I have enjoyed the thought of taking something olde ,worn out or just making a one of a kind item.I am a collector of olde egg beaters,pyrex dishes,olde toasters,and a favorite doll i use to play with called Liddle Kiddles.Oh ya i have a dozen or so of olde aprons.Also i am a AMC Rambler car collector...owning three.I am glad i came across the Junk Market Stlye website ,its a place i vist at least twice a week.

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Simply candle holder

Olde fencing,extra silverwear,add a candle ,quick and easy.

Wall unit

Was going to send this to the goodwil but decided to sand and paint it a new color and add some fence wire and add the ladybug.

My design shelf

A shelve i made about about ten years ago,i never knew about JMS so im a new member here.

Side table sanded a bit

A table we got from a garage sale storage unit,i sanded it with the look of some wood showing and put a clear gloss .


I can never have enough fireplaces,I have one in the living room and a plug in stove kettle type in my bathroom,and then we made this one for a hallway entrance way.  

Shadow box window

My extra kitchen window i made with scrape wood and added the curtains and flowers.

Country Apron curtains

Olde vintage aprons I made into kitchen curtains.

Olde Farm Country Reindeers

Me and my hubby made these out of small logs and country vines.

Olde picket fence frame

Made to look like a picket fence with olde barn wood.

Olde window flower box

Olde window flower box.

Olde fence Headboard

Olde country fencing from our back yard with a tree pattern.

Olde Headboard bench

Antique Headboard with rustic wood.

Recent comments

Re: Can anyone guess what this is used for?

Now as i sit here looking at your post ....you could weld some more metal onto it,it kind of looks like a pigs body with armour on his head or turn it upside down and make a table out of it adding a bigger piece of wood and legs.....

Re: Can anyone guess what this is used for?

You could use it at your front door as a giant mud scapper for your shoes.

Re: "Retro-Moto" Custom Nightstand Furniture

OMG....this is so beautiful......love it.Ill have to try this on one of my olde side tables.....Carol

Re: Yardstick & Galvanized Wash Tub Base Side Table

This is real nice,i like the color combination and the metal table.Kooool carol

Re: Wall unit

thanks alicemom,yes this is a fun site and i am fond of ladybugs.have a great day

Re: Olde Headboard bench

thanks clarerose

Re: Shabby, Salvaged Wood Tray

I love the way you put this together....very rustic with a purpose!

Re: Pallet Patina

"Oh your Pallet turned out real lovely....what a vibrant color skeem,i like how it has the reds ,turqoise,browns....its neat.

Re: Turning stairs into a TV stand

Love It....the rustic look of the wood grain.

Re: new projects from recycled items!

Im admiring your birdhouse,real cute and the floor lamp makes for a colorful display...i like your idea's.....Great job.

Re: Olde Farm Country Reindeers

Thank you for you comments

Re: Little windchimes

What kind of wire or string do you use for your windchimes,I like all your windchimes youve made,I have made a couple and the string breaks after one season like you said.

Re: Olde Headboard bench

Thank you all

Re: Hall tree benches

WOW....I love your ideas....theres nothing like spoting something someone else throws out.And making use of it.Great idea.

Re: Fence post headboard

I have done the samething with fence post except i cut out a tree pattern and my room has the Cabin feeling.

Re: Reclaimed shutter shelf

Very nice shelving unit looks fantasic I bet in your house.


Very Beautiful color combination...makes a great bird feeder as you mention...do you use a special glue to hold them together...i want to make one for my garden...carol

Re: "THE UNCOLA Crate" Shadow Box Table

Hi,im new here to this site..and i came across your idea for the end table with the crate...I have several crates that i usual just hang on the wall and i put my sons hot wheel cars in it for display but now he is older and im looking for a new way to display the crates...so i have one question here ...on the piece of glass, is secured any way on top of the crate,i was just wondering it wont fall off easily will it.....other wise i think i may try your idea....really k@@L

Re: faucet knob wind chimes

Cute and what a clever idea.....i had a idea of using the old spice canisters ,they were made of metal back then and to hang them on a wind chime with beads.

Re: faucet knob wind chimes

Cute and what a clever idea.....i had a idea of using the old spice canisters ,they were made of metal back then and to hang them on a wind chime with beads.