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Re: What to do With a Window from a 1930's House

I would so hang this in my house. Put some dried bittersweet or rose hips over the top. It's so pretty.

Re: Pottery Barn knockoff -- Junk Style

I've been cruising through all your projects. I love your things and your imagination, but wow, this one is the best. I love it!

Re: Flowers For The Tin Man

I love this! Especially the rolled roses! Great job!

Re: Coming attractions

Oh I would find a way to hang this, or prop it up on a piece of furniture as the focal point.

Re: Recycled Containers with New Tags

That is so cleaver! Both you and your cats have been busy! ;}

Re: Industrial Romantic Junk Jewelry

Wow...they are wonderful! What a great imagination you have.