Annie Valline, Elko, NV, US

HI there fellow junkers. I moved to a small town and was trying to get someone to buil me a large playhouse for my office. I decorate with thrift store finds and my customers get a huge savings decorating with my finds. Annie

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Birthday: 11/07/1961

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Mother's Day gifts

Mothers day pen holders

I made my office playhouse inside!

The re-do of my "playhouse office", another crazy light fixture.... more to come, Hey Alice, everytime I try to download the galvanized tub table it says too many pixels. I will keep trying!

kitchen island made out of dresser turned on its side

Fixing up my house to be my portfolio for Po'Folks Creations opening next month!

Kitchen projects

Every morning I sit down with my sketch pad and drink my coffee, and just think of weird stuff to make, draw it color it in, go back to the ideas later, and adjust them. Then I go alley hunting or to...

redo of bathroom adding a 100 year old door

Some more of my arrangements...

old shelf turned upside down, tiny gas pump, tricycle, cherub and doilie

Pictures of my bedroom. Always grab lots of patriotic items right after the fourth of July. I did this room with one can of Kiltz one coverage paint, bunting flags, the rescued comforter, and anthing...


more of my crazy imagination...

vintage purses

Just a few of the things I have been working on...

Re-do of tiny bathroom

Am wracking my brain trying to figure out how to get a small business grant to build a winterized playhouse 12x12 in my back yard for a studio, and where I can meet clients. I want to start Po Folks...

embellished lamp

bathroom makeover

top of old claw footed trunk with veneer missing

I am opening a tiny store in my backyard with a playhouse (alley access) where I sell the creations I make, and help people decorate their homes on a tight budget using used items. The store is Po...

wire gate chandelier

only one room in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lampshade makeover

Every treasure I find, never is used for its original purpose thats the fun of it really isn't it?

kitchen island made from old dresser

twin headboard fireplace front, kitchen island out of dresser. I am getting ready to start my little business. I decorate with thrift strore re-dos and only charge my clients for materials and 10...

front of my house

Old iron headboard behind 2 vintage chairs, dont miss the old telephone

Front of my home

outdoor and indoor creations

I covered the sign with fabric, stapeled it to back of 6 foot fence board. Glued BAKERY in wooden letters, and found the fake pie at a junk store.

1930? one of the first gas stoves made. It was a pile of rust, I scrubbed and scrubbed and eventually gave up and painted it white.

wolverine childs stove turned into lamp

I am making many original things, I am storing them up. My plan is to get enough money to have the rotted garage torn down and an adult sized playhouse buildt next to my back patio on the alley. This...

fake fireplace out of twin headboard

Some more thrifty ideas on what to do with a headboard and some 2.00 frames!

wacky chandelier

all these new photos are projects I thought up on my own! Annie

entrance to back patio

These are all my own crazy ideas. I am starting a decorating business in the small town I live in. Saving up for a playhouse for my office. Love this site.

This is my chalkboard painted cupboards with yardsticks and chalkboard paint

Book pagesd dipped in starch (its just like wallpaper paste but easily removed) used as a border in my craft room. Vintage rickrack edgeing with pushpins with buttons glued to them hold up the border.

dick and jane border

dick and jane border with button pushpins and vintage rick rack

Dick and Jane wall border for 12.00

Did I mention I love old doors? This is the other side of my front porch. The first shutter is wired to a metal post the door is hinged to it and the other shutter is attached with wire going through...

front of my house

we dug two deep holes for the posts, filled holes with cement and placed posts in holes, covered dirt, packed it and left it for a day. Went back to my fav. thrift store and foud a WELCOME sign...

living room chandelier made from junk

fireplace front made out of headboard and table legs. The red wallpaper is stapeled up so if I get tired of it I can change it.

Recent comments

Re: Billy's Birdhouse


Re: More Garden Junk!

What an adorable idea. I have started collecting angels, cherebs, and fairies. Thanks for your genius idea!

