I am a full time Mom who has been blessed with a wonderful husband and 3 wonderful children!
I love the Lord, spending time with my family, gardening and of course junking.
I love to go to our local thrift store and find all kinds of new things, either to repurpose, repaint, or just to use as found!!

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My treasure chest

Most of the treasure chest materials were bought at a thrift store.  I now know where my cards are!

Christmas Lamp

Merry Christmas to all the creative junkers on this site!! This is my first post. I have been viewing this site since middle of November. I absolutely love to come to this site! I also LOVE to shop...

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Re: Old liquor cabinet is my best guess

I really love the glow from all the candles on the night shot. Is this a metal desk? If not be careful that you don't burn the inside of the desk!

Re: What do you do with an old window and $1 garage sale shutters?

Ohhh, I love, love, love it!! Gorgeous!!!

Re: Faux Painted Walkway

Lady Katherine, you did a wonderful job!!! Would you mind sharing what kind of paint and what colors you used. I would love to do a few of my cement walks and pads. Thanks so much for sharing:)

Re: See the Light

Wow! I just love that rustic natural look, and the rock just is the perfect embellishment!

Re: Gone Crazy!

Dear Audleyenuf
Do not apologize for all your projects. I think you are very creative and LOVE what you did in your bowling ball project. I have had a ball ready for about a year and still have not done anything with it. Now I found a nice wrought iron "vase" and so I just need to paint it up like one of yours. Please keep your ideas coming!!!

Re: Painted Laminate!

WOW!!! This was my first reaction, Krista. I can hardly believe that this is the same kitchen. It goes to show that you don't always have to spend thousands of dollars to redo a kitchen. An absolute fabulous job!!!Di

Re: Bird Cage Desk Organizer

Just love what you did to the birdcages! I love this idea!!!

Re: Caged Wild Birds (not really)

I absolutely LOVE it!! I never would have thought to use it as a feeder, but I will keep my eyes open for a bird cage. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Re: Dream Dresser

This must be very special for your daughters. I just love the DREAM letters and the dresser! Wow and all the storage! Did you just give it one coat of paint over the stain or did you first prime it? Could you let me know? Di

Re: Bench made from Vintage Bed

I love your bench! I also like the distressing job you did! Great job! Di

Re: It's "time" for spring...and cloches!

Just love your cloche displays, especially the ones using old lamp bases! Love the rest of your displays too, you are a very talented lady! Looking forward to more of your creativeness, Di.

Re: meet "Miss B"...

Sharon, this is an interesting project. I would like to know what kind of glue you use for glass. I have tried gorilla glue(not the super), and it seems fine, and then in a few weeks it lets go. Thanks Di.

Re: Mirror Mirror on the wall

Again, great job!! and love your display. Di

Re: Feeling "all" Right - Coffee Table

Well, Mr. Jim, looks like you have it "all" under control. You have ideas I have not seen before!! Di

Re: Datebook Wall Art

Hey Junkinpunkin. You picked the perfect color,PINK! I also love what you did with the arrangement of the frames!! Also love the rest of the room that I can see. Please post more of your work! Di


ND JunkGirl, you are very creative. I love all your mantels. Di

Re: Pocket Full of Posies

This just grabs your attention when you look at it! Very cute.
I love how you said that you had seen a pic with flowers sticking out of jean pockets and came up with this in your mind! I also have 2 or more pictures that sometimes "collide" in my mind and come up with a very unique item! Thanks for sharing your great ideas. Di

Re: Thinking Outside the Box

These are both very nicely done! It's great what you can find at a thrift store and turn into something beautiful! Di

Re: plant table

This is a great find, and a great makeover. I love the legs of this table.

Re: My Issues With Ironing

Hi Sixsprouts.
Thanks for the laugh!! I also hate ironing, and do only what I absolutely have to. I like the old, distressed wood, and the saying of course. Di


Very nicely done, my head is just spinning, I have a table that's similar, now I only need the tall shutter doors. Best go to the thrift store! See ya, Di.

