Purple412 is Wanda from SC, an avid junkmarker since 2005, now owns a small business in Greer, SC known as The Grapevine...a unique marketplace. I decided to start my "sideline" business in 2003 while still working as a medical insurance clerk. After nearly 17 years in the medical insurance field, I was kind of burned out. I wanted to work with garden planning in the beginning and seriously thought about landscape/nursery work. Somewhere along the way I decided my longtime love of anything vintage was pulling me into recycling creations out of leftovers/junk, etc. I really enjoy coming up with interesting, practical items we can use everyday. Although I don't consider myself a "diehard" green person, I do like the idea of recycling throw-aways into something usuable. I am really partial to architectural elements, corbels, porch posts, etc. I also enjoy turning salvaged windows, doors, shutters, etc. into furniture, with some help from my wonderful husband. In the beginning he thought I was crazy to make furniture out of shutters, but now I think he enjoys it as much as I do!
Junkmarket is such fun! I get lots of great ideas from the other "junkers" who are super talented! I have a hard time not staying up late into the night looking at everyone's projects! I just yawn all day!

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Re: Easy Peasy, for sure~

So cute Lezlee!
I have a small gift shop with several vendors in it; so I'm already checking out everyone's fall merchandise and my junkmarket decor to decide how to decorate for the holidays!
Thanks for another idea!

Re: Cool as Ice Junk

Hi Sue,
What a cool piece! I'm always amazed at how even individual junkers can all see something different from one another in a pile of parts!
I do have a question, maybe you can help me with or someone else in the community. What is a good way to clean old keys? I have a jar of them, a few are rusty, but mostly grimy and/or some corrosion on them. I'd like to use for projects, but I think they need a bit of restoration just to be able to see the great details on them.
Thanks so much!

Re: 1 Deli Dispenser, How Many Ways?

O.K., Amy, now I want a deli paper dispenser! I'm so impressed, I would have never thought of that many possibilities! How cool!

Re: Recycled Sweater and Coats Now live as Brooches!

Love your pins, Pennyheaven! I agree with DownHomeDIY, Etsy is a great place for your creations, they only allow handmade items.Super idea!

Re: wonderful scales

Janwinn, love your pieces, especially the candle holder! What a great repurposing idea!
By the way, I have a great friend in the UK, she's in Chippenham, southwest of London, near Swindon. Traveled there a couple of times, love it!

Re: Junk Vacation - Part I

Great place! Thanks for the story! Might get there one of these days!

Re: Old Doors

Wow, Junkismystyle! What a great job! I particularly love the trio of doors with the mirrors, what a practical way to have a 3way mirror unit! And the headboard is just fab! I enjoy working with doors too, they're fun to make things out of!

Re: A grate idea?

Love the "grate" idea, Faeryhollow! I too, love junking in the Charleston area. It's one of my favorite places to get away! There's a Restore/Habitat store heading out to Folly Beach that always has great leftover building supplies, etc. I've found left over windows, porch columns, and antique dining chairs there many times. Also, "Pages Thieves Market" in the big barn-like house, is just before you get out to the Habitat Store. They handle antiques and estate auctions. Some things are pricy, others are bargains, and you never know what you'll find. Lots of chippy, peely yard stuff too!

Re: a marriage made in architectural heaven

Love the shelf! I've got several victorian style corbels, but they're so big, that the shelves made out of them w/2 corbels come out really large. This is a great idea for those! Your hubby sounds like mine, "step away from the tools, sweetie"! Thanks!

Re: stamp frame

Hi Janwin,
Love the frame! I have a large collection of vintage stamps I bought at a yard sale (car boot sale, for you) a while back. And I've often considered decorating a frame with them but haven't gotten around to the project. Yours has inspired me!

Re: Wine Rack

I love this idea, Bec4! How cool! I also have one of these, left over from another project, but I couldn't decide how to use it. Thanks so much for the idea! I might could get it done in time for my daughter's bday! Keep posting!

Re: "Every Wall Is A Door"

I totally agree, what an inspiring piece! I understand your hesitance to take the toolbox apart, I often feel this way also. But you can always use that piece to create something else truly unique!

