Suzanne Nelson, Moss Point, MS, US

after spending the last 20 plus years in Florida I came home to the MS Gulf Coast a little over a year ago, Coming home inspired me to my roots and a more creative space in life. I love Junk and the possibilities they hold. This venue has been inspiring as well as the perfect place to share the fun of creating new purposes for old retired pieces! happy junking!

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Lamp shade tree for the holidays!

after 3 thrift stores and one yard sale I finally found enough old lamp shades

Recycled cookie tin

I was trying to clean out some of my junk then I came across a cookie tin with no lid, suddenly I was inspired to paint it, so here is the end result.

recycling again with old metal ring

Recycled old metal ring, license tags,fishing lures,paint,old netand rope, enamel pot lid to something fun for fishing 

Recycled wooden Christmas trees

These trees were made with scrap wood, an old wooden chase lounge, and old fence piece found in someone's trash.

DIY Christmas decorating projects from objects around the house.

Using that old metal stand for cooking chicken upright, I painted it although not necessary then cut old ribbon about 6" in length and started at the top tieing all the way down then. to give it some...

Dr. Seuss inspired driftwood tree

It's the Holiday Season not that I need a reason you should know I love to recycle & re-use so check out my tree made from driftwood and debris and guess who happens to be my muse? with a star...

Driftwood Angel

Metal pieces found at thrift store and welded together then wired driftwood to structure, using metal trivet for halo on wooden ball head and copper tubing for wings.

Moss Point, MS. Fall De Rah 2014

Front Porches Fall De Rah Style in Moss Point, MS. The Moss Point Celebrations Comittee decorates downtown  for the 21st year . Artists paint doors to celebrate the fall for downtown as well.

Old Drawers to Shadow Boxes

found old kitchen drawers on side of road and with a little sanding and paint and a few miscellaneous items, they can now compliment any wall space.


yard sale find old first guitar, updated with a little paint for the Fourth of July design

Moss Point, MS. Fall De Rah 2014 will celebrate Front Porches Southern Style

In Moss Point, MS. The Celebrations comittee decorates the downtown area for fall. This years theme will be Front Porches southern style that we will design using pallets as our base. This was the...

Recycled Piano Art

I have been holding onto these piano keys, back board etc. and recently took a photograph of a pelican in flight. when I looked at the pelican's outstretched wings I suddenly knew what i wanted to...

Do you have the Time?

Clocks, I have no reference to time but I love clocks and have them all over my house. So often I never know the time! So when I come across clocks that need a little change this is what happens12...

Holiday Recycle Projects

Driftwood Tree, Old Cabinet door repainted distressed then added snowman!, Driftwood Angel, music angel made with old sheet music applied to cut wood wings and skirt made with piano key ends., Old...

Outdoors again working in the nice weather!

Stained Glass, Metal Mold, Wooden Kleenex Box holder, upcycled into Bird House & Feeder. upcycled wine rack into tabletop winerack Old Headboard upcycled with tile mosaic into Plant Stand for...

My Turquoise Phase

long story short you should put the top on your paint can when leaving outside in a rainstorm. I was going to paint the vintage tool box turquoise but when I opened the can I had a wash or stain so...

A few recent projects

Recycle shoe into bird house, recycled metal file box into bird house, reuse of donated popcorn machine into planter and old cabinet door and metal laptay with a new look still under...

Rusty old shell of lawnmower up-cycled to Mosaic Garden Planter

I found this old lawn mower at a yard sale, wt out the motor seemed perfect f a garden planter, then I found a champaigne bucket that fit perfectly so naturally I thought of usng mirror to reflect...

Some of my yard art displayed in the 61st annual Pilgrimage in Moss Point, MS.

Just a few items diplayed today in the 61st Annual Pilgrimage in Moss Point , MS. re-do of one of my pelicans added to old window frame, the 2 old silver platters with moaic glass, stained glass...

Really Large bed Posts and old window with new design

I was recently directed to a curbside junkfind, when I got there It was this ridicously large headboard an footboard, somewhat over-exagerated for my taste. Nonetheless a new challenge, so I brought...

Old water damaged silver platters with a new make-over

On a recent visit to St. Vincent de Paul's thrift store , I came across some old siver-plated water damaged platters or serving trays. I decided to give them a little make-over.  

