Susannah Brin, Cathedral City, CA, US

My sister and I reconnect by going on beach vacations and collecting sea glass. three years ago we decided to make sea glass jewelry and share our passion for sea glass at art festivals, galleries and with our friend. Shirley lives in Oregon and I live in the desert. For me getting out of the desert and going to the beach is heaven. I love finding old things and reworking things to create something - recycled and upcycled which defines our sea glass jewelry.

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Surf Tumbled Marble Pendant Wrapped in Sterling

I found this marble in the ocean and then wrapped it in sterling silver wire and hung it on a sterling chain.  Light weight, easy to wear and fun.  I get a lot of nice comments when I wear...

Brown Sea Glass Pendant - Reclaimed from the Sea

I found this piece of sea glass on the beach in Mazatlan.

Sea Glass and Sea Shells in Candle Holder

I have boxes of sea shells and sea glass I've collected and I'm always looking for ways to show off my treasure.  I found this candle holder in the grocery store flower section and voila a new...

Recent comments

Re: Ice Tongs and Paper Towels

I never thought of this so it seems original to me. I like it. Great in a white room

Re: Testing my metal. aka Testing my mettle!

Nice table it can go with any style. classic.

Re: Can I Have Your Number ?

Love the numbers and how they go together. You have a good eye.

Re: Directions? where?

This is a cute idea. I like it. I have a desert garden in my front yard and this might be cute to have in a courtyard.

Re: Up-cycled Crosses made from picture frames

I really like the cross. Creative and pretty - has an old church feel. Very good.

Re: Gold Coin with Light Sapphire Rhinestone Necklace

Love the necklace. The number looks so like a French room key...oooolala

Re: Kithchen of the Blue Island

Love the blue color. You really redid this piece and gave it a lot of character. yeah.

Re: My Version of Junk in the Trunk...

PS. It looks like it was originally a US Army trunk from WWII that they issued to soldiers going over seas by ship.

Re: My Version of Junk in the Trunk...

What I love about this old trunk and its new use is that it is sturdy, durable and captures the imagination, plus I suspect you can open it and put a lot of things inside. I'm always looking for new ways to store stuff.

Re: Sea Glass and Sea Shells in Candle Holder

Docmom - you put the shells in from the top. The candle holder part screws off so quite simple really. Got the holder in a garden/florist store.

Re: Brown Sea Glass Pendant - Reclaimed from the Sea

WEll I'm getting back to everyone a little late. Didn't know people would comment on what I do. Thanks for all the nice words.

Re: Bread Tray to Shell Display

I like this idea of how to display shells. I create sea glass jewelry and I have lots of left over sea glass and I'm always looking for ways to display the sea glass and shells I've collected

Re: American flag on vintage screen ...

I really like how you framed the flag. Very creative - very country cottage feel to this.

Re: Repurposed Jewelry

Love these glass slide collages - very creative. Please check my sea glass jewelry website where I recycle beach glass into jewelry