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Re: Mother's Day project

Love this idea. There are several places on the internet to find the instructions. If you buy a new wick, you wrap it around a pencil and suspend the pencil on each side. Never thought of melting an unused candle. I love these and they sell well at craft fairs too.

Re: [WRECKAGE] Cabinet

I love it. Looks like it came out of an old sailors cabin aboard ship - off the cost of___________. What happened to the tree cutouts though on some of the shutters - i really liked that part. very rustic, log cabinish, old country kitchenish, front porch place of honor for best in show though amongst the worn cushions fraying upon the climate worn chairs adorned with the seasons finest flowers and bounty. Ah - It is a wonderful life - here on that porch

Re: Repurposed Casserole Server

I love this!!! Great Idea. I had several of these as you can find them at thrift stores a lot but never knew what to do with them. I gave them away and now i am looking for them to do this project. Christmas fabric would be great too for the holidays with all sorts of balls and greenery. Love it. You could put pellon or thin batting in the bottom too.

Re: Art Fun With Vintage Linoleum Cutters

A great marriage of these 2 finds. You have an eye for this. Never saw linoleum cutters. very striking.

Re: What's Under That Glass Dome?

Love these - I have a whole new appreciation for these trophies now.

Re: chippy white and wonderful hutch

I love this. I conducted a funeral for a man's wife several yrs ago and he showed up at my door with one exactly like this. It was his wife's aunt's. It is a mustard type paint though - not bright mustard but like dijon I guess. I love it. the top is all enclosed with 2 doors and glass and 3 shelves. the bottom has one long drawer and doors that open at the bottom with 2 shelves. I have my 1900 Blue Willow in it and some odds and ends of other things on top, silver and glass, old Christmas.

Re: How to Create Sterling Silver Ornaments on the Cheap

Stunning, beautiful - love it - great idea!!! You find lids at the thrift stores all the time with no bottoms too. I cant wait to do this!!!

Re: Serving up a "light" snack - vintage junk-style!

Love this- so regal and beautiful. A caterer would love it. I have taken plates from the thrift store in all colors and shapes and glued them on to glass globes from light kits off fans. Really beautiful too. I found globes that were cut glass too and really unusual shapes. A great idea for serving pieces. I am going to sell them at a craft show in Canton Texas in Nov. I have al ways wondered what to do with those beautiful old lamp fixtures too.


Love this!!! Great piece of art too. I have had several of these lamps. My rewiring is lacking, cant get it all tight enough. I only have one of these left that works, but I am rethinking it now. It would make a beautiful cake stand too with a larger plate on top. You have an eye for things for sure.

Re: Pyrex Trays - Take One

Clever, creative and what an eye. Looks great like it was always like that. Never have seen any of these glass trays.

Re: "Shake AND Bake!!??!!"

This is so intense and beautiful. Great finds at thrift store. those milk glass candle holders are a real find. the jello molds too. I have a ton of them and love them. I put some on my Christmas tree. Great finds in the hands of a great decorator.

Re: Catch Me on The Today Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda!

I saw the episode - it was great!! So nice to acknowledge junk recycle and creativity on national TV- Did Kathy get her dominos glued?

Re: JUNKMARKET Style's 2009 Top "10" in Junk

So Jealous I did not get to go this year. I loved the jars, seam binding and the old hardware. I put some of the fancier hardware on my CHristmas tree - really beautiful ornaments too. I bought some hardware at Canton a month ago for 2.oo each.

The gym locker really took me back to my old junior high ( the former old high school built in 1900). We used those kind of gym lockers. Wow -

Re: Shabby Chic Muffin Tin Trinket Holder

This is very nice. One year I spray painted these in gold and silver and put them on the table filled with tea lights. Another great idea too.


love the wreath and planter - love anything with old license plates. great idea to mix the textures, colors and objects.


I love this. I love these when I see them. I have a friend with several of these that are very old with all of the original bottles and silverware utensils - such an elegant presentation - why shouldn't we store supplies in such beauty and art. Speaks of an era gone by but the grace and charm brought back again. love it.

Re: Necktie Wall Art

I love this. I have wondered for years what to do with neckties. I have seen vests, purses and even a piece made for a mantle. You just hate to throw them out.

Re: Altered Altar

I too am a United Methodist Pastor and I would suggest putting an old church pew in front of it or a small sofa. would be a nice place to sit read, contemplate, etc. maybe a table infront of it like a buffet for the dining room. I love it. what a great free find - ther are a lot of churches with neat stuff hidden or boxed up for sure.

Re: My self-imposed junking intervention (aka organizing my basement workspace...)

I love your basement. How speical it is you have your own room for crafting, junking, whatever. I loved looking at all of your collections and possibilities. Yes we in Texas dont have basements typically. some older homes do and some older churches and banks do. Pretty neat - we are all jealous.

Re: Felted crazy quilt

I love this. I may do this because I keep my house cold in the winter and my family when they come, complain. so this would be warm and great.

Re: A Handmade Gift

I love this idea. do the numbers have a magnet behind them? Can you change them out every month? Great job of recycle and creativity.

Re: I feel like felting...

I love these bags and wreaths. I have 4 sweaters I cant wait to felt. Never thought about wool blankets too. This was on Martha Stewart and they made pillows and mittens. I got my sweaters at Goodwill for 2 each after the holidays. I love the red purse with the applique.

Re: Doing some light sewing...

I love this display. The rustic background and the elegant delicate old sewing machine under the warm glow of the light. Very nice arrangement. Evokes a lot of passion, energy and feeling.

Re: Vintage Ceramic Squirrel Pin Cushion

Never thought of this before. I collect the off white old ceramics. You have given me a great idea here. I just love them as great art anywhere. I sew a lot so this is great.