Vintage toy Cars

Here goes again for the 4th attempt! I found these cars at the bottom of a box on the side of the road where a preschool had gone out of business. I managed to rescue 5 of them. with some cleaning...

Upcycled Chandelier

This 70's wooden chandelier was given to me with rust and it had seen better days, so with some black paint, mirror, grout and a little imagination it can capture reflections from the sunlight on a...

Weather finally permits to complete mosaics !

Well This has been a project, grouting the mosaics on the bike was extremely time consuming! but finally it is done after many different baskets I decided the new owner should make that decision if...

New Changes to old items!

  First is a new bird house using old piano keys, and old vintage shoe shine box and still in need of a few finishing touches. Next I found an old metal vase that I had done a moaic inspired by...

Recent recycled projects

the First one is a little mixed media piece using old piano keys, and old frame, old sheet music and a brass piece I found at a thrift store  the second piece was an old glass cabinet door I did...

Christmas at my house!

My driftwood christmas tree, with led lights , and wooden trees with marbles for ornaments and last but not least a new patriotic bird house.

Recent Up-cycled projects with wood, driftwood and metal !

Recent repurposed driftwood and reclaimed barnwood designs! driftwood angels with added extras, driftwood bird, and dritwood wall tree along with rulers etc. tree.

Rust to Mosaic Whimsy!

A friend gave me this old rusty bike so I decided to change it up a bit! not quite finished yet but almost there and it is a working bike as well!

a change to old metal address house numbers

New Address signs made from weathered wood, first I cut the birds and then thought of how to use them other than just by themselves and i was making numbers and the two just came together. adds a...

Shutter Angels

new reuse of old shutters, weathered wooden wings and of course I have to incorporate some metal so their heads seemed the logical place. Getting ready for the Fall Season.

Wood, a little rusty metal and an old clock

Well trying something new, had an old frame, rusty paint lid,tarnished lid, front of old kitchen drawer an old clock and some blue wooden slats, piece of driftwood acouple of old iron hooks and fleur...

Directions? where?

Finally I found a use for all my scrap wood I have been saving! made these up for a few friends!

Pelican in flight

Well I am back to the weathered wood again, and Driftwood too. My original stash of weathered wood has depleted down to only a few boards left, so while I was showing a friend one of my other Birds...

Pet Bed made from Old wine crate

I had an old wine crate, wasn't great wood so I painted added coffee cans on the bottom for legs then decided it need a second level, since I have cats they love to climb on the highest point as well...

Up-cycled Crosses made from picture frames

Actually I was give a box of frame corners from a friend, she thought I might come up with some use for them. Any way I used the first one on a previous post for a birdhouse then this occurred to me...

Up-cycled Discarded Dresser Drawer turned pet bed!

Up-cycled Discarded Dresser Drawer turned pet bed! still need to add perfect bedding and fabric, just tested it with a pillow and rug and my cat, Gabby

New Birdhouses and driftwood tree

The first birdhouse was a result from someone sharing a box full of Frame Corners, so I chose one and everything else just fell into place. The second Birdhouse was from a vintage clock missing its...

Vintage Rusty Produce Scale, finally found a use for!

Up-cycled vintage produce scale ready for your garden! could be a bird feeder or planter has holes for drainage.

Garden Party

Had my first opportunity to show my recycled art at a private garden Party. It went great here are just a few photos of items that sold! Yeah What a great Turn-out and pleasure to share my junk with...

just a few more additions!

A Few more projects, first  this is a project in the making an old metal frame and an old army metal box , I plan to make it a bench with a little touching up. Second,a bird bath made from old...

Old junk into new

Getting ready for my first Private Garden Show next Tuesday, trying to finish all these projects of turning old junk into new gift items. So I found theses old shutters  and decided one might be...

Metal & Wood

Found 3 of these old metal candle holders, up-cycled with table leg and also created 3 new weathered wood birds for the garden area.

Update to previous post and a few extras ( also an old chair back)

Well first of all I previously posted the bi-fold doors with an old chair and my first attempt at a stained glass picture (using an old frame with glass) well I just grouted today so it has a little...

Springtime characters

Stick people made for Downtown Spring Decorations. These were fun to make and families with their children seemed to enjoy and used for a photo  opportunity. I volunteer with a group called...

Junking plus Imagination continued

A few new additions to the recycling junk world! an upcycled bird house, vintage 75th anniversary Mr. Peanut bird feeder, another birdfeeder made with several vintage pieces, and yet another old...

