Zichron Yaakov, IL

Born in Israel, Merried + 4 Daughters. Early retired from a long carrier as an Administration Manager in order to be able to dedicate myself to my art , which is quilting and patchwork, and junking

Birthday: 06/03/1952

Member Since: 11/20/2009

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shelves before and after

I made this shelves unit from an old ladder of my girls' childhood bank bed. I used 3 wooden trays, which I bought in an Arts & Craft shop and  painted nbspthemnbspfor...

sweet little table

This sweet little table is standing in the hallway to collect keys, mail etc. I made it from an old bench and a wooden breakfast tray. I made the colage onthe  top with old music...

blue and white from all over

I used old english table's legs that belonged to my parents and combined it with another tabletop. The legs are Mahagony and the top is made of Pine. I used a primer and then painted them white...

chestdrawer becomes a shelf unit

The drawers in that chestdrawer kept falling and we were not able to fix that. I replaced the drawers with shelves and now it is proudly holding my stash of fabrics for my quilting in my sewing...

baking pan became a center piece

I made this candleholder/centerpiece from an old baking pan . I cleaned it, painted it  and varnished it , The glass beads were glued with hot glue gun.

look what a treasure

I found this little darling horse standing on a pile of garbage on my way to pick up my daughter from the train station. I could not park the car on that side of the street,  the...

another outdoor decoration

An old wooden cart wheel and other farm tools on the wall.   Using old farm tools is now a new trend for decorating  houses and gardens in our hometown, which was founded in...

Junk Beautiful - out door

An old boiler became a plant pot . The boiler was originally painted in light blue colour. so all I had to do was to fill it with soil and plants.  The leaves cover a  part of a...

something to decorate my garden

An old lamp, that once upon a time was decorating my living room, became a garden lamp and decoration.   must say I was inspired by the book "Junk Beatiful - outdoor" .  It seems...

somethings to decorate my garden

I used this old Singer sewing machine wheel, which was in my garage un-noticed for many years,   to decorate my front garden

Recent comments

Re: Coordinating Benches with Storage Footstool

I love it! it is a great idea , beautifully executed. well done!

Re: Junk Architect ~ My Home Furnishings Store

WOW! a shop like this is my dream. You certainly have the eye for "good junk" and the touch. You should open a new shop just like this. Anyway it was wonderful to look at all the wonderful things in the shop and go through memory lane.

Re: Cake Cupcake Plate Candle Jewelry Holder Blue Stand

loved it. great idea

Re: Door Bench

I love it. The bench is beautiful.

Re: Time in a Bottle

such a beautiful idea. You can turn those bottles into a beautiful original memory bottles instead of memory boxes. I loved it.

Re: Sprayer Bug

it is such a cute bug. I loved it. you are a gifted artist.

Re: Sewing Machine Tractor

WOW! this is so great. what a wonderful idea

Re: Bohemian Chic Lampshade

it beautiful. I liked the mix and match with all sort of fabrics and remnants of stash. It is colourful and homely.

Re: "Meaty" Yard Art


Re: My new table!

charming. indeed a beautiful table.

Re: Tea cups

loved it. what a nice idea.

Re: Chair and Table

WOW!!! Beautiful!

Re: Painted Recycled Wine Bottles

Wow! You are a very gifted painter. I loved the grapes and fruits and also the cartoons .

Re: Repurposed Casserole Server

it is great. I loved it. what a great idea.

Re: Pick Another Daisy

I loved it. Thank you for inspiring me. I have a rather big collection of small Gerber jurs, small bottles of Aromatic oils and bottles of honey. Now I know how to use them.

Re: Use for quilt tops

great way to use the old family treasures. loved the curtain. it is so lively and colorful

Re: My first...

well done. it is lovely. you are a talent

Re: More goodies from the Mother in law

lucky you, great mother-in-law. loved the shelf unit behind the chair and the cupboard. looking forward to see the results of your good work.

Re: The Toad House

lovely, I loved it. It is so sweet.

Re: Prim Grubby Coffee Pot Light

lovely idea

Re: Cupcake Server

the plates are beautiful and the idea is great for tea parties. I will definetely try it next time it is my turn to host my quilting group meeting

Re: flower holder

So simple and so beautiful. Great idea !

Re: Junk-Styled Living Room

I have only one word for your very beautiful room - WOW !

Re: Vintage Silver Spoon Napkin Ring

Great idea and the rings are so elegant. Well done.

Re: Junky Chair with Promise

a chair to die for. beautiful chenille.

Re: Vintage Chair

loved the chair and loved the quilt. It's beautiful. great idea for all my scraps and bits of fabric

Re: Old sewing table makeover

love the color. lovely table

Re: foam tack boards for craft room

It's beautiful. I am going to copy your idea for my sewing room. I have an old oval frame which I found years ago in the flee market and I couldn't decide what to do with it. Now I know. Thanks.

Re: toille trunk

WOW, it great. lucky you

Re: old chairs - refreshed!!

The chaires are great. Well done, I really liked the old original upholstry, and I LOVE the color. I just finished a similar project with my newly married daughter. We remade 6 chairs which we found on a garbage pile, and gave her the perfect dinning room for her first appartment.

Re: An odd Couple can make a perfect marriage...at least for furniture

It is great and beautiful. I loved the idea of combining the old trunk and the sewing machine legs. I loved it opened too. I think that this is what junking is all about. Thanks for sharing.

Re: Windows...Windows and more Windows

beautiful piece of art. I especially loved the beach picture but the others are also great.

Re: Painted Recycled Wine Bottles

what a wondeful idea. I have some bottles that I saved and didn't through away , and now I know why I did. Unfortunately, I don't have your wonderful drawing talent, but something will come up. thanks.


loved the chair. I have 4 daughter that I am sure would have fought for a chair like this

Re: Tis the Season!

I loved the cabinet, it is awesome. I loved the cockie jar and the blue jar on top. it is beautiful in shape and colour

Re: vintage pearls

wow, it is so elegant and beautiful arrangment. I loved the colours and I also very much liked the pitchers.

Re: Cozy Cotton Sweater Throw

It is beautiful. As a quilter and patchwork artist, I certainly am going to use the idea. wonderful!

Re: encyclopedias

The collage is absolutly beautiful.

Re: Rescued China Cabinet

It is great. Love the green colour.

Re: Use A Scarf Instead Of Wrapping Paper

Wonderful . I would be very pleased to get a gift warped in such a nice scrap. Actually it is 2 presents in one. I certainly going am to steel the idea .

Re: From trash to treasure.

It is indeed a real treasure . It is beautiful, lucky you to find such a splendid junk.

Re: One Of A Kind Vintage Scarf Pillows

Wonderful idea.

Re: Where did I put the cabinet door this time?

it is beautiful. well done.

Re: Repurposed Dresser for Craft Room

It is a beautiful idea and a beautiful piece of furniture. It gives me an inspiration to use an old dresser have in my basement. thank u