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My passion is to be creative. I achieve this by recycling everyday household items into re-purposed functions. I cook, clean, build and entertain, with that comes a wealth of imagination. There is always room for improvement in our everyday life and I try to find them.
Sometimes things will become created out of need. You find yourself in situations that an item, a room or an outdoor space is screaming for an inexpensive improvement. In these circumstances you reach out for ideas and solutions. The possibilities can be endless and rewarding.

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Toy Horse Upcycled into Garden Sculpture

I love horses and this thrift shop toy horse came home with me. Because of its size I had no place for it. But I did outside. So I converted it into a garden sculpture. After several storms and...

Junk Yard Step Chair Redo

A charred and rusted junk yard find ends up upcycled and a cherished industrial piece. Step Chair: free.  Pleather Skirt for Upholstery: $4.  Paint, foam and clear coat:$0 stocked in...

Recycled table top to hanging lighted rack

One junked metal table top, thrift shop light fixture, candelabra, and Christmas candles. Added chains, hooks, wiring and paint. 

Recent comments

Re: World's Simplest Funnel Lights

Love these! Great idea and so nice looking!

Re: Toy Horse Upcycled into Garden Sculpture

My neighbors couldn't believe it was a toy horse when I placed it outdoors. I had to show them the photo process to prove it.

Thank you! :)

Re: Junk Yard Step Chair Redo

Thank you! I used memory foam for the seat for extra cushioning. It's comfortable for sitting work.