Re: Vintage silverplate garden markers and a load of other ideas

Very Kool! I would like to flatten silverware pieces. How is it done? Rubber hammer and towel? Annie

Re: Vintage Watch Jewelry Necklace

I love the piece with the hand on it. Where do you find these trinkets, I live in a town with only 3 thrift stores. Would you like to trade a box of junk with me and see what we come up with? I would love to buy this necklace for my daughters graduation present. Or use your idea and make one. Beautiful and one of a kind! Annie

Re: "Vintage Redesign Take 2"

Very unique and beautiful jewelry. Do you sell them online? My daughter needs a graduation gift. Let me know if you are on ebay, etsy or how I could purchase one of these treasures. Awesome. Annie

Re: A Fan of Photos

I could cry. I think my hubby through away my fan. It was that depression green. I will search for it. Awesome idea. I love scrabble pieces. I hate buying the game at the thrift stores! I have been talking my face blue to get a playhouse for my office. My husband is adamant about not doing this. He goes out of town for 2 weeks wait til he gets home. Do you want my phone number? I see people trade boxes of junk in the mail. I would love to do this with you, we both are RED fanatics! Annie

Re: A Fan of Photos

Thanks for all the nice words. I am going to get an ebay sellers account, and have a 'Grand opening' of PO FOLKS Creations. I was thinking of inviting the thrift store managers, and several others. Do you think since my name and what we do is recycling, Cut up grocery bags with a doilie that has the invitation glued to center, rolled up like a scroll tied with my signature red gingham ribbon and a spoon with my business card? Have you ever had a junking party? I am on facebook. Annie Valline (the pofolks creator) The town won't let me use Decorator on my cards as I don't have a design degree.

Re: Gas Lamp to Candlestick: Quick, Easy and Pretty Too!

This is beautiful. I have been trying to redo my ugly ceiling fan/light. Any ideas? Annie


Awesome glass decor! I found a huge stash of old bottles at the dump. Do you know what formula will clean them? I tried CLR, baking soda/vinegar, still cloudy. I ordered labels to make them into love potions, etc. adding vintage jewelry parts. What do you use to clean bottles? Annie

Re: Barn Burner Wall Sconce

Jim, I love your imagination! I need some advice on 'tweaking' my ceiling fan/ light. Any ideas? Annie


Hi Janis,
I love the bird cage chandelier! I was wondering how to dress up my ugly ceiling fan/light. I saw where someone used silverware. Any ideas? Annie

Re: This Old Mom, She Has Junk (lots of it!) 2

Beautiful! I too love vintage. I have a lampshade just like yours, cut it in half and am going to attach it to a room divider with lights. Annie

Re: how to store recipe books.

Really adorable! Love the rolling pin! Annie

Re: my version of $100. shower curtain :)

LOVE IT!!!! I have a thing for silverware. I have an old ugly ceiling fan. I saw your silverware light. Could you tell me how to make it? Thanks, Annie

Re: junk swap no 3

Thank you for the nice comment. I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, Elko, NV. I am trying to start my own business selling the items I make, as well as decorating on the cheap. You should look into buying silverware on ebay, make spoon jewelry! I had to get a guy I know to make my silverware jewelry, don't have tools or knowhow. Big money in it. Love your site. Annie

Re: Not quite done yet!

So Cute I can't stand it! Annie


I love the backsplash. Its so original. When you mentioned that there is a countertop paint, could you tell me the brand? I have red countertops that need a new coat of bright red, they're lacking a shine...Annie

Re: SWAP Projects from my Amazing box 'O Junk from JunkinLindsey PART 1 of Many


Re: Arbor with old doors

Awesome!!!! I only have 2 doors left. One idea I had similar was when I went to pay my phone bill and they had all these red (my fav.) phone booths. I am going to ask if they get rid of them.....A row of them maybe 3, would be interesting. I love yours! Annie

Re: More or less Christmas

Hi Lezlee,
my email is avalline@aol.com. Wait til you see the "office"...

Re: Wash Tub Coffee Table

Thank you soooo much for the tub idea. I made one and put a village inside it that lights up. I will try to send you a picture. My 'pixels' were too high and the photos wouldn't download. Annie

Re: handle solution

Hey Troy, never in a million years would I have thought of rocks as handles. I used silverware. Threaded ribbon through the two holes, and tied it on. Great job.