Re: Play the Music, Not the Instrument

Hi Jenny.
This just hits the note!!lol You did a wonderful job creating
this musical piece. I love your "railroad" staff. Di

Re: shadow box from an old drawer

This is a very nice way to display your keepsakes! I love the shape of the drawer! I like the sheet music, and the distressing. :)

Re: Deep Fried Decor - A Floral Welcome

Hi Candy. I love your arrangement. I too love metal and milk glass. You put it together with just the right touch! Di

Re: Keeping Time With the "Rhythm" of Life

This is my very, very beautiful. I just love how you put it all together! Very talented!

Re: "Maritime Memories" Child's Table and Chairs Set

Hi WhatKnots. Welcome to the site, glad to see another Canadian aboard. Very nice artwork on the table and chairs!! Makes you feel just like you're at the beach. Di

Re: From salt shaker to tassel

Wow, I absolutely love it! I just love this site, so many talented!!! crafty/junker's out there! I see so many projects, I would love to do.

Re: romantic chandlier

Hi Grannijo. First of all I love your name! I never had any grandmas until I got married! And I love them as my own!! I love what you did with your chandelier(love white!). I bought 1 frosted glass shade, at the thrift store the other day, but left the others, I am going back there today, as I have a chandy that I could use them on. Thanks for the inspiration!

Re: Bench remake

It's amazing what paint can do! It hardly looks like its old self, Great job!


Hi Italianpeasant. WOW! What a lovely bathroom, one would love to have a long soak in the tub in such pretty surroundings! I love the ?wine colored wall with the bead board bottom. The molding is the icing!! Could you explain where you bought the wood stamp,and how you used it. I love the colors you chose, and if you don't mind, could I have the color # of the top?
Thanks, and enjoy your bathroom!!! Di

Re: Mailbox turned table...

Wow! This is so Lovely!! I wish I could find cast offs like that in my area. Di

Re: Floral Pocket

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I have a few white metal cones with
handles, so I will try this. Thanks, Di

Re: Piano Roll - Paper Roses!

Whiteflower, I really admire your talent!! This is very beautiful! Di

Re: No Place Like Home

CreepinJen, you definitely have great talent! This is such a great idea of displaying pictures, with "junk" embellishments! Di

Re: Sewing Cabinet Shelf

Hi CreepinJen
The shelf you made is absolutely gorgeous! I love the carved wood! Happy junking, Di

Re: Through the garden gate

Hi Faeryhollow
Welcome to the site! I love your all your ideas! I just LOVE your garden gate!!! Are these recent pictures? I can't imagine, flowers blooming at this time, but then I've from southern Manitoba(still deep in Winter). Di

Re: globe lamp

Hi Jannwinn
This is a simple, yet lovely project. I collect vintage glass shades(AMONG other things!) I also have used them as candle holders, but have never put a base to mine. Thanks for the inspiration! I love what you wrote in your profile, about some people loving your home and others, just not getting it! My thoughts exactly! Happy junking! Di

Re: benches I have made

Hi BedstoBenches
Wow! You have done some great work!! I appreciate the story you have to accompany the benches. It's nice of you to have shown the elderly lady what you did with her bench,I'm sure she appreciated it. Keep showing us more of your work. My late Dad was a welder, and I wish I had asked him to teach me how to weld! Di

Re: From silverware to art supplies

Hi BaycityJunk
Welcome to the site, and thanks for the wonderful idea! I love collecting wooden boxes, but have never thought to repurpose a cutlery box!! Love what you did with your artsy chest! And even if they don't hold all your supplies, it's a start. Oh and by the way I LOVE your store/hotel, would like to come and stay, but live in MB, Canada and don't travel much. Happy junking,Di.

Re: Ladder Message Center

I definitely will be looking at the thrift store for a ladder! This is such a GREAT!! idea.


Shabbypatty, Thank you for showing us your island.You did a great job! I will show this to my DH, and see if we can build this too. Keep on junking! Di

Re: Cutting Board Sconces

I love these! I have all the supplies I need, but their are SOOO many things on this site I would like to make!! I better start junking. Di

Re: White on White

Your home must be absolutely beautiful!! I love white on white.
I also collect white milk glass, but my collection is not as extensive as yours. I buy mine a local thrift stores, if the price is right! I have never seen a pitcher, candlesticks, or frilly bowls that you have.I would love to get my hands on those. Thanks for sharing!!


