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DIY Drapery Hooks/Rings

Why leave home if you have everything you need on the workbench? That was my thought too.  12" of rusty wire did the trick when I needed to hang my drapes. 

Barrel Top Tray

About a month ago my dearest friends were purging things from their home and came across two half barrels that were literally falling apart.  They confessed that they thought about me and they...

Candle Logs

It's always sad to see a tree be taken down, especially one that symbolizes one of my children.  But due to damage one of our five Bradford Pear trees had to be removed.  I asked hubby if...

DIY White Washed Place Mats

These white washed place mats are so easy and I think you will find they will be very versatile.  I already have visions of beach tablescapes, nautical, french country, ho-down…just to ...

Rusty Drain Pipe Planter

Turn a rusty dug up drain pipe into art for your rustic garden.

Sewing Seeds in My Rustic Garden

Mending might not seem like such a chore if you could plop right down in the middle of a bed full of ferns and flowers.  This is sew perfect, don't ya think?  The minute I saw this lovely...

Tree Branch Ladder

A project to recycle materials from our yard and create something functional for our home.

Recent comments

Re: Junk storage even a non junker would love

How many people do you know who's storage area looks like this? Amazing, it's pretty enough to be sitting in my den!
I wish :)

Re: Caribou Paper Art Silhouette by Colleen Rausch

I love this. very vintage and rustic. love the muted tones of the finished design.

Re: Welcome to my office

love it. that chippy desk is dreamy, but the door just makes me swoon. you've created a cozy corner retreat!

Re: January Wreath Change-up

wow! okay now I just have to climb up in my oak tree in the back yard to get my old pulley down. this is a wonderful way to display a vintage pulley.

Re: There's a sawhorse on my mantel...

This was one of my faves from your blog. I will never look at another sawhorse and not think of you :)


Re: Candle Logs

Thank you guys! It was a fun project, even more fun explaining to hubby what I wanted to do. :) Tammy, that was already in the plans, how did you know? I think these candle logs will get a lot of use in my home. Donna, Yes, those are metal lined tea light.

Re: Upcycled Old Sewing Machine

Oh wow, oh my! Love it, how clever of you. I admire your ability to see beyond what was set before you and to see what others like myself would have completely dismissed. Simply Lovely.


Re: Vintage Sled Centerpiece

Absolutely fabulous...I love every part this design. It will be a sad day for me if burlap ever goes out of style...I guess that will be the day that I stay stuck in this period of decor, I adore working with it and decorating with it. I even painted my walls in shades of burlap! Your sled not only adds dimension to your tablescape, it adds charm, warmth and I'm positive it will stir up many conversations around your table this holiday season.


Re: Junk Art Door/Headboard

It's wonderful. The architectural element adds a bit of whimsy. A conversation piece for sure.

Re: Utensil Holder - Old Heavy Lard Press

Doesn't get any better that this...affordable and very useful, great conversation piece too. I love the look of the aged metal.

Re: The Scruffy Cottage Coffee Table

Love the table...adore the vase! Beautiful work and will probably last a lifetime.

Re: Chicken wire Cloche

cuteness! love the chicken wire...adds great texture!

Re: Recessed light planters

this is the cutest idea. I bet they will have great chalky patina in a few short months. perfect!

Re: Junky Outdoor Pallet Table

This is awesome. The turquoise window frame is perfect. Building a work table for my garden is on my bucket list. Hope to get one completed this year.