Re: Create a Fairy Garden with Me in Sunny California

HI Sue! I LOVE the 'tub'!!!!!!!!! Is it a real size tub? I have a friend that wants to give me an original cast iron sink and tub. I tried to lift it, and it is so heavy that I couldn't even budge it. I want it in the backyard, the sink mounted on the garage wall above the tub, then a mirror above the sink, and make water come out the sink into the tub like a fountain. I am challenged on correctly mounting items that are so heavy. How do we members participate in junk swapping. Sounds like alot of fun. Annie

Re: Antique Book Page Projects

Truely ingenius. Not sure whats in the boxes... Annie

Re: Kitchen projects

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. Lezlee, my husband is making me a blog/website and I am getting my business license at the end of the month. I wanted to do the playhouse office, but too broke. Instead, it will be a home office. The back 'fake porch. I want to make the main wall look like the front of a house. Theres a door there too. Thanks so much, Annie

Re: Kids Kitchen sets

I love them. I collect vintage kids toys. I bought a piece shaped like them. The bottom has slider doors, so I got frustrated. Maybe I should go find the stuff you suggested and finish it. Awesome. I will NEVER grow up. Thanks.

Re: shabby shades from 70s beaded dress sleeves

Hi Troy,

Re: SWAP Projects from my Amazing box 'O Junk from JunkinLindsey PART 1 of Many

Way too kool. I love it. I want to make one. I live in a little town in the middle of nowhere, so summer garage sales, ebay, and alley shopping are my own outlets. I saw one of these, I think it was too big, I will keep looking if you don't mind me copying it. Its really beautiful! Annie

Re: Family Jewles

Dear Alice, my friend, you are truely inspiring. At the end of this month, my husband said I should get my business license. I made the washtub table with an old red beatup wooden tool holder for the base. I then made a village inside it that I added christmas lights, went to the thrift store and found a piece of glass, 9.00! The glass companies here in town, wanted 120.00! My picture won't download something about too many pixels? I will have to have my hubby adjust it and then post it. Thank you. Its one of my very favorite things in my livingroom. You are my hero. These necklaces are truely amazing!!!!! I wish we were neighbors and we could go alley shopping. Take care. Annie

Re: 100 yr old door is now an adorable sitting area

I love it! I have a similar door. I am making a box bench, adding sconces and trying to find old doorknobs, and hooks. Looks beautiful. Love the color. Annie

Re: Spring Projects

Beautiful! Mind if I make one? Annie


That is one of the cutest projects yet! I have never seen a Christmas tree stand like that! Awesome. If this was a contest today, you would win hands down! Annie

Re: Shutter Mail Holder

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! I have one sitting next to me as we speak, I will make one of these! Thank you for the idea. I would sure love to see the others you made...Annie

Re: Glass Flower

Love the piece. What is the name of the color you used? I keep trying to find that depression green color.... Annie

Re: since everyone does a bedframe bench..... here's mine!

Love the bench, you managed to make it look vintage even better! Annie

Re: Where did I put the cabinet door this time?

sO so ADORABLE! If I had one inch of wall space left, I would make one! Great job! Annie

Re: Hollydaze make me smile!


Re: my fish chair

Welcome! Love the fish chair. I have a toilet seat that my hubby won't let me put a cover on. I think I will decopage something on it. Thanks for the idea! Annie

Re: Yard Sale is all done Up JM Style...The Details

I have packed my house with 'junk creations'. Now its time for me to open my little store. One problem, are their any legitimate grants for women starting small businesses? I only need to raise 2000.00 for the building. My guy friends are all willing to help me build it. Are their contests, or someway to find that kind of money? This is just a little town with no antique stores, nothing like what I have planned. People have come off the street asking to see the inside of my house. I know I can pull it off if I am given the opportunity. Any ideas would be helpful. Your life, traveling from flea market to flea market must be a blast. Unfortunately I married for love not money! Thanks, Annie