Dressing up the Yard with old shutter bifold

This was a fun project! I had an old bifold door I seperated, and sanded then cut out the top halves, added some left over oak flooring on top, then I found a wrought iron design I added to the back...

New Hope for Re-Purposed Vintage Cabinet Door & Light Fixture

I Found this old cabinet door on the side of the road, later I came across this old light fixture and decided to remove the wiring and of course with spring in the air and the need to plant, I...

Garden Pinwheel

OAR Pinwheel for the Garden, need some input! I have it so it will spin but need to add something to grab the wind, initial thought to add some metal spoons to rim any suggestions to get the wind? I...

new projects from recycled items!

new projects! up-cycled bird house, pallet turned bench, Yard sparklers, light fixture ready for outdoors, floor lamp turned yard bling.

recycled drawers into planter!

a small common 3 drawer box that just hides small items , jewelry etc. takes up counter space so I took the drawers out and made a wooden frame and now it becomes a planter and as for the shell of...

2 new up-cycled bird houses

These were fun, the first one was an old mantle clock that the clock had been broken, so the silver bowl I chose just fit right in the opening and it began there!, I actually put a hinge on the bowl...

My Tribute to previous member who had a ladder tree!

I forgot to mention and share my attempt at another members ladder tree at Christmas, I liked theirs so much and I only had a small step ladder and a small old wooden table , I decided to make one...

Recent Projects!

The first two are chandeliers I upcycled for outdoor use! from side of the road trash, the crabs were made of recycled wood by the side of the road along with and old cabinet door. and the final...

Splash into Spring!

new Blue bird bath made from recent junk find! old christmas tree stand, steel pedastal, metal lazy susan and aluminum platter! still working on the top part can't decide whether to use glass float...

More to Recycle, Projects never end!

More recycled wood, first the pelican I cut from old weathered wood some one threw out. next the planter with the wooden beam was thrown out from Lowes, and I reused coffee cans and copper strapping...

New Recycled yard Art

I wish I had taken the before pictures, but I get so busy recycling I have forgotten some of the steps. Any way the bird feeders were made from old metal lids, magazine rack, broken scraps of stained...

recent use of old wood and fence boards

These are my newer birds designed and cut from old weathered boards on Fence boards.  

Recycled homes and feeders for the Birds!

I created these using old pieces of wood, metal, vintage copper bowl, silver plate dish , magazine rack and spaghetti tin  

Feeling & Filling Time

I have been collecting clocks that have been discarded for some reason, some were in need of repair, some are my designs recycling pieces and parts. This was my attempt at bringing them together, or...

Gardening bench upcycled from old twin Headboard

Twin headboard turned garden potting bench.

Recycled Weathered wood from the Trash

From someones trash pile to a few projects using the weathered wood. literally  a friend had just ripped these boards off their potting shed and they stacked them in the yard to be picked up. I...

Recent Find! for redoing a fireplace or just adding to an interesting wall

RECENT TREASURE FIND, Old Fireplace mantle from England, Tiger Oak it was so dusty and dirty could hardly even see it covered with clutter and hidden form easy view in an old barn

Bird Feeder & Bird bath

new Bird Feeder and bird Bath made from last years thrift finds, First I found the metal bowls , so I cut the center out and added a blue bottle in the center, it will have 3 chains attached to the...

Quirky new planter?

Found this old wooden box , when I opened it it was for knives, of course the knives were missing so I decided to try to add some paint, and a new sunflower knob, and now it has a quirky new look and...

Old Shelf with a new look!

Metal shelf  with wine corks added, now it makes a good place to leave notes in the kitchen!

RE DO of coffee pot

re do of previous pictures upright! not sure why they keep comimg up sideways when they are correct in my editing program! I give up This time I could only get 2 correct!

Recycled coffee pots and other yard art

MY recent trash to treasures, I found three coffee pots being thrown away so I painted the first one with sunflowers now it is a new planter, also I found an old gumball machine with out the glass...

Spring Ahead !!!!

Hey evrybody, it's me again! I recently bought my mom a pelican (yard art )for valentines day, bur wanted a way to display so I had found a deal at IKEA mark downs for some twin bed slats for a 100...

One more try with those recycled plastic pots!

Well After the Fall de Rah in MS. and making over 30 Flowers for the Celebration I decided to try again and see if I could make a poinsetta for the christmas holidays. so here is what I came up with...