Hi Shabbypatty.
That's a very clever idea of an ottoman! I would go for the bun feet. I love that the drawer has a slight curve to it, it adds class! I would just love to see your island that you made.
I have had similar thoughts, but I think I'd first have to build it to convince my hubby! Thanks for joining. Di

Re: My Makeover is finished!

Wow!! A terrific job! When I saw your chicken nest post the other day, I wondered what you would do with them. I never would have thought of this. Hope I can find some. Di

Re: Placemat bag

This is a great bag! My DH grandma works at the local thrift store and she gave me a garbage bag full of cotton placemats, that the store was throwing out. Could you give me the directions on how to sew them together. I thank you very much!

Re: Old window decoration

Hi Ela1203.
This looks very nice! The colors of the birdhouses bring out the white and green in the fabric! A very well put together display! Happy junking, Di.

Re: "LIGHT IT UP!!!"

This is a great idea! Could you explain, how you "whitewashed it to match your decor"? I am fairly new in the painting department of junking, sorry! Take care, Di.

Re: Silver Plated Pink Compote

I love this project too, especially the colour that you chose!!
I love anything pink! Thanks for the idea.Di

Re: Tiny Pink Teacup Tulle Tree

Hi Chiccottagejunk
This is absolutely adorable! I am glad you posted it and now that you've "broken the ice", I hope to see more of your creations! Happy junking Di.

Re: Old molding shelves

Hi Roadtriplouise
You have created a beautiful, creative way to display your pictures! I love the color and the shape of the molding you used. They also coordinate very nicely with the rest of the room. Have fun. Di

Re: A Primitive Christmas

Welcome to the site. You definitely have great ideas!!

Re: Primitive Powder Room

Wow! You did a great job!! I especially like the new light
fixture! Did you attach it to the old fixture?

Re: Spool Table

You definitely have chosen the right name "Junk Architect".
I really enjoy seeing your work! Such new ideas!!

Re: wall art

Absolutely lovely! I just am amazed by all the "junk" items
you used to make such a beautiful wall hanging! Di

Re: Upcycle your cabinet doors: Part 1

Very, very nice! I am amazed at what you get done, considering you have small children in the house.
I am just wondering, do you glue cork board to the middle of the "frame" and then cover it with fabric? could you give us the instructions?

Re: Old Dresser Re-mix (appliance garage)

Hi plumberdaughter!
Wow you amaze me with what you did with a "piece of junk"!
It is fabulous, and such great storage idea. I like it better
with the door too! Keep up the great projects!

Re: "BEWARE" of Tarnished Silver!!!

Wow Fellowjunker, you definitely know how to add STYLE to
your great treasure! I just love how the ribbon and the bling
just add elegance! Di

Re: Painted trash to treasures

Hi Junkpainter.
Welcome! You definitely have painted treasures!!
You have a lot of talent! I love all your items but especially the shutter shelf!


Hi Strange Cargo.
I really like your kitchen table! I also like iron sewing
machine bases,and old doors!! keep your ideas coming.

Re: Button Crazy!

Hello Buttonhole. Thanks for your wonderful idea of double and triple stacking the vintage buttons for a great look! Hope to see more of your ideas.

Re: Cast Off Pedestals

Very elegant! I just love the texture of the spindles paired with the smoothness of the ironstone plate. I also go for the distressed white look. Di

Re: Just "GLITTER" it!!

Oh my! My brain is spinning with your ideas of how to redo an
old jewelry box for my 5 yr old daughter. I just love your idea of a monogrammed picture frame and the glitter!! Di

Re: Bits n Pieces - The Heart has a Pattern

This is simply lovely!! You are very creative.

Re: more button mania

I LOVE your button pin, especially because it's pink.

Re: Shutter light fixture

Wow, this looks absolutely wonderful. I would love to redo my BR with such a fixture!!