Re: Another Party

Hi, I love the tub. I was offered a tub and matching sink from the same era. My husband, not a fan of junk, but they are so heavy. I want to get them and make a fountain mount a mirror and sink above tub and have the water shoot up through the sink and back into the tub! Great find. Your little house, what do you plan on doing with it? I want a 10x10 shed that looks like a playhouse with a half loft for storage, as my office in my backyard facing the alley. Po'Folks Creations. Where are the cheapest sheds? I have been looking online for months!!!I would paint your shed, depression green with creamy white shutters, vintage door, window boxes, an old bike leaning against it with a wire/moss basket holding red and white petunias. Put an old playing card and clothespin on the spokes. There are kits for 40.00 for a chimney if you want to do red and white and make it a tiny school house with a bell on top (ebay)print faces of kids from the 30's and 40's and have them peaking out the windows. How did you start your business? Did you get a grant or loan? I have wanted a little playhouse store to sell my creations out of forever! Don't want to get a business loan. Could you give me some pointers? Thanks, I always enjoy your posts. Annie (PoFolksDecorator1)

Re: Still playing with lamps

Love the purse and hat lamp. How did you attach the hat without worrying about fire hazard/ does it have a shade underneath? Adorable. Great job. Annie

Re: First Junk Swap project!!!

Love your sun catcher. Does this site have a "swap junk" program? I would love to get in on it! I have been telling my friends to save their 'junk' jewelry, so I can make one of your suncatchers. Clever and pretty! Annie

Re: A good junk find

Hi Alice!
Its crazy Annie, The Po'Folks Decorator. THANK YOU THANK YOU for the tub idea. I made the galvanized tub table, put it on a wooden box, drilled a hole for lights, and filled it with a little village. It lights up, and is the koolest thing I think I have ever seen. Tomorrow (Sun) my hubby will take pictures of my creations and I will post them. I wish you lived next door. We would be fabulous alley hunting friends! I love all your beauties. Thanks again for the inspiration. Annie

Re: My first completed junk partner projects

Marie, What a crazy kool idea. I wish we all lived in the same city and once a week took a bus to differen't junk sales. I live in a very remote small town, and haven't met any fellow junkers in the 5 years I have lived here. Great job. Nice to meet you. Annie

Re: A Lamp For The Birds

What a great and original idea! Awesome. I love one of a kind treasures we make with our imaginations. I made a lamp out of an old wolverine play stove that I have posted. Its funny, but I love it. Nice to meet you. Annie

Re: my grandma's old salt and pepper shakers

very cute! A friend gave me several sets of s+p shakers, houses, little mice, any ideas for what to do with them? Yours are adorable. Thanks for the inspiration! Annie

Re: junk swap!

Hi Everyone,
I live in a small town and the city won't even let us go through the dump! I saw junk swap, and would love to participate. How do I get into this awesome idea? Annie

Re: Chalkboard Room Divider

HI, I love this idea. What kind of boards did you use? Thanks, Annie ps. my husband goes out of town for a whole week and I need to get started! haha Annie

Re: West End Salvage

Hi, I moved here from Des Moines. Grew up in Cedar Rapids. The midwest is awesome junk hunting, abandoned barns etc.
I don't know how you decorate (style) but midge on this site had an old galvanized tub like in your picture. She made a coffee table out of it and inspired me to do the same. I am going to drill a hole so whatever theme is in the bucket can be seen with tiny white christmas lights. Check out her creation! Annie

Re: Help me think of a name!

I don't know how old you are, but I remember the cartoon The Jetsons, her name was Rosie, you could put an apron on her and embroider her name...haha Annie

Re: Garden Fairy

Beautiful, Awesome, original...Annie

Re: Another 9-11 Tribute

Hi Midge,
I know its a heavy load, but you are one of my favorite junkers on this site. Your creations inspire me. Yesterday I saw your galvanized steel table. I had the bucket but not the bottom stand, or the glass. I went to the thrift store and asked the manager if she had any 25 1/2 " round glass. She took me in the back and walla.. 9.50. I was so excited I almost screamed! I also found a fold out cast iron wine 2 tiered stand, might be too small for the big tub, may need to put casters on the bottom or just sit it on the floor. I am going to scour the internet to find a theme to put inside it. I am also going to drill a hole in the bottom/side so I can light up with Christmas lights. I cant wait. Thanks for sharing how you sell. I have been asking santa for a large playhouse for 20 years now. Want to use it as my shop and sales. You showed me I can do this out of my garage if I have to. Thanks sooooooo much. When I get done. I will post picts. Annie

Re: To DYE for!