Whimsical Yard art continued made from old metal platters & odds & ends

These were made from found old metal objects then pieced together & painted in a fun fashion with no rhyme or reason. They will later be attached to stakes and placed out in a garden type area...

Whimsical Yard Art from recycled plastic pots

whimsical yard Flowers made from black planting pots  Actually My Mom is on a committee called "Celebrations " They decorate their town for the different seasons & holidays.  they were...

Recycled objects found at thrift stores

Recycled Refreshed redesigned with Mosaics

Recyclying a metal vase with Mosaics

After my previous attempts with Mosaics and recycling metal items from thrift stores, I am still at it. Therapy I guess since I am still unemployed duriing these slow economic times!

Birthday Bird Bath for my Mom

I started out wanting to make a ceramic birdbath then ran across some metal bowls in a thrift store for about $4.00 each then decided to try mosaics and ended up making four couldn't choose so I gave...

Table with burned top

I found an old table at a Thrift store that had a burned top, then decided to tile the top and now it has a place in my home.

Recent comments

Re: Industrial Steampunk Re-purposed Vintage Tricycle Bike Up-cycled Goose Neck Lamp

what a fun piece!I love it!

Re: The Re-Wrecking of One of My Previously Wrecked Armoires

your work is great, I wish i had that talent. I have a beautiful piece from an old piano but I cant work with such large pieces, just don't have the right tools and layout.I enjoy seeing the pieces you make, wishing I might take the chance.

Re: Lamp shade tree for the holidays!

Thanks for the comments, I think there are so many options that would make this type tree cute, a friend mentioned she expected the lamp shade to be in tact, and that would be interesting as well.
one thing I will say doing one was enough, I used a threaded piece of metal but forgot the washers and was too lazy to unscrew, that's a long way to spin each shade.

Re: Overhauled Vintage Night Stand + Vintage Yardsticks!

nice redo! love the color!

Re: Handmade Upcycled Mantle Clock

love this clock, love the copper!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Red Locker Storage Bench

Very unique as always you continue to surprise! you are definitely creative. would love to get together I have collected so much junk that needs your touch. in fact I have ideas that I wish I had a work partner to collaborate on! You always impress.

Re: Toy Horse Upcycled into Garden Sculpture

love it! how perfect for the horse lover!

Re: Custom made bench

Great first job! you have an eye for design!

Re: Don't be Chicken - Nightlight

so simple yet so creative! I love it

Re: Burlap Throw Pillows

Good Idea and your pillows are different from others I have seen. I have several coffee bags waiting for the right usage idea. Good Job!

Re: Drainage Culvert Container Garden

I love love gavanized anything in the garden! great recycle!

Re: Repurposed Children's Book Toy Lamp

So creative, nostalgic great recycle!

Re: Dress Your Lampshade

love the colors!

Re: Hubcap Sun Face and Grill Plant Stand!

love the colors, very pretty!

Re: Farm Implement Repurpose

Very creative, really like the finished piece.

Re: Kraut Cutter to Memo Station...

I would love this in my kitchen! It is so unique.

Re: Salvaged Wine Caddy

LOVE, LOVE this so creative!Excellent Execution!

Re: Repurposed Wine Caddy - Using Sewing Machine Drawer Slide Racks

As usual you are very creative, love the wine caddies!

Re: Cream Separator Lamp

Love the look! very creative

Re: Deer in my garden!

I really like that!good idea to use the spanish moss very good use of materials availabe.

Re: Repurposed Vintage Water Ski & Sewing Machine Drawer Book Ends

Very creative as usual! I really like the use of the drawers in the bookends good place to keep small post-it notes to mark places if needed. Great job as usual!

Re: Rusty Bed Springs- wall centerpiece

Very pretty!

Re: Filmstrip Door

This is great! i love your creativity, I would love to display photos in that frame!Very Very creative

Re: Wagan Wheel End Tables

looks so much better!

Re: projects

They look great too , got carried away anf forgot to tell you !

Re: projects

wow you really have been busy!

Re: Dresser Bench project

Nice make-over!

Re: Order Up...! Repurposed Deli Sign

Great find and great re-purpose!

Re: Corner shelves from old doors

Great Job! I wish my old doors were done like that!

Re: My "Junk Swap" box of Goodies!

cool toy guns!I look forward to seeing what you do!