Re: Pocket Full of Posies

I loved this. I have made things like this for Christmas and for the garden. with arrangements in the pocket and rope or wire to hang them. I decorate the pocket too. I also use the pocket for a note pad holder for the frig too with a magnet glued on the back. This would look great in the garden too or on the porch too. Nice idea.

Re: Piano Bar

Wow - really excellent idea!! Great use of old piano shell. Great conversation piece too - really nice.

Re: Marburger Farm Antique Show and JUNKMARKET Partner with Houston Habitat for Humanity!

I hate I will miss Round Top this time. Great Idea too. Love to go to Marburgery - such a really neat place in Texas, so much fun to see it all.

Re: A birdhouse with a twist

I love these! At a craft sale in Waxahachie, Texas, Gingerbread house capital of Texas last year - A man was selling birdhouses made of old license plates - they were wonderful and cost 45 each. some looked like old churches too. nice idea.

Re: Flower Power Garden Stakes

Great idea here. I love these!! I have windchimes made of silverware and one with 2 forks back to back and each prong pulled out and holds a prism. I love these. I saw on the internet hwere people took the handles and cut them off and turned the top under with a ring for a key chain too. these are great garden art. I love them. So whimsical too.

Re: JennyK's Office Re-Junking Part #3

unusual indeed - the wheels are a plus too in moving it. hmmm I work around death, illness and dying so It might evoke some things in me. I might have to put it on the front proch perhaps. Have been around too many gurney's with people on them too. But that is what salvage is about - repurposing it

Re: The Ugly Duckling turns into the Swan

really lovely and great job sewing too. Nice fabric - looks vintage too.

Re: unfinished back on secretary desk

I love it - tea with work. or work with tea. I want English Breakfast in my cup. Really lovely idea to use pages from an old cookbook. Love the old potholders and the tea set too. I have a stackable bookcase from 1900 that was my grandparents and it is in the living room with milk glass in it. the white looks great in the dark wood but I have had it in the dining room too with dishes in it too.

Re: "Record" setting transformation...

A great 50s presentation - I love it. Nice use of new dishes and colors with old rust and worn paint. evokes a 50s song or two.

Re: From SCHOOL to "COOL"

Great transformation here!! who knew? Great storage piece too.

Re: A true "junky" to "funky" transformation

I like the use of glass with old rusted metal sitting on wood. Nice way to use all of those textures and surfaces together.

Re: It's all about the wine...

Great use of unusual pieces - love the wine labels. With the glasses on top - it brings light to the room, draws you eye to the light. The wheels are great too - add a whimsical dimension. I love old drawers and finding use for them in unconventional ways.

Re: Quirky Snowfolks

I am so glad you posted this. They are wonderful. Before Christmas I saw this on the front of a magazine at Hobby Lobby. I refused to pay so much for a magazine when I only wanted this idea. I have saved this so I can recall it. I have been saving bottles too. They put pearl beads in the bottom of theirs. I have some stuff called diamond dust too. I used it to put on the outside of glass candle holders one year with poinsettias cut out from napkins and glued on first. I want to look up the snow dust too. Realy lovely job.

Re: Wind Chimes

In the 70s I knew a couple who made windchimes out of vintage silverware and sold them everwhere. They were wonderful. Recently at the big Canton Flea Market I bought a prism one. they took 2 forks and wire them together. They drilled holes at the top. they wired the base also and then spread out the fork at the bottom to hang prisms on. They put a piece of wire at the top to han. and prisms on each blade of the fork and one in the center to hang down. I pd 18 for it. I like your idea too.

Re: Auction Bargain!

I use to have some of these from some sort of meeting hall. they had brass plates with people's names on them. They were a bit larger and really heavy - like the paint here.

Re: Texas and Gatherings ... and Lightheartedness

Love the display. I am in TExas. Do you go to Canton? I have been going since the 70s. Sure has changed - way too much new stuff and holesale stuff. Also do you go to Roundtop? Really fun too but high scale high priced very old antiques. Fun to drive up and down the roads there and stop where areas are full of dealers. People open their homes up too - so fun. I found a lady there a couple of Octobers ago selling vintage table cloths for 2.00 each. I think I bought at least 35. Unreal. Some of the higher priced barns and tent area cost to go in which I dont like. Sounds like you all had a great time there too.

Re: Play the Music, Not the Instrument

Yes great creative use of these instruments. It plays its own music now. you can almost hear each one. play the music - yes not the instrument. hmmmm would be a nice entry way piece for sure.

Re: Vintage Leather Suitcase

I love the old texture and wear of the suitcase. Sitting there it makes me want to open it up and see what is inside. What is inside? Inside its travels, journey, who touched it, what happened when it went_______________-. I love the old phone. Does it still work? Had one of those growing up. Seems so slow and clunky now to use. Love the old RC crate too - great texture, color and storage. Nice ideas here.

Re: "Old School Argyle" Night/End/Occassional Table

Great transformation!! You often find these pieces at garage sales, on the road or thrift stores. You have a talent and an eye to see what it can become.

Re: "THE UNCOLA Crate" Shadow Box Table

Great use of the old crate. Good add of color in the room too. When I was in high school we bought these for pennies, hung them on walls and filled them with odd old things. they are hard to find any more. very art deco looking too.

Re: S T R A N G E CARGO...... the saga continues.

Really nice use of these iron sewing legs - presents a modern of a sort table. Nice to have the light coming through the glass so as to see the legs. A nice marriage of old and new.


Exceptional idea here to patchwork these different handmade doilies together. I like the use of the milk glass egg servers too with tea lights. I collect milk glass and put tea lights in them all the time.

Re: Candle Sconce


Love the red color - not like a modern pigment at all. like rubbing cherries all over the wood or something. Nice use of the old insulators too with the tea light. Wonderful to have an occupation you love.