Alice, the Putnam lamp is awesome. I am making one out of an old toy chemistry box. This website has opened so many doors for me. Whatever you do to the shade, dont put so much stuff on it that it detracts from the base. I made that error with my pink woolverine stove. An old story found on line about the Putnam Company on old paper, decopaged onto the shade would be interesting. Annie

Re: Practical-ly Pretty...

Hi, I love the way you display your cannisters. The old Dr. office apothacary jars are what I have been looking for. Maybe I will find one on ebay! Annie

Re: Handmade towel rack

I love this piece. Where did you get metal flowers? I live in a small town and have to really "alley shop" or ebay. Great job! Annie

Re: Repurposing a crate

This is so awesome! I have been looking for large wood boxes with lids that I can put hinges on and a cushion. Where do you suppose wooden boxes can be found in a little town? Great JOB!!! Annie


VERY KOOL TABLE. MY HUBBY GOES OUT OF TOWN FOR A WEEK WHICH TRANSLATES INTO LOTS OF CHANGES IN THE HOUSE WHEN HE GETS HOME! I love your table/mirror. I am making a hall tree out of one of my favorite doors and a box this week. Where to put it? Check out my site. I put a screen door on my patio like you did. Different variation, may I add a shelf? Yours is adorable!!! aNNIE

Re: Canning Jar Lifter Wreaths

Hi Christina,
So that is what I have. I couldn't figure out what it was for. I put a twig wreath with berries and hung it from the ugly fixture above our bed. Thanks for sharing. Annie

Re: Wash Tub Coffee Table

Hi Midge, I woke up and had to get started on the tub coffee table. I called the three glass companies in our little town and the cheapest 25 1/2" round Of glass is 50.00! Do you have any ideas where I could find one? I am hitting the thrift stores this morning. What did you use for the Bottom base? LOVE IT>>>>>>>Annie

Re: the ugly little bookshelf that could. . .

Hey its me crazy Annie the Po'Folks decorator. You send me a question about my fireplace. Before I forget, I love your retro picture!. I found this twin headboard. It looked like a fireplace in my mind. I brought it home and pushed it up to the wall. You can use a bookcase, take out the shelves, put mirror tiles or a big mirror inside to reflect whatever you end up putting in there. Find a large old mirror and paint it or stain it the same color. Lean the mirror against the wall on the top of the bookcase. Whenever you are out thrifting, look for fancy legs on old chairs, you can usually find them dirt cheap. Take the legs off. paint two of them to match. take a plain board the same width of the bookshelf, add legs, make sure the mirror will fit under this. I found a board that I covered with cheap tin tiles for the base. Then I saw this wire like flower cart. Stuck it inside the opening, put the lamp in it and a bunch of flowers that look real. The front is 3 one dollar frames, painted white. Staple gun tool or ribbon to tie all three togeather. You might want to use tiny brackets instead. I don't have little ones around. Reinforce the glass with your glue gun. Make sure the glass will stay in place. Check out my crazy stuff. Right now I am working on a picket fence chandelier, square about 5 inches tall, I have to find some funny birdhouses to attach one to each side, use my staple gun and add Christmas lights and I cant wait. My house is shrinking!!!!

Re: coffe table w/ no top

Junkermidge made a galvanized bucket table. Koolest thing I have seen in a while! go to her site. I hope she doesn't mind, but I am making one right now with tiny lights and a glass top.

Re: A Redesigned Vintage Children's Play Stove

It is so adorable! I have been looking for similar shaped pieces so I can make one like yours to hold all my cookbooks etc. I have one that has sliding doors on the bottom, and two cubbies above the counter. Maybe I will paint a stove door on the front? I love yours. I even considered buying one online. I am addicted to kids toys!!! Great job. Did you see the lamp I made from a pink vintage woolverine stove? Its awesome! Thanks for sharing. I love the stove. Throw me any ideas...