Re: Upcycled Chandelier

Thanks StrangeCargo for the description for the votive candles I will use your advice, I found some bubble glass votives I liked but they didnt fit so maybe with your info I can add them.

Re: Vintage Water Ski Pair Lighted Organizer

Love the creative design ! truly a great repurpose for old skis!

Re: Old Iron Hoop Orb

GREAT IDEA wish I had thought of that!

Re: Rust to Mosaic Whimsy!

Thanks for the reminder actually I am working on the underneath part of the bike tonight, I guess i will have to see which looks better wire basket or wooden basket will let you know when completed! Thanks for the kind words!

Re: Recent Up-cycled projects with wood, driftwood and metal !

Thanks for the encouraging comments! The 1st angel with the scroll like wings was inspired when My daughter came home from Hawaii to visit! She is my angel so I had great fun putting those together.

Re: Double Deco Duplex Repurposed Kitchen Canisters Birdhouse Storage Box

Love this one Too! again you find some unique metal pieces so jealous!

Re: A Couple of Repurposed Bird Feeders

I really like this one, though I am curious is this hanging or on a post? You always find such unique metal pieces! you must have a great pipeline!Great job as usual!

Re: Thrifted Vintage Ruler Lamp

Very creative , I like it!

Re: Wild Martini Table

Wow what a great job repairing and the finished product is beautiful! how did you repair those gauges? is it a ceramic piece? great job!

Re: My "Big Girl" Ladder Bed Canopy...

I secretly wanted a canopy too. Your idea is lovely and definitely a great big girl idea too!

Re: "Brit Beach" Union Jack Coffee Table

Nice paint job Bryan!I love those legs too!

Re: Today is Her Birthday! So Here's Her Pallet pleasing project.

very nicely done! I like it!

Re: Repurposed Vintage Philco AM Console Radio

You really come across some great pieces! I love what you did I have a few pieces I have been holding back maybe I will get inspired now, Great imagination and execution!

Re: Foundry Pattern Mirror

I like this simply stated!

Re: A forgotten corner of the yard finds a new personality

How inviting!I love your junk, all you need is some plants! Great job with your corner

Re: Repurposed Water Fountain with Old Galvanized & Silverplate Parts

I have hesitated making a comment because I was so jealous! I have been wanting to make a fountain of sorts but have been intimidated, not sure why it seems easy enough, I mean the water and pump part, but after seeing yours maybe I will finally try it! anyway yours is so unique as usual. I love it!
thanks for keeping me inspired!


Re: Brown Sea Glass Pendant - Reclaimed from the Sea

Your necklace creation is lovely and showcases the beach glass perfectly!

Re: Dictionary End Table

What a great transition! The before was so dated , I love what you did with it, how fun!

Re: New Birdhouses and driftwood tree

Thanks everyone for the compliments! I will post when I figure out the lighting for the driftwood trees, where is IKEA when you need it? about 450 miles away.

Re: Old Trouser Press

I really like the piece maybe you could add or utilize the hardware to make an arm extension with several dowels. hang on a wall and let it be a pants hanger for a laundry room or mens closet.
could be a coolindustrial style
table top as well

Re: Headboard, Footboard=Chalkboards

Great job, good idea and choices!!!!

Re: 7 UP Racket Sign in Progress!

I love it , looks great!

Re: Upcycled Yardstick & Singer Sewing Machine Base Console/Hall Table

This is beautiful I love the colors and of course the base is great. but the metal edging add the perfect detail as well! Great job again.

Re: Entry Shelf

Great piece I like your attention to detail!

Re: Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

As usual you do some awesome work! I love it!

Re: chain table

Very unique! I like your design.

Re: Before and After: Old Chandelier Turned into Desk Lamp

Very Unique, I love the industrial look!

Re: Side table sanded a bit

I love the piece, It turned out great, just my taste!Great find

Re: new projects from recycled items!

Thanks for the comments, It is so nice to have a place where others appreciate junking and recycling!I just love seeing how somethings going to evolve, and seeing so many creative minds at work!

Re: Zipper Bracelets

Very creative and unique, I like them a lot!

Re: Upcycled Desk Made From Dismantled Piano Parts

Very Nice job! I have been looking for an old piano in disrepair, years ago I took one apart and guided my then young daughter to create an art piece that won some awards but luckily now hangs in my living room. anyway your desk is lovely!