Re: old side table

These little tables were always popular! I heard them called half-moon tables before, really. I had one I picked up at a yard sale many years ago for $5. I kept it for quite awhile until I got into business and started selling most of what I find, hee, hee! I painted it white, distressed it and sold it fairly quickly. Back to yours, I also, like it just as it is, chipping paint and all!

Re: old wooden sign

Great old sign, Shamrockin! Maybe it was the name of a homeplace or a ranch or something? You never know! Super find!

Re: random wooden pieces

Boy, you've been busy, Shamrockin! I also like the idea of a hall table, or perhaps a wall shelf where the shelf piece is attached where the chair seat must have been. Good Luck!

Re: box of old bottles

Hi Shamrockin, I love old bottles and jars! They are like the tupperware of yesteryear! I actually made some lamps out of vintage canning jars, and sold most all of them. Currently, I'm really into purple glass, it's cool. If you'll check out Sue and Ki's first book, "Decorating Junkmarket Style", you'll find several uses for old bottles.
Best Wishes!

Re: Is this the year I finally get organized?

Hi Junkermidge,
Love the shutter projects! I'm especially fond of things to make from shutters. My question is, with the DVD tower shutters, was there a open/close louver on those? How do you keep it from moving about, or did you? I was just wondering if that was a problem or not. I did make a plant stand from 4 shutters a couple of times, and sold each of them. I never thought about putting DVDs in them.
Again, great ideas!

Re: A Trio of Fresh Ideas!

Hi Sue,
Love the projects from toothbrush holders! Like Junkermidge, I hadn't thought much about using toothbrush holders. But wait, while looking at your projects, I thought of something else! In your first book, you guys had a great vintage porch post with car mirrors on it's sides to hold candles. I loved it, I copied it and sold mine. I've been looking for some more vintage car mirrors w/o much luck lately. So your the toothbrush holders would work as candle holders on my other vintage porch post! I'm so excited, now I've just got to go look for toothbrush holders! See ya!

Re: Message Boards

Hi Bluejean,
I love the message boards! I've done some with other architectural elements, but not doors, windows and screens. And I have some of these in my storage. I have a question for you though. I had a hard time finding cork board. I finally found some in a roll; and it was very thin, almost to thin to stick the pin in. Where did you get your cork board? And how was it sold? Thanks a bunch!

Re: Valentine cards.......using old postcards.

Love your V-day cards! I have quite a few old valentine's postcards; what a great idea!

Re: Old Door Shelf

SnowmanHill, love the door shelf! I have old doors, I've seen corner shelves made out of the doors but not a wall shelf. How cool is that! Thanks for sharing!

Re: Necklaces crafted from Silver Antique & Vintage Fork & Spoon Handles

Hi Junkmama1,
Love the necklaces! I too, am a hugh silverware junkie. I have a few dozen pieces right now and I've been playing around with jewelry ideas. My problem is that I'm also pulled into another project so easily, I think the common term is ADD! I have a shop on Etsy and I do see lots of silverware jewelry but craftmanship vs. price is always a major draw to buyers. It's pretty easy to set up your shop and I'm sure your jewelry would get attention!
Good Luck!

Re: Heard It Through The Grapevine Table

Wow pizzawife, love the table! And your title for it is way cool! My shop in SC is called The Grapevine. Beatiful work!

Re: Studio Junk

Hello Fauxwoman, love the studio! The french table is awesome! I live in SC, so I've been in Greensboro before, actually shopping @ Rhine's Country Cupboard (great salvage place)! I didn't know about the Revolution Mill Studios, what a cool looking place.

Re: Teacup - Tealight Candle Holders

Junkmama, love your teacup candle holders! Maybe cottagejunk would be a cute way to describe them. I've probably got some of these materials hiding out somewhere. Hope you don't mind if I make something similiar. You know what they say, imitation is the best form of flattery!

Re: Candle Holders!

Hi PlumberDaughter,
I love your candle holders! Great idea! I actually made some very similiar out of stair spindles, except I cut mine off at several different heights and painted them funky colors. I've actually sold most of these in my shop. People do like them!