Re: A Redesigned Vintage Children's Play Stove

It is so adorable! I have been looking for similar shaped pieces so I can make one like yours to hold all my cookbooks etc. I have one that has sliding doors on the bottom, and two cubbies above the counter. Maybe I will paint a stove door on the front? I love yours. I even considered buying one online. I am addicted to kids toys!!! Great job. Did you see the lamp I made from a pink vintage woolverine stove? Its awesome! Thanks for sharing. I love the stove. Throw me any ideas...

Re: A Very Shabby to Chic Rocking Chair

The rocker is beautiful! Could I ask your advice? Are their legitimate grants avail for starting a small business? I want to build a playhouse in my backyard, 12x12 on the alley. They cost 5,000. I hear that people could get grants for this type of thing. Should I just make business cards and work out of the house? Ebay is another option... any ideas? Thanks, Annie

Re: Dramatic Red Side Table


Re: Wash Tub Coffee Table


Re: Wash Tub Coffee Table

I have one of these also. Love your idea, either my house is shrinking or I need to get my playhouse built and start selling1. What did you put inside? Looks like greenery and red bulbs? Very Kool. Where did you find the base and what is it? Annie


Hi Alice,
I would love to see the rest of your house! I LOVE the signs and lamp. RED all over my house!!!!!!!

Re: Antique Style Cupboards-Made from old house doors & reclaimed lumber.

Love the old chair tree. I have 3 door that are waiting to be born. I used the fourth one for a jewelry box! check out my albums. Don't have access to great junk. I live 4 hours from anywhere. I am going back to your post to check it out! Annie

Re: Front of my home

Do what I do, wait til he goes on a business trip and have a blast! Hey they sometimes don't like it but hey, thats who we are!

Re: Hall tree from parts

This is one of the koolest things I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: This coat rack / hat rack was made with two doors.

Awesome. I have 3 old doors that are waiting to be born. I have a carpenter friend coming over tomorrow. I will tell him to bring a wooden box, and we will make the hat rack! THANKS!!!!

Re: cart on wheels for displaying dollhouse

You and I should take photography classes, haha. I too love doll houses and have a giant victorian. You asked me how to make a fake fireplace. You can use a large book shelf, one of the girls made a similar piece with a waterbed headboard on top of another piece. Think square, deep enough, then the really important part I think is the top. Ornate picture frames can be found at thrift stores, tear them apart and glue them to the front, you want it to have some type of mirror- buy a really ugly one, but big, throw away the frame or use it for something else. Break apart an old chair and use the carved legs, don't be critical of yourself when you get going. Its going to be one of a kind! You go girl! Annie

Re: My daughter's room

Hi Wendy! Love the fushia and lime green. Why don't you go on ebay or to a thrift store and find some sheets and make a duvet cover. You could use the heads of the flowers like on the lamp for the turn down part by the pillows, or just get fushia sheets (a size bigger than you need) and find some lime green fabric paint and let your daughter go to town. It could be a keepsake! Love the lamp! Annie

Re: The Front Porch

Hi Wendy, love the pillow, chair but especially the trunk. I have a couple, we have some nasty weather here in northeastern Nevada, so I can only do kool stuff in the summer. Could I ask you a question? How do I link my pofolksdecorator1 from this awesome site to my myspace page? I would love to get some pr for the little shop I hope to open.... Great job! Annie

Re: Moma's Old Smidgen Shop Treasures

Hey Leslie! I hope you don't mind but your little puppy book with the buttons was so cute I had to make one. I found 2 books at the thrift store, a golden book of 101 dalmations, and one that has a little girl praying. It has my colors, sage, burgundy red, so I will hunt down some colorful buttons and hang this on a doorknob. Thanks for the idea. Annie

Re: altered antique bottles and charms

I LOVE THE TOP BOTTLE. You should take yellowed paper and write love notes, roll them up tie with ribbon and put them in the bottles! I am going junking tomorrow, thank you so much for the awesome idea! Keep that imagination alive! Annie