Re: Flower Beds within Beds & Boxsprings !

Very Creative wish I had thought of that, I just made a bench from a furniture crate will post soon! anyway it looks great

Re: Olde Headboard bench

I love your bench and ditto on the arm rests very cool!

Re: Upcycled Baseboard Coat Hangers, Bottle Opener & Bell!

how fun and creative as usual!

Re: Recent Projects!

oops sorry the one that has the marbles and I found two old book ends from the 50 or 60s that had glass grapes! dated huh? but it made the perfect fit for the chandelier!

Re: Recent Projects!

no, they are blown glass fish floats

Re: Army Helmet Turtle with old wrenches Don Hutchings / JunkFX

who would have known an old helmet could be so cute! I love turtles and this one is adorable!

Re: Create a pallet board wardrobe wall!

I love the transformation, great creativity and I can appreciate the reuse of old wood!

Re: Warehouse Industrial Cart Coffee Table

Beautiful job restoring the wood in each project, I love the wine room!

Re: Hem Marker Fun...

Very Creative, I love it!

Re: Recycled Lemonade Bottles

You are very talented! amazing work

Re: Upcycled Bird Feeders with Found Objects

Talk about creative! you are amazing, I create a lot from re cycled items and am very proud I usually use my own vision or imagination but I must admit when I see your stuff I feel like my visions are sometimes too simple or incomplete when I see your attention to detail, I must say I liked your recent license plate bird feeder and was so impressed with so little that I did attempt one my self. So yes I copied your idea. I admit it just to see if I could do it, anyway It was fun not exactly like yours but, my compliments to you! I would love to see your work space and how you work just to see if you work like I do! anyway Your creations are great!

Re: Tre Verde

This is so cool, very good use of wood and design!

Re: Bird Feeder & Bird bath

To Mosaic lady, do you have picasa? its free and easy way to edit your photos and you can export them to your hard drive and then re-size them, another way to edit is open your photos with micro-soft viewer and re-size them if you have a Mac then I can't help sorry! Good Luck!

Re: Bird Feeder & Bird bath

Thanks I just sold it! In fact I made it yesterday and someone came in and bought it before I had completed it!

Re: Rusty Canning Cooker Planter

That is so unique! I love that piece, great save!

Re: RE DO of coffee pot

Thanks for the comments! I love finding new uses for something being thrown out with the trash! what fun. The gumball machine was a great find without the glass, I love that one too!

Re: Massey Ferguson Tractor Grill Side Table

What a creative eye you both have! very nice job of recycling and creating something unique and useful!

Re: A Reel Bird Feeder

I love it , I wish I could find an old reel like that!

Re: another bird bath

very creative, I like your thought pattern!

Re: Welcome Screen Door

Talk about creative I have been looking at all of your projects and I am so amazed with your creativity! Great Projects you have done!!!!

Re: Whimsical Yard Art from recycled plastic pots

Sure! it was fun to do just makes your hands a little sore cutting the pots Have fun making them!


This is so lovely and creative too My friend and I made kitchen counter tops out of doors and tiled them. but they were more functional than pretty. beautiful job!


what a beautiful job you did Since I have been attempting these mosaics I can truly appreciate the hours you spent doing that. It looks great! I am a true admirer!


I love your mosaic Fleur De Lis, great idea to add paint to color the grout I was wondering if I could do that, I recently ruined 3 pieces using a black grout that was an inferior product . learned my lesson from that.


Works for me! I am living with a friend now who has an unfinished kitchen due to Hurricane damage and we didn't have counter tops so we tiled a couple of doors and now we have counter tops!
Your coffee table is cool!

Re: glass mosaic

beautiful Job! and in answer to your question I use polymer adhesive for my mosaics. works really well.Of course I am still learning as I go! and most of my work is done on metal. Good luck and keep up the good work!

Re: mosaic garden table

beautiful job, I can understand why your friends would like one! you should make them and sell them!


I love the reuse of something otherwise thrown away. Very imaginative!

Re: Can You HEAR Me Now?

That looks Great, love your bathroom too. It looks like it was meant for that spot!

Re: Globe Southern Hemisphere Floor Lamp

This is very unique! my friend would love this!

Re: Birdbath from lamp

What a great imagination, nice job!

Re: Jewel Chest

What craftmanship! It looks lovely.