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Hi, Im Shelly from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have a passion for painting, updating & re-purposing old furniture and home decor. In 2011, I started following my dream by flipping my very first dresser. It has been non-stop ever since. I did my first art show in August of 2011, three weeks later I had rented space in Not So Shabby Antiques and Fine Furniture in Zeeland, Michigan. We've since relocated to Holland, MI where I sell my hand painted furniture. Our business snowballed as we started retailing CeCe Caldwell's and American Paint Company's chalk, clay & mineral paints. We love teaching furniture painting workshops and up-cycling trash into unique finds and will be opening our very own Shizzle Design paint studio in Jenison, MI November of 2013. Love this site and all the inspiring ideas you all share!!

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Forgotten Cedar Chest

I found this cedar chest at a barn sale this spring.

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Re: Put Your Feet crate ottoman

This is so cute Laurel! I'm gonna go out and check out the crates I have in the garage now :D Thanx for the inspiration; I have a hard time with accessories for my booth but I think I could manage this one. Have a Wonderful Christmas!! Shelly

Re: Beautiful Antique Rocker

Holy Cow! Your transformation is incredible! You did such an amazing job with the upholstery; I can't imagine how tough that one was - wow! Really cool and the paint colors ~ spot on! Love it!

Re: a change to old metal address house numbers

These are AWESOME!! I agree ~ SO MUCH personality!

Re: Repurposed Parts Whimsical Lamp

You are absolutely AHmazing! Very cool!

Re: Shabby Chat Cat Condo - Re-Purrrrrrr-posed

This is the coolest reno ever!

Re: Knock Knee Trunk Table

This is so cool! love it!

Re: Old Iron Hoop Orb

This is very, VERY cool! Love it!!

Re: Hog Farrowing Apron Planter Box

This is awesome! I just love it but I'm not following what these look like in their natural state. Were pieces welded together to create this base?

Re: Repurposed Vintage Philco AM Console Radio

OMG - I can't believe you just did this! I needed something quick to paint for my booth at the store, so I got a wild hair yesterday to paint the old stereo that has been in our family for decades. I also painted it up all funky, then said to myself "self" why would somebody want to buy this except for a display piece, so I'm tossing around the idea of ripping out the stereo components and adding hidden storage shelves from the back before I take it to the store today. I just hate to pull out the guts if it actually works. The cord is rotten and I'm sure the fuses need to be replaced, but I don't know if there is any value in that or not. If you have any knowledge of this, contact me today at: Thanx ~ great job!! I haven't been on this site in months, and it is too ironic that I stumbled upon this today of all days. Way cool!!

Re: 1920's dresser that just needed a little make-up...

What a great piece! Love it!

Re: Jewelry Display

Very cool! I love the layering of paint; gives it such neat finished look!

Re: Scrappy Clock

Oh my gosh! I just reread your post. I didn't realize you got your NUMBERS from the power poles! How cool is that? You don't run across that every day!

Re: Scrappy Clock

Your clock turned out great! I've wanted to make one for a long time now, but something always gets in the way. You've inspired me to get it done.

Re: Message board project

Cool! Cant wait to see it!

Re: Unique Sofa Table

It is now MY favorite sofa table too! What AWESOME legs!!! LOVE it!!

Re: Presto Change-O!

Isn't it cool how the smallest change can make such a big impact! Nicely done!

Re: Great Work Bench Island or Bar

What a unique piece! I Love the combination of the raud iron bar with the rich finish on the wood. Who wouldn't want this conversation piece in their house?

Re: Sheep Pen Bathroom Cabinet

What a transformation! This gives new meaning to "before" and "after". The galvanized tub is a perfect marriage to your sheep pen find!

Re: Large Birdhouse

Wow! Your attention to detail is phenomenal and I love your choice of paint colors:)


This is the coolest cabinet ever!! How awesome of them to give it to you. Have fun w/ it!!

Re: Lamp Turned Table

How cool is this!! You couldn't ask for a better looking base ~ your entire breakfast nook is just beautiful!!

Re: "Flea Market Under Glass" Setup is Under Way!

Oh how fun!! Love your booth!! The lighting in your photos is an artform in itself!! I really enjoy looking at them; they always catch my eye. I'm hoping some day to make the drive to MN for one of these cool events. Have fun!! Shelly

Re: Bottle Crate Plant Stand

I just LOVE how your table turned out! I too have so many "befores" sitting in the garage and life seems to keep interrupting me from transforming them to the "afters" in my mind.

Great Job!! Shelly

Re: Another bird bath...must be something in the water...

Marie - Your bird bath is beautiful, just beautiful! I just love the tumbled glass accents, just a little bit adds so much to your piece - LOVE IT!!

Is there a really good sealer out there for waterproofing mosaic? We have so much rust in our water I'd be afraid it would make the grout look grubby after a while.

Very nice piece!! shelly:)

Re: Bird Bowl Made From My Broken Pottery


Your mosaic bowl is TOO cool! I love the depth and dimension of it and think the branch really finishes it off. Is the bottom piece part of the bowl used for the form showing through?

Awesome job!!


Re: Any Ideas??

I agree; I'd leave the coke box as is. You could always line it w/ plastic and plant some impatients in it for summer.

The table and chairs are clean slates. They'd look adorable on a front porch painted in any colors.

Re: Picket Potting Bench

Sweet! Very tastefully done. I LOVE working with wood and need to learn some basic carpentry skills.

Re: Arbor with old doors

I love how this all came together! Great eye for design!