Re: Nite Nite Nightstand

Awesome bedside table make-over. Just like you and probably all of this on the site, we really see the beauty in what others think is junk. Mod poge is that like decopauge? I use liquid starch it works just like wallpaper, and when you are tired of the piece, it pulls right off. I have used it to adhere fabric to walls for wallpaper. Sheets on ebay are so much more quaint and cheaper too! Awesome job. Annie

Re: How to Make the Stars Happy

Hi Sue,
This is my favorite place to be. Thank you for creating a site where we can all have fun sharing our imaginations. I have a question. Think back to when you and Ky started. I need a stepping stone. I will get my business license next week. Po' Folks Creations will be born. My house is overflowing with fun things I can sell. I have even had 5 differen't people knock on my door and ask to see the inside of my house. I live in Nevada in the middle of nowhere, Elko. No Fed. taxes here! This will be a home business. I am trying to figure out how to do this without getting a business loan. I am going to have our garage knocked down, its a wreck, and have a 12x12 playhouse built in my backyard facing the alley. I have already done a few rooms for friends. I don't want to get rich. I want people to see that they can have their dream rooms on a dime. I go with them to the thrift stores, we go over styles, colors etc. I sketch up a few differen't ideas, meet with them, agree on a budget, and then when I can do their dream room for 100.00 encluding my labor they are so happy! Me too. Sorry this is so long. I just wondered if there is an organization available for me to utilize. I asked the high school shop teacher if he wanted to bring the shop class down the hill (high school a block away) and show them the skills it would take to frame windows, roof etc. Economy is so bad- they wanted to but couldn't. I enter every contest to win one. Just an insulated shed with windows. Any ideas? Thanks for the website. It makes me smile everytime I go on it. God Bless, Annie

Re: I had a bright idea for this grill...

Hi Marie, great ideas. Thanks for sharing them. I totally related to your comment about how its awful to live so far away from all the thrift stores and farms. I grew up in Iowa, and abandoned houses and barns were like going to Disneyland for me. My hubby doesn't even get how excited I get when he says, why don't you take 20 bucks and go to the thrift stores. I turn into a five year old. We have 3 thrift stores. I moved from Iowa to Southern California, and every sat. I did my whole day trip scouring all of the Salvation Armys, St. Vincent De Pauls, etc. Going to Reno mon only for the day, hubby has meetings so I am going to walk to the 3 story thrift store from the hotel. I can't wait. I need a bigger house! Thanks again for showing us all your talents and imaginations. Check out my site for some funny stuff! Take Care, Annie

Re: My newly designed booth pictures

That is adorable. The ripped pages kool idea! can you show a picture of the tulle on the end? Check out my crazy house! Great job! Annie

Re: "Coffee And My Secret Ingredient" -CoffeeTime Lamp

Love the lamp. Have a question though, I have an old doll highchair I would like to drill a hole for a tall floor lamp to go through, complete with pillow and doll from when I was a kid. How do you support the bulb? Hollow tubing? Annie

Re: 'Coffee With Dick and Jane" CoffeeTime Lamp

I totally love Dick and Jane. I used pages for a border in my craft room. About the kool lamp you made, I have a bulb kit for making a lamp, what do I use for the pole in the middle to have the cord go through? ADORABLE! Annie

Re: 'Coffee With Dick and Jane" CoffeeTime Lamp

I totally love Dick and Jane. I used pages for a border in my craft room. About the kool lamp you made, I have a bulb kit for making a lamp, what do I use for the pole in the middle to have the cord go through? ADORABLE! Annie

Re: Hollydaze make me smile!

Adorable red chandelier! I myself am going crazy for some reason about making chandeliers right now. Are those tealights in red pots or glass? Can't tell from the pic. Great job! Annie

Re: Hollydaze make me smile!

