's been missing! Did you use an old bracelet for the jewels? This house is the headquarters for old jewelry and vintage glassware, and there will be something there to use, for sure. Thanks for the neat idea!

Re: A little Elbow Grease

Amazing transformation! Beautiful wood under all that gunk. That old inlay craftsmanship can't be beat. Yay for you.

Re: More Whimsy

Very cute idea! Mind if I 'share' your creation? They'd be cute for a friend's birthday, a housewarming gift, even a hostess gift. Thanks for the neat way to share pretty things.

Re: A Junk Bonanza Find! Can you guess what it is?

Well, every farm girl knows that is a row of chicken nesting boxes that hung on the wall of the chicken house, right? Wish I had the one from our farm; I'll bet you can do all kinds of neat things with this!

Re: Shutter Closet Door Panel Divider

Very cute idea! You have a good eye for details. Tell us more about the dining area--we need to see pictures! What is above the entry way going horizontally? It looks like a louvered shutter, maybe? Very cute house. Post more projects, really.

Re: Earring hanger

Now that is a great idea! Pretty enough with the bling added to display in a bedroom or bathroom. No need to put away after each use. Good thinking.

Re: Bags from Recycled Blue Jeans

Very cute use of jeans. I'd love to have one! The 'wall' behind the halltree is interesting too! Story behind it?

Re: My very first "junker" project!

All those odds and ends put together make a really neat 'new' decorating focal point. How creative you are! I'll bet you collected those things over a long period and finally got the inspiration. I noticed the old-fashiioned soap dish that's holding the votive--very cute way to use it.

Re: My very first "junker" project!

Very cute project! I am the mom of a very creative person, right? And to think, she took all parts of this that I gave her over years and made this. Can you see the old-fashioned soap dish that holds the votive?