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Re: A Merry Christmas Conservatory - revisited...

Oh my! I just found this in the 2008 revisit e-mail! I LOVE your conservatory. I would love to borrow your idea and build my own for 2009. It is such a lovely way to capture those holiday/seasonal memories.

Could you please share the actual(or close) size of yours? At first it looked small and then I followed the post to your "beach view" and it looks bigger than I first thought.

Thank you for sharing this. Both versions I've seen are gorgeous. I can't wait to see your other seasonal themes.


Re: "Coco Chanel" all Blinged Out for the Holidays

While Coco is indeed a lucky find, and very much the Angel Kitty, my burning question is this! Where do I get one of your necklaces with the bird nest pendant? I love, love, love it!

Re: How To Make A Santa Snow Globe

Once upon a time I made these with my Brownie troop. We used old babyfood jars and miniature items I collected here and there. They were just the right size for small hands to hold. Thanks for the gylcerin tip! Quickly sinking glitter was my only puzzle! Can't wait to find some flower aquariums and make more for myself!