Adorable red chandelier! I myself am going crazy for some reason about making chandeliers right now. Are those tealights in red pots or glass? Can't tell from the pic. Great job! Annie

Re: Waterless Snow Globes & Pearls of Wisdom

I often need to remind myself that 'I am enough' and these glass message holders are awesome. I found 4 very heavy steel cabinents with shelves and doors yesterday. Do you have any ideas on how I can use them? I eventually want to open my own store, THE PO'FOLKS CREATIONS, which will be an adult sized playhouse on the alley in my back yard. For now, I have a 12x12 room with tons of stuff everywhere! Thanks for your posts. I think you are one of the most inventive people on this site. Thanks, Annie

Re: More or less Christmas

Hi, I love your creations. I have a question maybe you can help me with. We have an old house with a small bathroom. I had a hundred year old door, it has a window, made curtains for the backside and am stenciling the bathroom side. My question is, I have a doll crib I want to attach under the window for magazines. The bath is so small, I kind of want to cut it in half (long-wise) and make one on each side of the door. Do you have any crazy ideas For the door magazine rack? Thanks, Annie

Re: Tis the Season!

Love the shelving unit. Did you make it or buy one and 'tweak it?' It's adorable. I too love cookie jars. I found a set of cannisters at a thrift store that look like ice cream cones! What fun decorating can be. Good job. Annie

Re: Rainy Day Sale At Georgia Moon

I love all your creations! The two trees with the hearts and crystals kool. Are they real trees? I was thinking of using branches that bend to make a heart over the table. YOu rock!

Re: "Coffee With Jackie"- a Tribute to Jackie Kennedy

awesome lamp. I was wondering how the cord was threaded through all the cups?

Re: Vintage Door Vanity

Dear Abitofparis,
I love your door! I myself am really drawn to vintage doors and windows. I made a jewelry holder out of my old screen door. Got a 7" picket fence, attached it to the middle of the door to hold my necklaces, stapled ribbon down the sides to hook earrings through, and then tied a very old teacup to a ribbon and put my rings in it. I will take a picture and post it. Your door is soooo kooooool!

Re: Dick and Jane wall border for 12.00

Hi Junkmama,
Yep, they are teacups! Got them at my local thrift store for 2.00 for 6 of them. Thanks for the compliment!

Re: dressed up for the garden

If I didn't have such a conservative husband, the things I could do... This is adorable! Annie

Re: old barn door turned outside shower wall / hall tree


Re: This is my chalkboard painted cupboards with yardsticks and chalkboard paint

is it me, or is it difficult for others to line up their description with the picture? Annie

Re: Garden sign from old plates/platters

Thats adorable! I lined my garden edge with plates buried half up and half in the dirt!

Re: Deep Fried Decor - A Floral Welcome

very cute. I have been looking for a centerpiece for my table in the front room. I have an old wire gym basket. Off to the thrift stores! Annie

Re: Ready To WORK

adorable. cozy. Thanks for the shelf idea. I am designing an area for my supplies also. Very cute! Annie

Re: Flower Power Garden Stakes

I love the fence! I have to wait til my hubby goes on a business trip to do stuff like that. Can't wait til his next trip.... Annie

Re: button mania

Adorable. Never would have thought of that one. Annie

Re: Necklaces crafted from Silver Antique & Vintage Fork & Spoon Handles

I love your necklaces. I saw where someone had just cut the ornate end off, drilled a hole added a wire earring. Awesome. When you go to a flea market make sure its real silver, and take it to the jeweler. He will charge about 30 dollars and you will have an awesome ring! Annie

Re: Chandelier

I love this. Its so hard to find brackets and archietural pieces here. I live in Elko, NV. So I rely on EBAY. Very pretty. Clever tooo!!!!!!!! annie (pofolks decorator)

Re: Master Bathroom

Dear Redesigned,
I am in love with your chandelier. Was it once for another purpose? I am always on the hunt for stuff to make chandeliers out of. I'm jealous of your tub! Annie (pofolksdecorator1)


I love it! Check out my front porch and the door and shutters I made. I may, in your honor of course, do the other side of my porch with one like yours. Annie (pofolksdecorator).


Hi Janis,
Great ideas. Could you tell me where I could possible find
the small glass vials for a spice rack I want to make. I am also looking for a free website that will print the labels to look '"vintage. Annie (pofolksdecorator)

Re: ok now you can call me a gear head

I can't seem to download my junk masterpieces photos to this site. Anyone help? Annie